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What Will Be The Fallout From Pakistans Political Crisis? Inside Story

Pakistan’s Political Crisis Is Deepening

Opposition groups called for the beleaguered PM to resign, but Imran Khan was not immediately available for comment.

How did Pakistan get to this point and what would the catastrophe mean for the country?

This Is The Story Inside

A former cricket star has made Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan the biggest test of his career. He tried to delay voting in Parliament so that he could not be removed, but his opponents say that Shortly afterward, the MPs met to discuss his fate.

Khan’s attempt to dissolve parliament and hold new elections was unconstitutional, with opposition members accusing him of trying to root out corruption
Failed to fix luxury.

But Khan says the US-backed plot to oust him provided no evidence, and Washington denies allegations that Khan is refusing to recognize the opposition government and has pressured his supporters.

We are fully prepared to vote against it and a session which was ordered to be held and continued only with the voting agenda, it seems that we are talking to the politicians of both the government and the opposition.

The removal of Imran Khan remains a foreign conspiracy and what the opposition MPs say is a joke. One cannot follow this joke. It is just a decision. The only thing facing the Constitution and Imran Khan today is the vote of no confidence.

And despite the opposition benches, democracy in Pakistan should be ousted by vote.

The government is insisting on occupying its stronghold this is an issue on which the opposition has told the court that it has not debated.

Opportunity to give his opinion and discuss why Imran Khan needs to go to his statement that we did not allow debate, he did not want any debate, he wanted to hurry to vote because his main fear is if The Supreme Court will decide on the present case which is under Article 63A.

Under Article 631A, if the members who have decided not to vote with Khan are already deviating from the vote, then what will happen to them? have been.

Yes, the members who have decided not to vote for Khan have already deviated from the vote then what will happen to them before the Supreme Court decision they are trying to speed up the wrestling and national debate is going on in the assembly.

The reason Pakistan is here is that in the last three and a half years, all the high-profile promises made during Imran Khan’s coming to power have not been fulfilled. Inflation is rising there. And most importantly, the powerful military establishment in Pakistan is no longer supporting Imran Khan.

The opposition alleges that Imran Khan came to power only with his backing and now he is playing a neutral role. And according to the historic session of the National Assembly and court orders, a vote of no confidence must be taken before the end of this session.

Well, let’s take a look at how Imran Khan got to this point. Food prices in Pakistan have risen by 23% since the onset of the epidemic. Opposition parties have blamed Khan for the economic woes and rising foreign debt pressures Stops.

A leader whose close ally Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal party left his government and switched parties before the no-confidence vote, which reduced his majority in the assembly, also had relations with his army. They are shaken by differences in policy decisions.

How volatile the political situation in Pakistan is at the moment. Thank you for telling me that you know that political activities are going on in Pakistan at the moment. Our Prime Minister is facing a no-confidence vote.

The President of Pakistan suggested dissolving the National Assembly but you know that the Supreme Court of Pakistan annulled this decision yesterday and today they are facing a vote of confidence and we are waiting to see how Runs.

For that but based on the fact we can see that the opposition is telling you about the required number of awards and we are just waiting to see what it will be like, you know what about Farah. How far will I go? Is this wave going against Imran Khan? Most of us who consider ourselves democrats will say from the beginning that we do not consider Mr. Khan as the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan that he has always been called the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Because it was brought with the help of the military establishment but the opposition parties for the sake of democracy kept playing ball and where we are today is literally just democracy.

The former prime minister did not have the votes that he tried to violate the constitution so he went to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court ruled that Mr. Khan’s actions were unconstitutional and demanded a no-confidence vote in parliament. And that’s what we’re seeing right now.

Ayesha How much tension is there between Imran Khan and the army at the moment you see there is no clear answer to your question but if I can add another piece of information that we saw this morning and you know that This is the whole game of no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister and the way the Imran Khan government is trying to stop it.

Postpone the action against his government. Postpone what you see as inevitable. Do you know that they are flipping it? They are flipping it in Parliament. They are trying to delay it. We see that there is tension between the armies. And uh and Imran khan because of which uh you know they seem to have agreed to play a neutral role in politics.

Where they didn’t do what they didn’t do in the 2018 election but you know when I see it there is a very uncomfortable feeling I mean don’t ask me for proof but an uncomfortable feeling There are elements within the army who continue to support Khan and I say there is no evidence because you can.

Will not present such evidence Lost confidence or if you knew that those whose relations with the army were strained were treated very badly. There is hardly any propaganda against them.

His wife’s first lady is involved in corruption, but not really as important as what Noshiri faced or the public. The government’s face makes me think or think that maybe there is still some support in the army. Surely he was a popular candidate in the army.

Ideologically, there could be no more alliance with a political leader than they are in Round 1 Saira. I would like to take a step back and look at the economic situation in Pakistan at the moment when the Pakistani rupee fell to its lowest level against the US dollar on Thursday but on Friday the markets opened on a positive note as it was expected that the political The crisis may end soon.

If this political crisis is not resolved soon then how bad can the economic situation of Pakistan be? Oh yes, we can’t say that it is all due to the current political turmoil There were difficulties. You know, there was an economic upheaval back then

But now it has emerged and the opposition has taken a hard line. They have bought only one point of inflation and yes you know the prices are very high. Knowing that we can see that prices are going up so much for everything that we can see the prices charged and every day you know that there are Ernest, they are very expensive for one.

The common man can tolerate that everything will be like this because stability will come with the passage of time. Pakistan needs a stable economic plan during a movement because it is but you all know that there is only political turmoil. It has once again become difficult for Pakistan to survive, so we are waiting for the smooth work of a government and we are waiting for early elections.

