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The Story Of The Seven Fairies

A long time ago it was mentioned that a king ruled over a country. Although the king had all the blessings of the world, he and his queen were often sad because they had no children. The king and queen always cried before God While praying for the children, God finally accepted their prayers and an innocent baby girl was born to them.

The princess was very beautiful and beautiful. The king and queen were very happy to see her. Happy weddings were being celebrated all over the country. On this occasion, the king invited seven fairies living in his country to his palace Give gifts of good prayers.

Coincidentally the king forgot to call the eighth fairy who was old and lived in a tower. She was a very jealous fairy and the happiness of others did not please her. Had arranged

And for the sake of the fairies, delicious food was prepared for the Marr. That is why the name of the gold box was made for him.

Now it was a coincidence that the old fairy got the news of this invitation and she reached the palace of the uninvited king. The king was very angry to see her He was allowed to go but he was not allowed to go near the tables with gold boxes.

Where the seven fairies were sitting and the boxes with them were for them. And it was understood that she was cursing the jealous old fairy princess.

After the meal, the king gave the seven fairies gold boxes, but nothing happened to the old fairy. After that, all the fairies started offering presents to the princess.

“The princess will be the most beautiful girl in the world.”
The other fairy expressed her wish while giving the gift of prayer.
“The princess will be the most intelligent and intelligent girl in the world.”
The third angel prayed.
“The princess will make a name for herself in the world.”

The fourth fairy said expressing good wishes.
“The princess’s voice will be even more sarcastic than the bubble.”
The fifth angel prayed to him
“The princess will be over two hundred years old.”

The sixth angel prayed.
“The princess will always be happy and she will never be deceived in life.”
The seventh fairy said while showering flowers with good wishes.
“The princess will always smile like a flower.”

After the seven fairies had offered the gift of prayers for the princess, the eighth fairy, who was standing to one side and hearing all this, was heartbroken and said in a hateful tone, “I will also present the gift to the princess and this is my gift. Maybe one day the princess’s finger will get in the wheel and she will die. ”

Hearing this ominous prophecy of the old fairy, all the people present there could not help but a tear came in the eyes of the king and queen and they started crying. I spoke consolingly.

“Peace be upon you, King. Don’t worry, the princess will not die, but the fact is that the princess’s finger will come in the wheel and she will sleep soundly for one hundred years. After that, the seven fairies left.

All the joy of the king and queen was in the dust. Sixteen years later, the king and queen, along with the princess, went to their castle-like palace for entertainment.

As soon as the princess entered the castle, she started running around the rooms, and then she started climbing a ladder. She quickly climbed the stairs and reached the last floor. It was actually the same old fairy and had been on the lookout for the last fifteen years.

When she got the chance and he put the princess’s finger in the spinning wheel and put her to sleep, so she wanted to take revenge on the king. When the princess saw him spinning the spinning wheel, she said in surprise Be
The lovely princess is spinning the wheel.

The old fairy smiled and said the princess was watching him spinning the wheel with great interest then she said how do you drive it to let me see if I can spin the wheel like you He sat down and started spinning the wheel with great interest.

But suddenly the needle of the wheel stuck to her finger and she fell unconscious. Seeing this, the old fairy laughed out loud and then flew away. He started screaming and as soon as he heard her voice, employees started running from all sides.

One of them splashed water on the face of the princess but the princess came to her senses when she heard the noise. The king and queen also came upstairs. It was decided to make a luxurious bed in the most beautiful room inside the fort.

And the princess was to be laid on it, so a room was adorned and adorned, and the princess was laid on a soft bed. Appointed a few servants there and ordered them not to enter the princess’s room so that after a hundred years she would regain consciousness.

The fairy who told the king that the princess would not die but would sleep soundly for a hundred years, lived twenty thousand miles away in a lush and lush garden when this incident happened to the princess. The fairy will also know about this incident. A friend of hers informed her about this incident.

He was about fifty miles away from a step when Chhallawa informed him about this. The fairy flew to the king’s palace. The king greeted him with great pomp. When she woke up a year later, she would be scared to see herself alone in the castle.

When the king heard the fairy’s words, he said, “There are some servants who will stay there.” Will fall into a deep sleep because this ominous fairy has spread her spell all over the castle. I have thought of a solution to this problem.

That all the servants inside the castle should be put to sleep like a princess and when a hundred years later the princess will wake up from a deep sleep then all the servants will also wake up automatically The king shook his head when he heard this. So the good-hearted fairy went to the fort and touched everyone present there with a stick. Among them were servants, cooks, and porters.

He fell asleep in the same position where he was standing. The fairy touched the keeper of the stable and the princess’s dog with his stick. Returning to his garden, the king announced that no one entering the fort would go to the fort, he would sleep soundly for a hundred years, and then he would not be able to come out.

The king also raised the walls of the fort. Everyone was reluctant to go this way. Time passed slowly. A huge thick forest came around the fort. Became until the princess woke up from a deep sleep.

Time flew by so fast that one hundred years passed. One day the son of a king of a nearby country came out to hunt. Did his companions tell the prince what they had heard about the fort?

A lot of nonsense about the fort had become famous. Someone said that there are demons in this fort. He did not say that the fort was occupied by a magician and he kept going there. There is another ghost who picks up small children and takes them to the fort and eats them raw.

Shehzad Gum Sim listened to all these things with astonishment but he could not believe any of them. I know something. The old man began to tell the prince, “Holy Prince.” Fifty years ago, my father told me.

The most beautiful princess in the world is sleeping in this castle Saying that he would wake up and become the king of this country, the old carpenter went ahead. Hearing this, the prince had a strong desire to go inside the fort.

His companions explained to him that the mad lumberjack had gone away with nonsense. How could a princess sleep for a hundred years? As I started to move forward, in the forest, the big trees and the bloody bushes full of thorns automatically disappeared from its path.

At the place where the forest boundary ended, there was a huge fort standing right in front of it. The unseen is of help and he can lift the sleeping princess inside the fort a hundred years later, thinking that the prince began to move forward with even more bravery and courage.

After crossing the magnificent gate of the fort the prince reached inside He had been sleeping soundly for years. The prince went on and on, passing through a magnificent hall made of marble and approaching the stairs, he began to climb the stairs.

Arriving upstairs, the prince saw several guards standing at the door near a room, fast asleep, and the swords in their sheets gleaming. The prince passed between them and entered the room. All were made of gold and silver bricks, and the chandeliers of diamond jewels shone.

Her face smelled like a rose and it felt as if she had just fallen asleep. The prince immediately realized that this was the princess. Gently touching the soft and delicate silky hair of the princess, the effect of magic suddenly disappeared.

And the princess gently hid her golden eyelids. When she saw the prince, her eyes began to shine as if she had known him for a long time. She got up and sat down and said, He was coming to express his happiness. He shook his head and said yes, I have come to the dear princess.

And one hundred years later you have been awakened from a deep sleep. “You used to come to me in my dreams every day, Prince,” said the Princess, smiling. Even a hundred years later he had woken up from a deep sleep and now he was thinking of doing his own thing.

Everyone was very hungry, so the food was being cooked in the castle. The princess’s maid told her, He took off his necklace of true pearls and distributed them among all. ”

Then the gatekeeper and other servants of the castle brought the prince and princess in a procession to the palace where the prime minister who was also the temporary king made the prince and princess get married. He also became the king of. He distributed all his wealth among the poor and started living happily ever after.

Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
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