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Ukraine Russia Conflict President Zelensky Urges People to Take to The Streets After One Month of War

One month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war, President Vladimir Zelensky has called on the people to take to the streets.

In his speech, President Zelensky warned Western leaders ahead of the NATO summit that Russia was using its economic power to prevent Ukraine’s allies from intervening in the war. He says that in these meetings “friends and deceivers” will come to the fore.

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden has arrived in Brussels to meet with Western leaders, where three important meetings are expected.

Separate meetings of NATO, the G7, and the European Union are being held in Brussels on Thursday to discuss the situation arising out of the Ukraine war.

NATO leaders are hopeful that a special meeting convened to counter the Russian occupation of Ukraine will approve a significant increase in NATO forces in Eastern Europe.

Ukrainian forces say a large Russian ship has been wrecked near the southern coastal city of Berdynsk. In his Facebook post, he said that the ship “Orsk” was hit in the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov and caught fire.

The Russian bombardment of the southern coastal city of Mariupol continues, leaving nearly 100,000 people without food, water, or electricity. Attacks are also reported in Kyu, Chernihiu, and Kharkiv.

Western intelligence says Russian forces have lost their morale and fear they will be surrounded outside the capital, Kiev.

NATO Summit in Brussels will Expose Fraudsters

In his video address last night, President Zelensky said, “We know that Russia has already started lobbying for its own interests, these are war interests and we know that they are working with a few partners.” Is.’

He said that our position would be presented in these three important meetings. And in these three meetings, we will see who is our friend, who is our partner, and who is cheating us for money.

About 40% of European countries derive their energy from Russian gas. European leaders have been trying to find alternative sources of energy since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Zelensky will address the NATO summit via video link and is expected to call for more advanced weapons, aircraft, and anti-aircraft systems for Ukraine.

In his address, the Ukrainian president called on people around the world to take to the streets in favor of Ukraine, using English for the first time.

He called on the people of the world to come out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence.

“Come out of your offices, homes, schools, universities and support Ukraine and its independence,” he said.

More NATO troops expected in Eastern Europe

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said his organization is “close to approving” troop increases in Eastern Europe.

NATO is an alliance of 30 countries that have agreed to assist each other in the event of an armed attack on any member state.

Although NATO invited Ukraine to join in 2008, it was not possible, mainly because Russia opposed any such move.

As a result, NATO members began sending weapons to Ukraine to defend themselves against Russia.

Speaking at a news conference on Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine over the past month, Jens Stoltenberg called for more troops from Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.

He said that in the event of a chemical, biological and nuclear attack on Ukraine, he would provide more support and protection.

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden has also left for Brussels, Belgium, where he will meet European leaders. During his visit to Europe, the United States is expected to announce further sanctions on Russian political figures and Olegarich.

US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan has said that the leaders of the Group of Seven countries have agreed that if sanctions are imposed, they will be implemented by the whole country.

The news comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the French parliament, urging French companies to cut off business with Russia.

On the other hand, there have been reports that in recent times Israel has not allowed Ukraine to sell its spy software ‘Pegasus’ because it feared that doing so would anger Russia.

One Million People are Still Trapped in “Inhumane Conditions” in Mariupol

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky says a quarter of the population, or about 100,000 people, are still trapped in “inhumane conditions” in the southern coastal city of Mariupol.

In his daily Facebook address on Tuesday night, the Ukrainian president noted the plight of those trapped in Mariupol, saying “these people have no water, no food, no medicine, and they are constantly bombed and shelled.” I am. ‘

Since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian city of Mariupol has been a major target of the Russian military due to its regional importance, and indiscriminate bombing has been going on there for weeks.

A March 21 report by the human rights group Human Rights Watch said that “the city is looking like a hell with corpses and crumbling buildings everywhere.”

Satellite images released by Mixer Technologies yesterday show the severity of the devastation and damage in the city.

President Zelensky also said in his speech that Ukrainian authorities and allies were making every effort to deliver aid to the city of Mariupol and evacuate civilians.

It should be noted that the evacuation of about 7,000 people from the city has been made possible.

President Zelensky has accused Russia of carrying out attacks on civilians evacuating through designated humanitarian corridors.

He claimed that a humanitarian convoy had been detained by Russian troops on Tuesday. He said that the emergency services personnel and the bus driver present in the convoy have been taken, prisoner. “We are using every means at our disposal to liberate civilians from the Russian military and to open the door to humanitarian aid,” he said.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, Ukraine rejected a proposal by Russia to provide safe passage for the evacuation of citizens in exchange for surrender in the coastal city of Mariupol.

Russia had suggested that if Ukrainian troops dropped their weapons, civilians would be allowed to leave the city. But Ukraine turned down the offer, saying it would not give up its key coastal city.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has refused to rule out the use of nuclear weapons.

In an interview with CNN, Peskov said nuclear weapons could be used if the country’s existence was threatened.

The United States has called the statement “irresponsible.” The Pentagon says “this is not a responsible move by a nuclear power.”

On the diplomatic front, President Zelensky says talks with Russia are controversial, but we are moving slowly.

On the other hand, more sanctions on Russia are expected during the US President’s visit to Brussels on Thursday. During the visit, the US president will meet with leaders of the NATO and G7 alliance. A video address of Ukrainian President Zelensky is also expected at the meeting. Ukrainian officials say the president will seek further air defense assistance.

Reuters news agency quoted sources as saying that the United States and its allies are considering expelling Russia from the G20 alliance. Reuters said on Tuesday that Poland had suggested to the United States that it could join Russia if it were to withdraw from the G20 alliance, to which it had received a “positive response”.

The G20 is an alliance of the world’s major economies aimed at developing joint strategies and decision-making on the impact on the global economy. This includes climate change and development. If such a step is taken, it will further increase Russia’s already imposed economic sanctions.

However, experts say countries such as China, India, and Saudi Arabia could veto the move. Some experts believe that in this case, the member states of the Western Alliance G7 could boycott the G20 summit this year.

The Ukrainian army still maintains control of much of the country and is effectively retaliating against the Russian military, which has halted the Russian military’s ground advance.

Ukraine’s military claims that Russian troops have lost “morale” and that Russian authorities are trying to recruit veterans.

Russia continues to bomb various Ukrainian cities, and fighting has intensified in the southern city of Mariupol, with Russian fighters still besieging the city. Russian artillery and troops are stationed on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. The eastern city of Kharkiv is still occupied by the Ukrainian army.

The Russian navy is located in the Black Sea off the coast of Odesa.

The Institute for the Study of War warns that Russia’s failure to initially occupy key Ukrainian cities, such as Kiev, Kharkiv, and Odesa, could lead to “further bloodshed and intensification of the war.” This can last for several weeks or months.

The British Ministry of Defense says the intensity of resistance from the Ukrainian army has forced the Russian army to change its strategy. The British Ministry of Defense says the Russian military is now adopting a “slow destruction strategy” that will result in more civilian casualties and civilian casualties.

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