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The Cowardly Leopard – Children Story

Once upon a time, there was a time when a cheetah used to live in a forest. One evening he went hunting according to his habit but he could not find any animal bigger or smaller. He was very hungry and finally, he found a lizard.

The leopard said, “O lizard! You will make my dinner tonight.” I’m a small animal I won’t be able to fill your stomach by eating me please let me go

The leopard said, “No, I will not let you go. One bite is enough for a hungry person to get nothing.” The lizard said, “I don’t have sharp teeth like you.

You are strong, I am weak. The strong should not kill the weak. This is not justice. Our Dharma does not allow it. The leopard said impatiently.

And he’s the one whose stick, his buffalo, I have the strength, that’s why I have the right to kill you. ” Dar laughed and thundered.

I only fight with my peers “The lizard said very well give me three months respite then I will be equal to you Cheetah agreed to give the lizard three months respite and both of them decided that after three months We will go to a long place and meet again at the same time.

Now the lizard was preparing for battle. Every day she would go out into the rice fields and return to the mud. Then she would wash her hands and face and sit in the sun. As soon as she was frozen, she did the same thing every day for three months. The layer of mud on her body became thicker and thicker.

In this way, she became bigger and fatter. In three months, she became a giant. With each blow of his claw, a piece of dried mud would fall from the lizard’s body, but the lizard itself was not injured.

The lizard jumped up and climbed on the back of the leopard and started biting its body with its teeth. It bit the whole body of the victim and injured it. The body of the leopard was full of wounds. The wounds were getting out of his bus.

Screaming with the last pain, he put his feet on his head and ran away from the battlefield. “The lizard bit me here,” he said in a voice.

Then he looked at his left shoulder and touched it with his claw then there was a wound there too he said and he cut me here also he touched his ears, eyes, nose, hands and back with his claw Everybody was injured.

But the leopard did not know that there was a lumberjack sitting on the tree. This man had seen the fight. It made me laugh.

That a huge cheetah was sitting under a tree shedding tears on its wounds which were applied to it by a small lizard. ..

The leopard looked up and saw a lumberjack there. He wondered if this man had seen me in this condition. He was very angry because he did not want anyone to find out that I had lost to the lizard. Climb up and stop roaring this haha ​​otherwise I will eat you right now and at the same time.

The woodcutter folded his hands and said, “Yes, Holy Prophet, forgive me and spare my life. Cheetah Church. You have come to know my secret, therefore you must die.” Will tell

The leopard said, “It is not enough. You swear to your wife that you will not tell her the secret, and swear to your children that you will not tell them the secret.” The woodcutter swore to his wife and children Not satisfied, he said, but there are other people in the village, what will happen to them?

You will tell them this secret. The carpenter said: I swear by Buddha that I will not tell this to any man of the village. Now the leopard has allowed the carpenter to return to the village. Came and lay down

And he started licking his wounds. He was very nervous. He kept thinking that this two-legged creature has no credibility. I am sure that this evil woodcutter will tell this secret to his wife. Once it is known, it does not remain a mystery.

I should go tonight and find out if he is fulfilling his promise or not. Thinking this, the cheetah hurried to the backyard of the lumberjack’s hut, leaned against the wall, and listened to the sounds coming from inside the house.

The lumberjack, his wife, and children were having dinner on a mat. Suddenly the lumberjack started laughing and the children asked him: –
Dad, why are you laughing?
The father replied.
Shi Shi is a mystery.
Her daughter spoke.

Abba! Tell us this secret so that we may laugh with you. Father replied: No, no, I cannot tell this secret to anyone. I have sworn to Buddha. The lumberjack’s wife said to the children: – Children! Your father must be crazy.

Look, he is laughing. He has got the rice stuck in his throat. He lay down on his wooden bed and his wife went to her mat in a corner.

But the woodcutter and his wife could not sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, he thought that I could not hold back my laughter for long. She couldn’t sleep without knowing it. The woodcutter laughed again ha ha ha.

The wife sat up on her mat. What is the matter? Won’t you still tell me your secret? The children are asleep. Now no one will listen to us. The man said, “I swear I will not tell this secret to anyone, not even to you.”

But the wife continued her prayer society and the man finally gave up. He told his wife how he saw the fight between the leopard and the lizard and how the lizard won. He said then the leopard came and lay down under my tree. All the while, he kept biting and saying that the lizard bit me here, he bit me here, he bit me here, he cut my whole body.

Hearing this, his wife also started laughing with him. Ha ha ha. Meanwhile, the cheetah was listening to everything against the wall. The body caught fire and he kept waiting.

When the lumberjack and his wife fell asleep, he jumped up and climbed onto the roof of the hut. The roof was covered with grass. He went and picked it up on his back, including the sleeping carpenter, and went out the back door.

When the cheetah reached the dense forest, the lumberjack’s eye was opened, he saw that the bed was moving, the moon was also out He was shocked at the thought of what was happening. At that moment, he was passing under a huge tree, a branch of which was hanging down.

When the lumberjack saw the branch, he reached for it with lightning speed and grabbed it, and climbed the tree through it. The leopard did not know what had happened to him. He laid the bed on the ground.

But where did that evil lumberjack go? The cheetah roared and came back in search of him. In the moonlight, he saw a lumberjack sitting on a tree. The cheetah went to the tree without saying anything.

The lumberjack was fully awake by now. He shouted, “Mr. Cheetah if you love your life, don’t go upstairs. There is a lizard right above me on the tree, ready to bite you.”

The lizard’s name was heard that Jita ran blindly and disappeared in an instant and the woodcutter came home laughing again. After that, the woodcutter or someone else never saw the leopard again. People say that he He climbed the hills and went away to a forest where he hid his face in shame where there was no lizard and no lumberjack.

Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed is graduated from the NED faculty of Software Engineering Karachi. This website is owned and operated by Hamza Ahmed


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