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Tyrant Moon Magician Interesting Story

Allama Raees was on his way home to Chile. At that time he was passing through the forest. In the darkness, he decided that he could not continue his journey anymore but rest. Was ten

So he chose a dense and tall tree and fell asleep. Suddenly the sound of someone crying woke him up. Badly because what is this human voice in this forest? He peeked down from the tree. Had no one

The voice came again. After hearing that voice, no one could be seen in front of it and the sound of crying was coming. Allama Raees Chali had heard that giants live in the forest. As soon as they thought of the giants, they began to tremble. Also, take the branches of the tree from their trembling. Suddenly the voice came again.

I got into some trouble while sitting. Allama spoke himself and came down from the tree in panic.

The sound was coming from nearby. When they went to the sound, they were amazed to see the perfect you in this forest. Frightened, she entered the mill and saw an old woman in a room inside Gul.

Mom, have you ever lost a child who is so rude? Allama Ness Chali asked.
Which of my children will be lost at this age? They are all younger than Mashaallah and have lived in their own homes with their wives and children. The mother said.

All the children are happy in their homes. Then why are they living in this desert? Go to your homes.
I wish it could happen but it would be worse for me. how does? “The king will make my whole family happy

Well now I think you are here for fear of the king but your children are in their homes. The king can kill them, you can call them here too.
How are you accustomed to talking like a child?

You didn’t listen to me and started giving me advice
You tell the whole story, I will listen with both ears now, ”said Allama Raees Chali.
Were you still listening to me with one ear? ”The old woman looked at him angrily.

No …. no …… I mean I hear with both ears I said this so that you can explain to me well.

What’s wrong with me? If I had Omar, he would have helped me. The old woman said.

“Don’t even mention to me what Amr Ayyar sells in front of me.
That’s why he started selling things. The old woman will say.
I don’t sell things, I mean, I can do better than that.

“Look, my son, I am in trouble. What kind of help will you give me? You will get into trouble for no reason. That is enough for you. Do whatever you come out of.

Mom, you are insulting me I want to help you and you are rounding up the real thing instead of telling the story.

My son, when I am old enough to score a goal, I was commissioned by the king to serve Princess Afroz. That was my greatness.
How is that? ”Allama Raees of Chile grew.

Son, when Princess Afroz was born in the presence of the king of our country, the astrologers told the king that Princess Afroz is very fortunate. It should be hidden in such a way that no non-mahram can see it whenever a non-mahram sees it.

It will get in trouble. The king, following the advice of the astrologers, when the princess had one month left to complete her ten years, quietly constructed and transferred the smuggler, and entrusted me with his supervision. Today the princess had a full ten years

But Princess Afroz woke up very early yesterday and opened the window of her room and sat down. ۔

“Look how good the rabbit is. I wanted the princess to close the window, but the princess did not listen and kept the window open. Suddenly an ugly figure appeared from behind a tree and started looking at the princess.

As soon as the princess saw him, she fainted. As soon as the princess fainted, he said in a loud voice, “Otherwise, I will marry her. He disappeared when I approached the princess and saw that she had become a stone idol, which was hard for Princess Afroz,” said the old woman.

Can you show me that stone idol? Alam Raees Pali said.
Yes, come and see. ”The old woman took Allama Kosha to the idol of the princess.

Don’t worry, I will definitely release Princess Afroz from the captivity of Qamar and the sorcerer, ”said Allama Raees Chali.

Son, die, the sorcerer is a very dangerous addict, so what will you do with it? ”
I will fight him with my own hands and give him a lesson. ”
My son, seeing your state of mind, I can’t believe why he was there. ”

Why did this happen to my mental state? ”Allama said looking at himself in surprise.
How do you deal with such a dangerous sorcerer? “I’ll get rid of this sorcerer’s six and fly parrots in my hand.”

May Allah Almighty make money for your condition. Betty, leave the sorcerer now and fall into the circle of parrots and fruits. Son, there is a lot of time. ۔

With difficulty, Allama Raees left for Pali Parastan.
He got tired of walking and sat down under a tree. It was only a matter of time before he heard the chirping of the baby birds on the tree and Allama somehow managed to climb the tree. A black chase on the tree was growing to kill the coddling birds.

Allama showed agility and took out a shoe from his foot and struck the scorpion several times, killing the scorpion. When the scorpion died, they began to look at Allama with benevolent eyes. Allama Raees Jali quietly came down from the tree and started harassing again,

Even a terrifying form of jinn appeared before them. Seeing this, Allama tied the knot. Don’t tell me anything, brother. I’m a very poor addict. You won’t find anything by marking me. ”

You are very cowardly, I did not say anything to you and you are already scared. ”Who laughed out loud. Brother, if any other person sees you, he will faint in fear. At least I have not fainted.

You are making fun of me, I am being treated in the city right now. ”Jin looked at Allama angrily. You made fun of me brother Lojan, for God’s sake don’t eat me I won’t get anything from my body,

If you are hungry, then eat some fat fresh animal. ”Allama Raees Chile made an excuse for himself.
Someone had told me that you have gone to fight against the grave and the sorcerer. Seeing Mir’s form, you have become like this.

“Order me to go home to them,” said Ali Meh Raees, folding his hands regularly. There is insolence and you forgive me.
What will happen to this old woman with whom you have promised to kill Qamar Ja Dogar?

