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Shroud Velvet Settings, Key Binds, Setup 2022

Schroeder is one of the most popular Valentine players and Key Binds holds a popular position among the available Valent Venture streamers. He is a professional Canadian player engaged in Counter-Strike: World Expensive. His performance and playing technique are unique and that is why so many people discussed him. Currently, it has dedicated its gaming career to streaming and, therefore, is now a full-time streamer on popular platforms.

He is playing Counter-Strike: World Expensive since its release. However, he changed from playing the game full-time to streaming it on his Twitch channel. Since then, it has become one of the most popular and full-time Valorant streamers. Key Binds It gets over 40,000 views on every live streaming video. However, if you are looking for details and detailed information about the setup, settings, and other details related to the performance of the shroud. In that case, this page will guide you through the details of the shroud setup and settings.


Michael Shroud Grezezek, better known as Shroud, is a Canadian sports player. Key Binds He was born on June 2, 1994, and began his gaming career at a very young age. During the early years of his gaming career, he showed interest in Counter-Strike and was playing Counter-Strike: World Expensive since its inception. this is comes from a strong family in Ontario, Canada.

it is proudly ranked third on the list of most followed Twitch players. they are currently working as a full-time streamer on his YouTube and Twitch channels.

Total value

This sports player gets most of his income from his Twitch channel. Since its twitch channel has millions of subscribers, it is well paid.Key Binds Approval fees for various brands are also included in its total revenue. Its total value includes fan donations it receives while streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

Shroud Velvet Setup

We’ve provided you with a list of ingredients that make shroud PCs and specifications.

Shroud gear consists of the following components:

Mouse: He uses a special Logitech G303 Shroud Edition designed to suit his style of play.

Mouse Pad: To make sure his mouse works properly, he uses the Logitech G840 SE mouse pad.

Monitor: Its display screen, ie the monitor it uses, is an Alienware AW2721D model.

Keyboard: It has set its key restrictions on the Logitech G Pro X keyboard SE.

Headset: He relies on the Logitech G PRO X Wireless Headset SE to make sure his voice and game sound is clear during streaming.

The PC components of the shroud are as follows

CPU: Shroud PC runs on AMD RYZEN 9 5950X model.

Mainboard: The main board embedded on its PC is an ASUS ROG STRIX X570-I gaming.

Case: He uses a strong MAINGEAR VYBE cage to protect against physical damage.

GPU: The shroud used graphics card is NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3090.

Memory: It has a memory device Hyper X Predator RGB in 64 GB variant.

Shroud setup

The following are additional setup components used by Shroud to ensure smooth streaming.

Mike: The Shroud Blue uses a microphone mouse to explain the sound.

Mixer: For high performance, he uses Focus Wright Scarlett 2I2.

Arm: He uses RODE PSA 1 as the arm.

Chair: He is sitting on the Herman Miller X Logitech Embody.

Webcam: To illustrate the image, he uses the Sony Alpha A6000.

Shroud settings

Since the shroud is a popular player, you can easily find the top settings of the shroud. However, we’ve listed the Shroud Valerant settings below.

Mouse settings

The settings of the shroud valence are very strange. So its mouse settings are:

DPU: 450

Scoped Sensitivity: 1

Sensitivity: 0.78

Windows Sensitivity: 6

Hz: 1000

eDPI: 351

Shroud keys

The keyboard shortcuts or key binds through the shroud are:

Walk: Left shift

Utilizing or Equipping Qualifications 1: e

Equipping Qualifications or Utilizing 2: Question

3 Utilizing or equipping : C

Use or equip the final capability: X

Crouch: Left CTRL

Equip with basic weapons: 1

Equip with a secondary weapon: 2

Jump: mouse down or space bar

Use the object: f

Equip yourself with noisy weapons: 3

Lace Spike: 4

Shroud Valiant Cruiser Settings

The cross hair is fixed according to the shroud valent settings:

Inner lines: 1/5/2/0

Outer Lines: 0.35 / 2/2/10

Outline: Off / 1/1 Off / 1/2

Color: white

Matte or motion or firing error: 1x off for off / off / off

Shroud radar settings

The shroud radar settings are as follows:

Moneymap Zoom: 1

Small map size: 1.028

Money Map Vision Cones: On

Place in the center of the player: off

Rotate or correct direction: Rotate or side-by-side

Show map area names: Always

Shroud Violent Video Settings

Shroud fixes the following video settings:

Frame rate range: 240 FPS

Display mode: fullscreen

Resolution: 2560 × 1440

UI Quality: Low

Material quality: high

Anti-aliasing: 4x

Bloom: On

Description quality: high

Quality of texture: high

VSync: Off

Improve clarity: Close

First Person Shadow: Off

Distortion: Closed

Anisotropic filtering: 8x

Vignette: On


The setup and settings of the Key Binds shroud are important factors in controlling its quality. He uses specific gear and settings to ensure his excellence while playing and playing various eSports. We’ve listed all the gaming gear they use, along with game settings for you.



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