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Things To Keep In Mind About FUT Hair Restoration

Once you crossed 30, you might experience a change in your hairline. You might notice a declining hairline that is producing some bald spots on your head. This problem is generally known as male pattern baldness. However, it is a common occurrence among males but can affect every individual differently. Some might lose all of the hairs on the head and some might be left with visible bald spots. Over time, bald spots could also turn to full baldness. But you can prevent such a situation with the help of FUT hair restoration. This is a remarkable hair loss treatment that is highly in demand these days. It can add volume to your hair and can provide you with a new and improved look. Let’s check some important things about FUT.

What does FUT do?

Simply put, FUT is a hair transplant technique that is derived by experts to add quality to hair implants. It is fully recognized as Follicular Unit Transplantation. This means that a hair surgeon will relocate hairs from one place to another on your head. Then this strip will be used to extract the healthy hair follicles for implantation at bald spots. The surgeon will then implant the hairs into the incisions made to complete the process. It is also known as the strip procedure of hair transplantation. You can get it done with the help of a skillful hair surgeon. This procedure works to add hairs on your scalp to give you naturally-growing fuller and thicker hairs.

Who is eligible for FUT?

One cannot get this procedure ready with advanced hair loss conditions. But, if you are suffering from male pattern baldness and androgenic alopecia, you are eligible. However, there are more conditions that require to be an ideal candidate for FUT. First of all, you can have this procedure if you are 25 or older. Generally, people younger than 25 might not get realistic results from hair transplants. Secondly, you must have enough donor hair to get FUT hair restoration. Hence the procedure requires the extraction of donor hair follicles to implant at bald sites. So, if you do not have enough hair on the back of the head, you might not undergo the procedure. Most importantly, this is a surgical procedure so you must have sound health to recover faster.

FUT complications

FUT is considered a risky hair transplantation procedure because of its high surgical involvement. It works by cutting the strip of skin tissues from the back of the head. Thus, the wound appears and needs to be sutured after completing the procedure. So, it can leave a visible linear scar on the back of the head. Most individuals consider this specific reason to avoid this procedure. But it is important to know that this procedure can work greater than other alternatives.

The reason is that FUT can give better coverage to bald heads with more numbers of hair implantation. A surgeon can extract follicles in one go and can implant them for maximum baldness coverage. As far as the linear scar is concern, it can hide under the long hairs. moreover, it can also get conceal by using pigments. However, this procedure can take longer to recover due to sutures and might be somewhat painful.

FUT results

FUT is a quality-driven hair transplant procedure. So, the results would be wonderful as per your expectations. You will be able to recover in a period of a week from the procedure. The hair growth can start in 3 months, and you can see visible hair growth in 9-12 months. FUT will bring natural-looking, and permanent results as the natural-occurring follicles that implants in your scalp.

FUT aftercare

Though this is a surgical procedure so aftercare is necessary for faster healing of wounds on the back of the head. So, you must take anti-inflammatory medicine during recovery. You must also avoid removing bandages until the surgeon asks to do the same. This would make the recovery period fast, and you can prevent any complications.

To sum up

You can prefer to undergo FUT hair restoration to attain realistic hair transplant results. This is a modern solution to hair loss problems that works intuitively. It is important to have guidance from an expert hair surgeon since the technique requires utmost precision. You will get the best results and can seek the advantage of fuller and thicker hair growth within a period of one year.



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