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What Questions Should I Ask My Wedding Photographer?

There are many things to think about and budget for when planning your wedding. Your wedding photographs are one of the only reminders you’ll have left for your great day. Fortunately, top Seattle wedding photographers can professionally match your style and capture those special moments.

There are questions that you should ask them before signing any contract. Some of these questions include:

1. How Long Have You Been a Professional Wedding Photographer?

The number of years worked is not synonymous with the experience, but it can give you a good impression of their knowledge of the industry. Some photographers may have worked for a long time, but not on a full-time basis. A photographer might have been in the field for ten years but has covered less than a hundred weddings.

 To get comprehensive details, you can conduct some background checks. Ask the photographer the number of weddings they have photographed. Inquire about the size of the weddings they have previously shot and compare them with yours. If a photographer has experience with similar weddings, they may be a good fit for you.

2. What Are the Packages and Charges?

Before hiring a wedding photographer, it’s a good idea to know the package services they offer. Ask them what is included in a standard package. Is it possible to customize a package to suit your needs? What is the time for each package?

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How many videographers and photographers will be there? Does the package include a wedding ceremony and reception coverage? Do they provide a photo booth retouching or other corrective services? All of these questions can help you make a sound decision.

3. What Is Your Wedding Photography Style?

A wedding photographer can possess exceptional skills and offer top-notch quality, but their aesthetic and style may not reflect your preference. You can determine if their style matches your wedding by analyzing their wedding photography portfolio. Let them show you comprehensive details of what they have covered. If you are unsure, ask for reviews from previous clients.

4. Can I View a Range of Full Wedding Galleries?

Most photographers tend to display the best photos on their websites and other social media accounts. It can be useful to view their full wedding galleries instead of relying on ‘wow’ shots.

You want to see consistency, exquisite photos, and documentation of a beautiful story, not a set of photos. This will help you visualize how the rest of your wedding photos will appear if you hire them.

5. What Happens if You Are Ill or Have an Emergency?

An experienced photographer should have a reliable backup plan for any eventuality. Ask the photograph about their backup plan. They will often have a substitute photographer than can take their place if they are unable to perform the contracted work.

6. How Many Times Have You Worked as a Wedding photographer?

The question helps determine whether the photographers specialize in wedding photography or do it as a part of their full services. The goal is to work with a wedding photographer who can capture your wedding in exactly the way you want. If they have not worked exclusively as a wedding photographer, they may still be a great option. It depends on how your personal vision aligns with the photographer’s skills.

 7. What Information Do You Need From Me Before the Wedding Day?

Make sure you have disclosed all the information they need before the big day. Give them the proper location and time of the events, reception, and party. Ask the photographer whether there is any information they would need from you. It helps to clear all doubts and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Benefits of Working With Top Seattle Wedding Photographers

Selecting the best photographer is the first step to getting excellent wedding photos. There are several benefits that come with working with top Seattle wedding photographers.

Some of these advantages include:

1. Customized Services

When you book an appointment with a professional photographer, you may automatically get a chance to personalize the services to suit your needs and budget.

You can choose the number of hours they will spend on your wedding coverage or the location. You may also get an opportunity to select the type of album you prefer and other things.

2. More Creativity

An experienced photographer may strive to be more creative to deliver the photos according to your expectations. They can come up with new and exciting ideas that will make your wedding photos unique.

4. Wide Experience

An experienced photographer has covered many weddings and knows what is expected of them to deliver a product you will love. They can consistently deliver high-quality services.

5. Quality Equipment

Professional photographer uses quality equipment to help them produce excellent photos. They are comfortable using the gear to take clear and memorable shots.


Asking the right questions can help you gauge their level of expertise and what their style is like. You can decide whether they are the right people for the job, based on their portfolio and the critical questions you can ask. Top Seattle wedding photographers may have the skills you need to preserve the memories of your big day.



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