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Wedding Flower Trends to Watch in 2022

Wedding preparation has been more deliberate than ever before this year, and this trend is expected to continue. Choosing wedding flowers is no exception to this rule. Flowers, like so many other sectors, have been affected by the transition that 2020 has brought. Growers made improvements to their operations when demand for flowers decreased, so they wouldn’t be wasting their produce.

Many engaged couples are eschewing convention in favour of more original concepts for their nuptials in 2022. Alisa Smalls, lead floral designer and owner of The Perfect Creation, says, “I’ve observed that women express themselves differently, entirely rejecting the wedding standards, and concentrate on their inner essence while picking colours.” “Couples are looking for that ‘wow’ element. Customers often ask for this service. They want people to astonished as soon as they enter the venue.

Increasingly, couples are taking social media into consideration when it comes to their relationship. “A flowery entry for the bride is one of our favourite ideas,” she explains. At the entryway, we create an oasis by combining tall and low flowers with a sea of candles. It’s not only lovely, but it’s also a terrific subject for photography. 

In 2022, what will the flower industry look like? We sought the advice of a few specialists.

Colourful and Exuberant

This year, couples are looking for brighter and more vibrant blooms, despite the fact that pastel colours have long been popular. Bridal fever is keeping many brides inside, so they’ve had plenty of opportunity to peruse weddings from across the world that are full of colour, Moon adds. 2022 weddings will include a wider range of colours than ever before, from bright citrus to mellow fall tones.

Texture is abounding in this game.

Couples are more willing than ever before to use a wider selection of flowers in their floral arrangements, which is great news for florists. Clients are preferring more textured blooms and less roses, says the expert. According to Moon, “They’re open to heavy foliage, floral constructions, and more variation than the two-piece Hydrangea rose special.” Smalls also believes that in 2022, it will be popular to use unusual flower arrangements. A mix of bright and delicate flower colours and textures “will create an unexpected edge,” says Smalls of the floral trend she is most enthusiastic about.

Arrangements that are completely natural

In the same way that couples have had to change their expectations of how their wedding may appear in the previous few years, they’re learning to embrace the organic form of flowers, which don’t always develop into the exact shape as planned.

The beauty of nature is in the diversity of its forms, as Smalls points out: “Flowers don’t develop in a perfect shape; they grow in diverse directions.” It’s my favourite thing to place flower centrepieces on tables that seem to have put together by nature.

Centrepieces with a Wide Range of Options

With the addition of additional décor pieces like candles or vases, every flower arrangement is elevate to a new level. Flowers for the reception tables might taken to the next level, according to Moon. The estate tables were decorated with a variety of centrepieces, including towering candles, low compote vases, and blossom vases. There were also less chargers and gold silverware.

One of Smalls’ favourite methods to spruce up a flower arrangement is by combining florals with other decorative elements. There’s little doubt that a wisteria canopy over the table or a long-running floral table runner will dazzle your guests and have them talking about your wedding flowers for weeks to come!”.  Once again, taper candles in a vibrant accent colour complete the appearance, and crystal or metal candle holders enhance the candles.”

Entrances that Make a Statement

Why not go all out when you make your entrance? According to Smalls, at least. “A flowery entry for the bride is one of our favourite ideas,” she explains. At the entryway, we create an oasis by combining tall and low flowers with a sea of candles. It’s not only lovely, but it’s also a terrific subject for photography. 

Ceremony Arches that are one of a kind

The days of tying the knot in front of a simple floral arch are long gone. For the first time ever, wedding backgrounds are becoming more inventive than before. Moon is eager to see how couples use new ceremonial arches and styles into their big day. 

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