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What is Steel Structure Design?

Steel Structure drafting and design is the top-notch method of designing the elementary framework for structures like bridges, skyscrapers, buildings, godowns etc. The framework of these is to be made of steel and to a stronger level that they can endure all types of forces. It should be able to absorb natural calamities as well, like storms, earthquakes etc. These structures withstand the load of the roof, the load of the floors, seismic forces and other important parts of the building.

A steel structure design course is designed to cater to the knowledge of engineers to design steel using various methods. Several methods are used for steel structure design: Continuous Structural Design, Semicontinuous Structural Design frame, Simple structural design frame and Plastic Structural design frame. All of the methods are discussed in detail.

  • Simple Structured Design Frame

A simple Structured Design frame is the most common design style used in the design and framing of steel. This design pre-assumed that the design structure to use is pin jointed. And it also assumes that moment is not made to perform the transfer from one member to the other. It also ensures that the connections in the design would leave no moment to negatively affect the structural properties. To understand the working of a Simple Structured Design frame, consider getting yourself enrolled in the Steel Structures Courses In Hyderabad. This way, you will be able to learn directly from the experts.

  • Continuous Structured Design Frame 

The continuous structured designs are used when there is no option to use the vertical structure for accessibility. Continuous structured design has the ability to lower the beam depths in comparison to a simple supported frame. This design has two key advantages; first, these buildings can withstand earthquakes in a better way. And the second is the beams allocated in the structure shallower when compared with Simple Steel frames.

  • Semi-continuous Structural design Frame
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The semi-continuous design generally supports lower beam depths and weights when compared with a simple construction design. This is one of the most economical structural designs, as it reduces fabrication and framing charges. When put in the process, it has the capability to withstand sideways and lateral wind loads. If you are from Delhi, then you can enrol yourself in Steel Structure Courses In Delhi and get a better understanding of the use of semi-continuous structural design frames. 

  • Plastic Structural Design Frame

The Plastic Structural Design frame is the new method of steel structure. It is, however, the most difficult to put into practice. The major disadvantage of the plastic design is that the usability of the material’s structure is only limited to the applied load. Therefore, it gets tricky to determine the final load capacity while using this method. But, of all the methods, the plastic design frame is a lot more cost-effective when compared with Simple and Continuous steel design models.

Final Words

Steel structure Design is the area of a structural mechanism used to design steel structures. There are many methods of steel structure design ranging from Simple structure design to Plastic structure design. To put all these methods into practice, it is important to learn all the basics and fundamentals of the Steel Structure Design Course. Make a career in designing steel structures and indulge in designing steel for the skyscrapers of the city! 


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