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The Ghost Of The Trash Horror Story

Ramzan Ali used to work in a textile mill, his job was in shifts, nowadays he was working in shifts from four children in the evening to twelve children at night.

Even today, as usual, he returned home after completing his duty. The distance from L to home was not much. He used to go on belly duty.

He was just a short distance from home when he heard the sound of a baby crying. He looked around in shock to see where the sound of crying was coming from.

He began to move in the direction of the sound, increasingly he reached the garbage can where a newborn baby wrapped in a cloth was lying on the rubbish heap. Maybe he was hungry, and some system had thrown him here, he picked up the baby wrapped in cloth and then fell silent.

Ramzan Ali thought that there is someone like him, why not take the child home, his wife will also be happy to see the child. Thinking this over, she snatched the baby from her chest and headed home.

Entering the house, he called his wife Zaitoon, she came immediately and did this to him. He looked at the child on Ramzan’s chest and asked, “Oh my God, there is a child. Some human being has thrown him in the garbage and left. I heard him crying and brought him.” His wife Zaitoon then took him in her arms.

“Hey, Beto is a girl. She’s so cute. We’ll find her. We don’t even have an ola.” Olive said happily, “Let me bring you some food.”

No olives. I’m sleepy. I ate in the evening. Saying this, he lay down on the bed of Ramadan and after a while started snoring.

Olive wrapped the girl in a clean cloth, turned her four feet with her, and started trying to sleep, not knowing when she fell asleep.

The sounds of something were being heard which opened the olive’s eye and when she saw the sight she saw, her bee was closed, she would stop breathing and she was also watching this scene with her eyes closed. She was terrified.

The newborn baby was sitting on the floor. There was a pot of curry which went into the kitchen and contained the roasted meat. ,

Olive thought she was dreaming, she thought she was going to faint. At that moment, P’s voice rang out from his watch.

Now you have seen and known that olives would have kept this thing alive and if you had told someone then what will you eat. P addressed her and took out the herbs from the pot and ate.

The olive was cut off while she was awake all night. She was afraid that even if she slept, she would eat it too because she is not a witch. Why Ramzan Ali? His tongue was thinking and the night passed.

I need two kilos of meat every day and if I tell anyone about me, the girl will be licking the floor. ”Olive did not say anything but shook her head in affirmation.

The next day, Zaitoon said to Ramzan, “Give me two kilos of meat before I go to work.”
Yesterday I brought the meat and it was all over. Ramzan Ali asked in surprise.

Just give me some meat, Diana. ”

Okay, God, why are you angry? Ramzan reached the bazaar to get the meat and went to the butcher’s shop and stood where there were already many singers.

Now it was a coincidence that the imam in front of the mosque, who was also a scholar and had a mawal in his possession, also came to get meat, as Ramadan approached him.

Pesh Imam Sahib looked at him in amazement because he felt the stench coming from Ramzan Ali’s clothes and that was the reason for his alarm.

He was an old man of his own age, he had felt well with Ramzan Ali.

Imam Sahib’s lips were moving and he was busy reading something. They even closed their eyes, as if in meditation.

When he opened his eyes, there were signs of concern on his face and his eyes were on Ramzan Ali.

Ramzan Ali Gosht Khar Bina later comes with me first. Ramzan Ali looked at him in shock.

Hurry up, Ramzan Ali, otherwise it will be too late. ”Pesh Imam Sahib spoke and motioned for him to follow him.

She entered the mosque and went back to her home from Syed. She had a big white cloth in her hand.

Ramzan Ali, pick up that pitcher. Ramzan Ali went ahead and picked up the pitcher but he did not understand anything.

He was acting as per his usual spellbound routine.
Let’s go home quickly. What’s the matter, Pesh Imam Sahib ……….?

“After all, go to your house first, then they both reached the house of Ramzan Ali on foot, then there was a spectacle or the door was open.

His wife lay down on the olive bed and was eating meat from the pot on the floor.

Masan Ali’s eyes widened, he stammered. ”
Presented by Imam Sahib
As soon as P saw Imam Sahib in front of him, he started talking like a young woman.

As she read, she began to sway, swaying and swaying, she fell and fainted.

Pesh Imam Sahib put the girl in a pit and covered her mouth with a white cloth. After that, he read something and blew on the pot, and addressed Ramzan Ali.

Ramzan Ali, dig this horse deep in the graveyard and fan it.

They were also called in. Olive was unconscious. She was brought in. She was very scared…


Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
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