Because we need you to know a stable government when we look at the past or we can see that Pakistan is always facing this kind of political turmoil, only three prime ministers of Pakistan can complete four years, five Not even the period of the year, uh, we can see that you survived Sharif from 2013 to 2017 and now Imran Khan only you know that he has completed the fourth year the fifth year you know that the same behavior is being done Is the one that you know has been implemented over and over again.

The year seems to have brought together the rest of the political parties you know last year and you just know how to pave the way for your upcoming elections. Looking at the current political climate, it seems that the political climate in Pakistan is already Elections are about to take place. I think this is proving to be the basic solution to the crisis and today I am sorry that I am intervening.

Premature elections and I want to ask about the joy that the first thing is that elections can be held in a good way. I think why Imran Khan has done so many dramas because he wants early elections. They want to be seen as martyrs. He was removed from office and then he expects his followers to vote for him again.

But what I am reading at the moment is that if they ignore the Supreme Court and follow the path of the Ummah, you know what governance and behavior are. This is an undemocratic dictatorship. I think we can end up with a technocratic government that can last a long time.

Because let’s ask the truth about what it did to Pakistan’s economy I was in Pakistan recently I never saw its value. For those who are not sitting in the capital of Islamabad or living in Karachi and inner Sindh etc., living and its cost are very scary. It is very scary.

What has he done for Pakistan’s foreign policy? We have been the biggest donors. Now they are accusing us of conspiracy theories that they are trying to remove him from office.

And this secret that no one has seen has created a political, diplomatic, and economic crisis that we have never seen. So you asked me about early elections. They do not accept the decision of the court and allow the opposition.

You know what Dr. Sarah just said was very wrong and many people do not realize that this is not a presidential system in Pakistan’s parliamentary democracy where the opposition has enough numbers to overthrow any government. Yes, it happens in the UK anyway.

The vote of no confidence is almost done so no government comes with a period of five years. This is something where I think people do not understand the Pakistani system of government so I doubt early elections but let’s wait. Do and Ayesha Umm see you.

Farah Nazir has heard Umm talking about the conspiracy that Imran Khan is talking about. He is accusing the US of plotting to remove it. Of course, you deny it and the people. Deny it Believe me, this is fine, then I will go back to one or two things that you will ask the other speakers.

Inflation this year, which started recently, was very bad this January 11, today it is 15.1, and that inflation really affects people But due to technical structural reasons, it takes at least four to five months after the Election Commission of Pakistan announces elections to allow delimitation.

There are new districts created by Imran Khan’s government and if you announce elections by the Election Commission. The Election Act of 2017, which was combining all the existing principles till now, then it is very clear that nothing happened before five or six months.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me I mean, humanity really has to do that. Destroy the country to make sure that you know the power of the army itself. I mean, now the Supreme Court has ruled against the military’s emergency.

To point out that anyone who violates the constitution is a traitor is another ball game The simple answer is that it is a conspiracy.

In fact, he is popular on the streets, and one of the reasons he is constantly referring to the American conspiracy is that there are two reasons. Increases in popularity.

You know that in the National Assembly and after that of course he is going to announce the next elections. Ah and ah you know that if the National Assembly is going to approve him as the Prime Minister till the last term. You know he can stay there till the next election, otherwise, you have to know that he has to leave the seat and he has to appoint someone else who knows you in his place to run the country, so it is very difficult at this time.

It all depends on what is going to happen and if you are just looking at the scenario of what is going to happen, do you think that from here on out we will try to improve Pakistan’s relations with the United States? And can see a solid effort to improve? Is that something that’s moving forward?

You know very well that since the founding of Pakistan, our founders Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Turkey, our founder Mr. Jinnah sent the first thing to someone in Washington DC because he understood, even though we were all present. In South Asia, unlike the US relations we need, India and its relations with Russia and non-aligned Pakistan always want to be allied with us. By that, I mean Pakistan’s military and most Pakistani governments are not like that. It is felt in the streets but I am sure that the permanent establishment in Pakistan thinks that they have to be saved.

Um, we have a relationship not only with us but also with many European countries who are really fed up with this drama and they realize that they do not want an unstable Pakistan so let’s see moving forward. I hope Khan sahib today. Will accept the vote and leave. If he doesn’t do it willingly, I’m afraid there may be other steps.

Those who may be undemocratic Ayesha Imran Khan has said that she refuses to recognize the opposition government and she has also urged her supporters to come out and protest. Do you think that in the coming days I will take to the streets and demonstrate to supporters I do not think he is going to take hundreds and thousands of people off?

Not a single strong protest but, of course, I can see a lot. You know that there is chaos in society. I mean that society is already very divided. Its supporters are very aggressive. Saw hanging.

Party leaders, I mean how horrible the site was and how horrible this idea is. I mean and they are so aggressive that they are ready to punish you physically. Give where your rule is. According to the law, in the last week, at least two physical assaults were carried out on the new residents of Ah Nawashri and their bodyguards were seriously injured in tax evasion This is from the supporters of PTI, so just think about what they can do in Pakistan.

I don’t think he ever trained his party to do politics so you know that kind of protest I mean the protest he did in 2017 was with the army hell but this time he is going There will be more aggressive.

This is my main concern and I think it will stop the whole world from looking at Pakistan. Pakistan is really starting to look like a basket case. Ayesha, we have less than a minute left. I would like to ask how much concern there is in Pakistan at the moment about the extent to which this constitutional crisis can be resolved. Is the army for the hand.

The secret hand can force something out. I think this is a serious crisis and you know that we will finally be at the point where there is a solution because the Supreme Court has done something good through its intervention. To do.

Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
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