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These Are the Top Restaurants in Lahore You Should Visit

The city of culture, kites, and everything brilliant is also well-known for its cuisine. We’ll point you in the direction of the Best Breakfast Places in Lahore in this article.

Lahore residents adore their city and are happy to identify as Lahoris. Why shouldn’t they? Lahore is a culturally rich city with vestiges of its history strewn throughout.

Food is important in identifying our culture and history. We all know that Lahoris are serious foodies, and their food is delicious (maybe not as much as Karachi’s, but it’s still tasty).

Lahore has the best of everything, from traditional cholay bhatooray and lassi to modern burgers and milkshakes.

As a result, some of Pakistan’s best restaurants are also in Lahore, which you should not miss on your next visit to the walled city.

According to our experiences and social media reviews, the following are some of the best restaurants in Lahore.

Lahore’s Desi Restaurants

To begin, we have the desi restaurant category. Even though there are far too many Indian eateries in Lahore, we had to choose one that sticks out. We couldn’t, so we added two desi restaurants that are a must-see if you’re in Lahore. Let us go over them in detail:

1) The Haveli

Haveli is the desi restaurant of your dreams, located on the new food lane in old Lahore.

The upper two floors of the multi-story restaurant give an outstanding view of the Badshahi Masjid, making it one of the best restaurants in Lahore.

How is the atmosphere at Haveli?

Haveli’s interior is created with Mughal-style fixtures, giving the restaurant a classic feel.

The space is also large enough to handle a large number of customers at once.

When you combine that with the restaurant’s popularity, you get a busy restaurant, so make reservations ahead of time if you don’t want to wait.

How is the food at the Haveli?

The food at Haveli is also delicious. They are well-known for their handis and karahis, as well as BBQ delicacies like Bihari kebab.

However, their menu is diverse, including katakat and seafood selections. They also provide a variety of tandoori bread options, exactly like other Indian eateries.

Haveli’s verdict

9.5/10 for atmosphere. We are inclined to offer a perfect 10, but isn’t nothing in life perfect?

8.5/10 for value for money. The meal may not be worth the price, but the ambiance is worth it. However, it is adequate to serve as your ideal companion as you take in the scenery.

Overall score: 9/10. The atmosphere of Haveli more than compensates for any inadequacies in the food, making it a definite must-see in Lahore.

2) Karahi Butt

Butt Karahi is so well-known that there are other copycats with the same name at Lahore’s Lakhsmi Chowk.

What is the atmosphere like at Butt Karahi?

Butt Karahi has a pleasant atmosphere for a local hangout.

Because the restaurant is usually always full, you will almost certainly have to wait for a table. Unfortunately, they do not yet provide reservations.

The seating and tables are comfortable enough to enjoy a wonderful dinner and a pleasant experience.

They also have a separate seating space on the top floor for families, so you can easily chat with your family members.

Butt Karahi’s food is good

Butt Karahi’s food is very delicious. They don’t have much on the menu – only Karahi and daal with traditional roti.

Their Karahi, on the other hand, is motivation enough to visit the site.

You can order the dish in either chicken or mutton, and the wait time is between one and twelve hours, depending on the quantity of orders.

What distinguishes Butt Karahi is the large amount of butter used in their food and cooking technique.

Once prepared, the Karahi is served to you in the large, flat “karahi” plate in which it was cooked, for you to savour in all its beauty.

Overall, it’s safe to say that the Karahi is well worth the wait and money, and it’s something you should try if you’re in Lahore.

Butt Karahi verdict

8/10 for ambiance. The restaurant’s atmosphere may not be the nicest in town, but it’s cosy enough to enjoy a karahi.

9.5/10 for value for money. Yes, the Butt Karahi is THAT delicious. It’s not only filling, but it’s also flavorful enough to make you forget about every other Karahi you’ve ever had. Totally worth the money!

Overall score: 8.75/10. Overall, Butt Karahi is unquestionably one of the top eateries in Lahore. People, put it on your bucket list!

Lahore’s Cafes

Following that are cafes, which are a little more upscale but are well worth a visit. Choosing one monarch (or queen) of cafés was challenging, but we opted on Rina’s Kitchenette based on audience ratings and our personal experience. Let’s look into why:

Rina’s Kitchenette

Rina’s Kitchenette is well-known for its food and is regarded as one of Lahore’s greatest cafes.

With some of the best burgers, pasta, and desserts on the menu, it’s easy to see why Rina’s is one of the top restaurants in Lahore.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Rina’s Kitchenette?

Rina’s DHA branch is a small two-story Best Restaurants in Lahore for Birthday with a maximum capacity of 25 people, thus scheduling a table ahead of time may be beneficial.

The little room can be bothersome, especially during peak hours, but it’s acceptable with just the appropriate amount of noise.

How do you like the food at Rina’s Kitchenette?

The food at Rina’s is the restaurant’s primary attraction. They serve a variety of dishes, including spaghetti, burgers, sandwiches, cakes, and a few others.

However, the menu is brief, with only enough things to maintain consistency in quality.

The Aglio e Olio pasta and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger are two of Rina’s menu standouts.

The pasta is made out of spaghetti noodles, grilled chicken slices, and potato crisps that have been soaked in a creamy mushroom sauce. This pasta will have you going back for more.

When it comes to burgers, Rina’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger might be one of the greatest in Lahore. It boasts the ideal bun-to-meat ratio, a vibrant purple cabbage slaw, sauce, and toppings.

Rina’s Kitchenette verdict

8.5/10 for atmosphere. The atmosphere isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. Rina’s Kitchenette is ideal for those who enjoy cosy, intimate settings.

9/10 for value for money. The meal is ideal for a girls’ night out or a ladies’ day-out lunch. Rina’s food is absolutely worth your money, with the proper food servings, fair rates, and overall superb taste.

Overall score: 8.75/10. Rina’s, hands down one of the best cafes in Lahore, is the ideal venue for your dine-outs, provided you reserve a table ahead of time.

Lahore Burgers

Burgers. Words cannot express how fantastic this near-perfect food item is. Similarly, there are no words to describe how difficult it was to choose the best burger joint in Lahore. While Lahore has several great burger joints, Daily Deli Co. has the reviews to back up their claim.



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