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The Best IB Physics Study Materials you can Use this Year

IB Physics HL is a difficult course, so knowledge of ideal resources for good preparation can reduce some stress.

To score higher grades and study smartly, I’ve compiled some of the important resources for IB Physics and how to use them efficiently to prepare for your IB Physics exam easily. I have gathered this information based on the IB Physics syllabus.

·        Oxford Physics: My favorite The IB Diploma Programmer coursebook is one of the important resource materials which has been designed in complete conformity with the syllabus to support students throughout their two-year Diploma Programmer.

o  How will this Help –

This book can help you gain all your textual knowledge and understand applications of all concepts from their worked examples. This book presents the entire content in an organized way that illustrates the purpose and aims of the IB. Reading through the textbook will encourage a deep understanding of each topic and its connections to the others within the subject.

The book is not easy, so make sure you make notes, you can also highlight the important points in the book and book mark the page for easy reference.

·        Physics for the IB Diploma Sixth Edition K. A. Tsokos :

This book follows the complete structure of the IB Physics syllabus. All concepts have been explained very well in detail. The examples included under each topic are exam-style questions, and these examples also clarify all the applications of the concepts studied under each section.

o  How will this Help –

If you go through these examples, it can be very beneficial for performing well in your exam. Apart from worked examples, many tests yourself questions are also given at the end of each subtopic. The best thing is that the Numerical answers to the test yourself questions are also provided at the end of the book, which guides you if you are following a correct approach.

Another great feature of this book is that exam tips are given under each section, and those tips are extremely supportive as they explicitly indicate the mistakes you can make in certain questions.

So, make sure you read these tips carefully to make fewer errors in your exam. I would recommend that you practice a lot of Physics questions.

·        Online Resources:

Hands down, TribeTopper, is a very good resource for IB Physics. This education platform has developed its version of an IB Physics course. The course consists of Past paper solutions, concise key concepts, many topic-wise questions for you to practice, and quizzes to make physics entertaining. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and get videos of all the topics.

o  How should you use this –

You can buy their monthly subscription and use it as an additional resource during your term. The best part is they offer a complete unit free for you to practice.

This activity will give the final touch to your throughout the year preparation by exposing you to the actual past papers and exam-style questions. This will help you to analyze your preparation and where you are lacking.

Lastly, I think revision is very important to get a higher grade, and if you practice regularly, then no one can stop you.

·        Class Notes:

If you pay full attention in your class and listen to your teachers while taking notes, that helps you focus on class and gain a lot of information that sometimes even textbooks don’t provide.

Many studies on learning have expressed that engaging actively by listening in the class and then writing your own notes as a summary helps you understand and retain the information.

o  How will this Help –

It also helps you keep a record of all that you have learnt in the class—and what you need to review. Making good notes in the class is a skill that all Physics students should master to score a grade of 7 in their exam.

If you go through your notes regularly and keep practicing the problems from the textbooks mentioned above, you will find that you will be much more prepared than anyone else.

·        Mock papers or specimen papers:

The last step to your preparation is solving the mock papers. Solve as many papers as you can to practice questions and time management.

If followed correctly, I believe all these resources can be immensely helpful for great preparation and bring you closer to grade 7.



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