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Things to do in Kedarkantha trek


Kedarkantha is a peak of a mountain in the Himalayas. This is near Uttarakhand, Himalayas in India. This could nearly 12,500ft(3,800m). This could be Govinda wildlife sanctuary in Uttarkashi district. This trek starts from sanki. This has high altitude lake near kedarkantha myths has Juda ka Talab. This has the famous statue of Lord Shiva. This could be summit to meditate as disturbed by running below. 

About Kedarkantha Trek

Historically the kedarnath is a town in Uttarakhand to meditate. In kedarnath the Lord shiva blessings are there. 

This could be related to pandavas. Lord shiva was hid in Bheem at kedarnath. This also recognized as Bheem and went shiva to hide underground. This placed could be divided and parts fell at a different place. It also called as “the throat of Lord shiva”. And also Lord krishna of advice. During the time of Mahabharata kin was killed.

Thus the pandavas sought recounts of the Lord shiva to pardon. The bull was leaving for the Garhwal region. This was conducted by an angry shiva. In these pandavas was sighted shiva grazing the hills of Guptakashi. This could be tried and grab it’s tail and legs forcibly. In this lLord shiva had disappeared into five places . There are names such as hump at Kedarkantha, the legs at Tungnath ,and face at Rudranath, and stomach at Madhyamaheswar and it’s hair at Kalpeshwar. 

Kedarkantha Trek Highlights:-

         This trek was blushing with beauty and giving photographers . This has the perfect opportunity to capture the snow falling. This has the pine trees and that is like magic dust. This could be named ‘ I rule the world’ at that Summit and make a wonderful profile pic. There could be stunning views of the backdrop. This trek will be so fun and friends will be jealous of anyone. This has lovely campsites and unique other campsites in the journey. This frozen Juda ka Talab was the perfect place for meditation of Lord shiva. This is best for the middle of the night and head torches. The top of the mountain and the sunrise watching is very thrilling. 

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      In kedarnath mountains are very high and it’s range is high. It’s photogenic there. It has a wildlife Sanctuary of national park at the place of Govind. This trek started from the  traditional village of Sour . This village was so beautiful. This has snow covered mountains and sparkling tons river flowing. Once we visit kedarnath definitely we need to visit again and again. This could be the most beautiful charm of the place. In sanki there is a delightful place set by mountains and chilly climate and weather. The sanki, houses made of wood look very beautiful and adorable. In sour village has a number of conventions , fairs, and rituals. 

The village has traditional costumes and cooks traditional food. In the village of entertainment there are Naati,raas,and taandi also there. The unique thing about the triangle -shaped mountain is the kedarkantha trek. This huge fair of every year on 15th june in kedarkantha is organized. In this the local language is Meru Bagian. This was a place of faith for worship of Lord shiva and Ganesha.


       This is one of the most sought after snow trekking destinations in has mesmerizing pictorial views and is more attractive. This could be the mighty Himalayas from the trail right . The trekking trail was a consolidated distance of 20 kms. This is neither very difficult and enables the first time trekkers. This could be charming and captivating at verdant greenery.myriad collections of flora and ETC are there. This has the delightful marvels of that trek. This is one of the most important popular temples, kedarnath. This is the 6days long trek in Govinda pashu vihar National park. From Uttarakhand to Dehradun travel to base camp.t is also popular amongst seasoned trekkers and beginners . 

This has the most important summit climb. This is the rewarding one of the kedarnath. This summit looms large from base camp. This could be early hours and mornings steadily climbing up the steep slope of the world. This stretch was steadily steep. This was an unparalleled feeling with strong sense and satisfaction and accomplishments. This trek has sky knocking mountains and paradise of sky sight also there. This has mythological stories also there. They have wonderful sights of the Rupin range ,Har ki Dun and ETC. 



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