The old woman has gone to hell here to save her life. What can I do about it in such a situation you will have to help this old woman.
If I believe your knowledge then my life is in danger. If I don’t believe then my life is in danger. I don’t know where to go.

Listen to me carefully if you interfere in the slightest I will twist your neck, who looked at him angrily. I will listen to you carefully and I will not say anything in six. ”

I know with what intention you came out. It is not possible for you to fight against the moon magician. Yet you have gone to fight against the moon magician out of pity for the old woman. Upon arriving here, you were disturbed to see the baby birds disturbed and climbed the tree and killed the scorpion. Be done

“… you will help me. Allama Raees Julie said happily.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me Competition is a thing of the past, you can only do it cleverly which is not in you,

Wear PC Envy at your fingertips at all times. Don’t separate it from yourself or you will get into any trouble. Who extended a ring towards him. Allama Raees Julie immediately put the ring on her finger.

This is the handkerchief. Put it in your pocket. As soon as the moon magician appears in front of you, you will not faint by sniffing the handkerchief. ”

The magician’s soul is in a parrot and his cage is in a palace by the sea.

Take control of this parrot at the first opportunity as soon as you reach this magician and when that parrot comes in your hand, the moon will immediately appear in the magic grill, but you should not be afraid, first take the handkerchief out of your pocket and sniff it.

Then twist the parrot’s legs and neck. When the moon cast a spell on you, you made eighty-two rings in front of it. It will not work magic Now close them. When I ask them to open their eyes, they will open their eyes at that moment.

Allama Raees Julie closed his eyes on his knowledge and when he opened his eyes he was in front of the sea.

The old woman stopped crying when Allama left and decided to leave herself to the current circumstances that whatever is destined to happen will happen. No example can be given to the wife.

The old woman did not expect from the famous Raees Pali that he would return successfully. It was late in the evening when the sound of horses galloped. The old woman’s heart sank at the sound of the horse’s hooves

That the king has come to take his daughter Princess Afroz. When the old woman, including the soldiers, enters the royal palace, she will tremble with fear.
Why are you trembling when you see us? The king asked.
“Peace be upon you, King. Let me ask you something,” said the old woman.

John is ordered to tell what is the matter and Princess Afroz is in a room.
King Salamat Qamro the sorcerer came and the princess saw him and the princess fell unconscious. Qamru the sorcerer disappeared saying that he was taking Princess Afroz.

If King Salamat does not release the princess from his captivity, he will marry her. ”
If we had not believed you, we would have beheaded you with this new sword. The soldiers arrested the old woman and imprisoned her and her family. They will all remain in captivity until Princess Afroz is released.

The old woman, seeing the glory of the king, went to us and began to pray in her heart that God willing, Princess Afroz would soon be king, otherwise, the king would not forgive her family in any way.
Allama Raees saw Nigal and started walking towards him.

When they stepped inside the swallow, they came in a horrible voice. It was as if a lot of calamities came together and they became sweet. No one was visible.

There was also a sphere in which a magician was seen who was fast asleep. When Allama approached, he saw Princess Afroz asleep. Allama looked at Joao and there was a parrot’s beer. Allama immediately took the parrot out of the cage and took control. Suddenly Princess Afroz woke up and Allama was upset to see her there.

Who are you and how did you get here?
I am Allama Raees, the princess, and I have come to free you from the captivity of the magician.
You run away or the moon magician will come and he will kill you. ”
How can he kill me? His life is in my captivity. The sign said Chile moving its chest.

Suddenly it felt as if an earthquake had hit me and the earth shook and the moon magician appeared. Allama Raees Julie took out a handkerchief and then looked at the moon magician. Qamar the magician saw Allama Raees Jalli turning red and yellow with anger.

I have tasted how you were in the city to enter this palace. Saying this, he also read and breathed on it. Allama immediately turned his name towards him which broke the effect of his magic.

Saying this, Allama broke one of the parrot’s legs. The magician was so tired that he read the magic again and blew it. Allama also stopped him with a talismanic ewe and then broke the other leg of the parrot. When the second tank broke, he came down to do the magic.

“Brother Allama, forgive me, of course, take Princess Afroz and take the wealth that I have, but for God’s sake, release this parrot.” He will kill you by deception. You twist his neck immediately. Princess Afroz said.

Allama Raees Jalli immediately twisted the parrot’s neck. As soon as the parrot’s neck twisted, the magician came for a while and then fell into a deep sleep forever. Suddenly a strong wind blew and disappeared. Now they were both standing on the beach.

Then he appeared and informed both of them to close their eyes. They closed their eyes. When he opened his eyes, he was in royal form. The king was very happy not to see. After seeing Allama’s deeds, the king saw Allama smiling.

Allama Raees Chile We are very happy with your achievement and include us in our advisors with rewards.
“Peace be upon you, King. May I have my reward? But I promised the old woman that her wish was to rescue Princess Afroz on Monday. You are nothing to this old woman. Everything happened by chance. It is not the old woman’s fault.” Is.

Well, the old lady and her family are released. The king rejoiced and announced that the arrival of Princess Afroz would be celebrated with joy and lighting in the houses.

Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed is graduated from the NED faculty of Software Engineering Karachi. This website is owned and operated by Hamza Ahmed


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