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The Gift Of An Unknown Creature -Interesting Children’s Story

The village was depopulated and there was a vast forest in front of him. had lived. Someone in this village knew him, he had left his house behind two villages.
His footsteps started moving towards the forest, now it was getting dark,

he was living in his house with his mother, brother, and sister-in-law, his father had died in his childhood, his mother had passed away three months ago, now home I was also a brother and sister-in-law. A few days after my mother’s death, my sister-in-law’s eyes changed. Even so
Se Karta She usually remained silent in front of her brother and when her brother went to work, her eyes would change and she would grow bigger.

Hammad, now that you are fifteen or sixteen years old, you will work hard and you will get food. Your brother’s earnings are hardly our livelihood. Hammad was worried about where to find hard labor.

There was no significant work in the village and he had not even gone to the city, finally today his sister-in-law said. Hamad, if you can’t work hard, go your own way, and when you start earning, come back home. ” But brother, he doesn’t speak in front of his sister-in-law.

Hammad quietly left the house and walked to the corner of the burnt village. When the population of the village was depleted, it became another village on the move and now the boundary of the other village was also disappearing and there was a dense forest in front.

Her footsteps began to move towards the forest, the birds were making noise towards their nests, there was a state of vibration in the forest with different kinds of birds, the sounds of birds, the shadows of evening had faded into the darkness of night. Hammad couldn’t figure out where to spend the night

She was feeling scared. Suddenly his eyes fell on a dense tree, the thick twigs of which looked very strong. He climbed the tree and sat down with a thick honey practice. Ga, he kept looking around for a long time, even though the night had started, but the sounds of various animals in the forest were spreading a little vibration in the air, gradually Beshor also drowned in silence.

When the goddess of sleep took pity on him while he was sitting on the tree, he fell into a deep sleep.
۔ He was snoring unknowingly and his body was drenched in sweat.

I don’t know what time of night it was when suddenly his eye was opened, he gave me something, he didn’t understand where he was, then he realized that he was the sixth pig from a tree branch, his eye. The reason for the opening was that milky light

Everything that was illuminated around the area was clearly visible. Where was the light coming from? His style could not have been marked, the day had come out in the forest with this milky light. Except for this place, all the rest of the forest is made of wire
The thigh was.

Hamar was looking around in amazement and fear. Shortly after, she came into the forest and walked for the first time but did not see anything. Are unable

Now Hammad was convinced that he had come into the world of an inhuman creature, that he could not decide who were ghosts or spirits.

Suddenly he saw a beautiful carpet in a wide field and there were beautiful and unique chairs in a square style. In the middle, there were three different chairs which are different and ornate from other chairs but no one was present.

Ammar clicked on his body and was left speechless, meaning no dream
What is seen is unique, but it is true. He was in a bad condition due to fear and terror, his heart was pounding and his whole being was drenched in sweat.

Once again he was surprised and met his eyes because all the chairs were done. More than once, the most beautiful girl was sitting on the chair in her beautiful dress. She was wearing a unique, thin, and pale dress, Ammar could not decide whether she was a fairy, who was or was a maiden was like a fair of the most beautiful girls in the world.

Suddenly five of the girls got up and started talking. Three of these chairs were different and decorated. They had a crown on their heads with diamonds, jewels, and pearls.

Of course, she hated other girls and she had a special place in all of them. The five girls were working, not knowing where they were coming from. Unknown music was scattering in the air on which the girls were playing.

Then he kept doing different groups of girls, the bewildered shadow was watching everything, it seemed like it was all a dream

She stood up from her chair and spoke. Her voice was like that of a boat in a temple.
Mehrangarh, is there any case today?

No, Princess, no one is dead, but one thing is for sure. One girl stood up and spoke.
The important thing is to be explained. There is a human being at our party today. “Oh, the princess was surprised.
But that human being is oppressed and coincidentally is here.
Help the oppressed so that they can live in peace but…

O son of Adam, you will not come here in the future, nor will you mention us to anyone, and if you do, you will suffer great loss, for neither we nor the children of the angels have gone, nor are we in a good or bad way.

Yes, we are a creature too. Now, O son of Adam, there are three bags under the tree. They are for you, using them and making life pleasant. ”

But the darkness in the forest was over because the speed of Hajj was spreading.

Frightened, he opened the bags and saw that the three bags were full of diamond jewels. He returned to his village.

He was no longer a poor boy but was very rich and could live a good and happy life. The darkness of the night was gone and a new joy was rising.


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