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What Is IHG Merlin? How To Log In To IHG Merlin?

Several years ago IHG launched Merlin, their employee intranet connecting all their hotels worldwide. The platform provides up-to-date business intelligence for associates across all IHG properties to stay up-to-date on everything happening at their properties.

Today, Merlin has expanded into the main source of news, HR, and corporate information within IHG and includes training opportunities and a large library of other resources for employees.

The best news of all is that the portal allows IHG employees to book properties for themselves as well as friends and family at discounted rates around the world.

How To Login To IHG Merlin

After setting up your profile, you can sign in to the IHG Merlin portal to access your company benefits. First of all the user is to create a password & username to access the IHG Merlin portal. To access the IHG merlin ihg portal, you will need a valid email address. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset it using the reset feature. To log in, follow the steps below to get started.

IHG Rewards Club

Become a member of the IHG Rewards Club at IHG Merlin by logging into the portal and following the steps. First of all, you need to enter your password & username. You must also provide your domain name. Once you have these details, you can access your profile and avail employee benefits. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset it on the portal. Signing up for this program is without any cost.

If you are an IHG Merlin employee, you can register your membership online using your company’s corporate ID and IHG Rewards Club number. Then, you can link your ID to your Merlin profile and access employee rates. You must also be an IHG employee to use this setup, as workers & employees are not allowed to book rooms without it. To access the employee rate, you must have a valid photo ID that matches the name used for your reservation. If you are an employee of a franchised hotel, you must first obtain the manager’s approval.

IHG Employee Room Benefit Program

To use the IHG Employee Room Benefit program at Merlin, you must be an IHG employee. Using this program you will be able to book up to 7 room nights per year at the IHG employee rate. Bookings must be booked at least 60 days in advance. book an employee rate, first of all, complete the IHG Rewards program. To use the program, simply visit the website on Merlin’s home page and select the edit profile option.

To register for the Employee or worker Room Benefit Program, an employee must have an IHG Rewards Club membership & Merlin ID. The hotel room manager will then enroll the employee or workers in the program. The endorsement will expire after six months, so you must renew it every six months. Rooms are available at any time at the employee or worker rate, but you must use a valid ID to access the rooms. To use the IHG workers or Employee Room Benefit program, you must have a Merlin ID.

IHG Marketplace

The IHG Marketplace is a one-stop shop for products and services for IHG hotels and resorts. Designed to bring the collective purchasing power of the IHG system to the hotel industry, this online marketplace combines world-class strategic sourcing tools with an easy-to-use ordering platform. As the world’s largest hotel group, IHG can bring its scale to its members, offering instant savings and discounts.

The Americans Sales Technology Symposium is a segment education session for IHG key account sales and on-property teams. The Partner Fair, which takes place on both days, provides a unique networking opportunity for hoteliers and IHG direct bookers. This is a unique networking opportunity, with HB Associates seated in reverse trade show configurations. Corporate agents, such as BCD, CWT, and Amex, attend the event to network with IHG sales representatives.

IHG’s Intranet System

IHG employees can log into Merlin’s intranet system. The system allows IHG employees to stay abreast of business progress at all of its properties worldwide. This system can also be used by employees to communicate with each other. Whether it’s a new hotel opening or an important announcement, employees can log into Merlin to stay up-to-date with company news. To get started, employees must first log into Merlin using their username and password.

IHG set is its own intranet system for its hotel chain, called Merlin. The system is accessible to IHG associates worldwide and forms a communication hub between the company’s hotels. Merlin connects all IHG features and allows employees to share any information about hotel performance, business intelligence, and more. IHG Merlin was implemented in collaboration with more than 220 hotel employees worldwide.

which has always been a key part of IHG’s revenue management system.



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