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TikTok: Musicians Thirsting For a Viral Moment

“Now this is something that is not going anywhere and you have to deal with it.”

Jay Leone is a singer who is trying to make a name for himself and for him, TikTok is the only way he can achieve his goal.

The growing popularity of TikTok has had an impact on music, but now newcomers believe that there is no alternative to TikTok.

Before the release of his new song, the 29-year-old Jay is presenting specific highlights on TikTok daily. “I want the world to know my name,” he says.

Each video of the song being ticked off has the same title, ‘Another day when I’m posting my song with the wish that it will become famous and I will release the whole song so that then I only give time to the music. ‘

Jay says it’s hard work but continuity is important and he knows that one video may be enough to go viral on TikTok.

He says that taking advantage of a big stage like TikTok without compromising his art is a difficult task in which balance has to be maintained.

Apart from new singers, now well-known artists are also beginning to realize that their absence from TikTok will deprive them of a large number of listeners.

TikTok: Opportunity to Trial Too

According to Becky Hill, most people are probably unaware of the pressure that can be put on an artist to go viral. “When TuckTalk was new, everyone, including me, though it was another platform to put content on.”

She says tick talk has now become a very important part of her social media but she still has occasional difficulties.

According to British Joel Corey, he thinks that music should not be made on a TikTok basis. He says that it is a natural process for any song to go viral.

But not all artists are so passionate about the TikTok app. Famous singer Adele recently stated that she is not ready to make her new album, especially for Tik Tak.

In an interview with Apple Music, Adele said, “If everyone is making music for TikTok, then who is working for my generation?” I think it would be better for me to work for people at my level. ”

TikTok song teasing strategy worked for Pink Panthers. The same thing happened recently with Hayes, whose freestyle writing for Packs and Positions became very popular on Tik Tak, after which a full song was released and remixed.

TikTok Toe is not the first social media platform to be used by musicians (before MySpace), but the creative innovation required for new singers seeking success on this platform is also under tremendous pressure. Comes

“You want to do something that people like to see,” says Jay Leone.

“It’s frustrating, especially if you’re working day and night, but the results aren’t what other people do.”

How to Get Viral on TikTok

TikTok Toe is a puzzle for those working in the music industry, in which it is difficult to understand how an anonymous song can surpass the song of a famous artist.

TikTok, on the other hand, has also helped revive classical songs. This is good news for musicians like David Guetta, whose 26 songs have been in the top ten in the UK.

He says that TikTok has made it so easy for him that “songs that are now obsolete are getting a second life.”

“I also love new songs and I know we don’t want to be part of a system that has a lot of rules and regulations and where only old songs can be heard.”

Paul Hurricane is the head of TuckTock’s music operations in the UK and Europe. He says his platform has made people excited, not scared.

“Tuk-tuk has given a new dimension to the discovery of music and communication between musicians and audiences.”

He dismissed the notion that TikTok wanted to be more powerful but at the same time said that it was true that the British wanted to spread the word in the music industry.

According to Paul, to be viral, it is important to have the right composition, the right part of the song, and the naturalness of the song.

Citing the example of Sam Fender, he said that these were the singers who spread Seventeen Going Undertrack through their fans on TikTok.

The number of times a song is viewed on TikTok does not affect the chart, but it is certain that the song that is popular on this platform is heard more on other streaming services.

The Five Most Popular Songs On The UK in 2021

  • Body (remix) Tune Wayne and Juice Millions Ft.
  • Like I Can, Sam Smith
  • Just For Me, Pink Panthers
  • Unlock It (Lock It) Jeff Privy Mix, Charlie One CX
  • Levi getting, medicine lipa

In late 2020 and early 2021, TuckTalk announced a partnership with three major record labels (Universal, Sony, and Warner). Under the agreement, TuckTock users will have access to a complete catalog of companies from which they can use clips.

Paul says it’s not that big labels have managed to popularize certain songs or trends through TikTok. Not at all. I think the pleasant creative surprise is and will continue to be the real reason TikTok is popular. ”

Attention is also being paid to how much the singers and artists who bring their original music to TikTok will be able to earn. A Twitter user claimed that his song was heard 360,000 times on TikTok but he got only 19 pence.

Last year, MPs also criticized the artists for not earning much from streaming services.

The six-month inquiry did not review TuckTuck, but a statement from the platform said it worked hard to be fully licensed and entered into regular agreements with all stakeholders.

These include record labels and music collecting societies to ensure that those who compose and perform music can reap the financial benefits of using it on Tik Tok.

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Hamza Ahmed
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