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Words of the Language Interesting Story

It is said that at a short distance from a village there was a very dense forest which was spread over an area of ​​miles and miles. In which a lumberjack lived with his wife and children.

He would get up early in the morning for breakfast and take his donkey to the forest to cut down the dry branches of the trees and then load them on the donkey and sell them in the market of a nearby town because no man-eating beast was ever seen in the forest.

That’s why the carpenter’s work was going on satisfactorily, but one day something happened to his whole body out of fear. It was only a matter of time before he heard a terrible roar.

As the earth began to shake and the whole forest began to tremble. He could neither run nor climb a tree to save his life because he had heard.

Those leopards can easily climb trees too. He remembered Allah with a sincere heart and closed his eyes and waited for his final destination. He opened his eyes in fear. The cheetah was looking at him in a very friendly manner.

The leopard gently asked like a man, “Are you tired?” No, brother, I’m not tired. I just lay down to straighten my back. Well, you rest. I’ll collect firewood for you.

The cheetah said in a friendly tone and then got on with his work. Shortly afterward, while the woodcutter was on his way to town, various thoughts were circulating in his mind as to where this cheetah came from. Came but I never heard that leopard is also found in this forest and then he was talking fluently like men.

Well, he did me no harm, but he helped me. It is better that I keep this secret, or else the villagers will start making fun of me by listening to this story. Here is a leopard in the forest. There is a person who talks like a man. Wow, what a funny story.

The brother was already under the cheetah tree the next day and then the friendship continued like this until a month passed. Under the tree where the journey of friendship began.

The woodcutter was lost in thought. The cheetah came and lay down with his head on his lap. This was the first time that the cheetah had shown such sincerity. A sigh rose and overwhelmed the woodcutter.

He had a great uproar, but he somehow endured because he knew that if he tried to shake the leopard’s head, it would make him feel bad, which could not have been a happy outcome. He endured these moments of resurrection until nature itself took pity on him and the cheetah himself got up and went a little distance and sat down.

The lumberjack felt as if a resurrection had passed that touched him. He had a good chance to make more space in the heart of the leopard with his smooth words and he did so.

But because of his naivety, something was said at the end that he should not have said at all. I am the uncrowned king of the forest. All animals are afraid of you.

But you are not afraid of anyone. Friend. Did the leopard’s face shine with happiness? You are telling the truth. The woodcutter said: I am telling the truth. Why should I lie?

And the stripes on the body are so beautiful that they can’t be praised. The cheetah said in a happy tone.

But don’t be discouraged, my friend. With so many virtues, there is a defect in you. There is such a disgusting stench coming out of your body that a man starts suffocating. The leopard’s shining face was extinguished. Facial expressions changed and anger started dripping from his eyes.

He stood up and made a roar that the whole forest resounded. Listen, woodcutter, take hold of your wood immediately and get out of my sight. Keeps track of friends’ strengths and weaknesses.

He has no interest in evil. If you did not mention the stench emanating from my body and refrained from showing your friend’s heart, what harm would it do you?

I do not know what is the use of nature in this. Instead of tearing you to pieces in the first meeting, I preferred to make you a friend and help you, but in return, you humiliated me in your eyes. Remember.

“The wound of a lumberjack’s weapon heals over time and the scar disappears, but the tongue that inflicts the wound never heals. The tongue-wrenching pain continues throughout the life.”

Well, whatever happened, our friendship has ended from today, taking care that we will never face each other again.

Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed is graduated from the NED faculty of Software Engineering Karachi. This website is owned and operated by Hamza Ahmed


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