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Russia-Ukraine war: ‘Putin Can Use Chemical Weapons’ Zelensky Offers Renegotiation

US President Joe Biden has said that Vladimir Putin is “stuck in a dead-end” and that this has raised concerns about the use of chemical or biological weapons.

Speaking at a business conference in Washington DC on Monday, he said he believed Russia was preparing for new “False Flag” operations.

“I also say that Ukraine has chemical and biological weapons,” Biden said. This is a clear indication that they are also thinking of using them. ”

It should be noted that the United States and its allies have repeatedly said that Russia could claim the presence of these weapons in Ukraine in order to justify the use of chemical and biological weapons.

Ukraine’s armed forces, meanwhile, say Russian forces have seized a “land route” to the Crimean peninsula, cutting Ukraine off the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov.

However, the Ukrainian military has said that the Russian military’s “offensive intensity” has decreased and that it is forced to call in more troops from Russia.

Zelensky’s Resumption Of Talks

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has said his country is ready to negotiate with Vladimir Putin in “any format” to end the war.

According to the AFP news agency, he hinted that the status of the Russian-occupied Crimea and the rebel-held provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk could also be discussed.

However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Eliasson’s government.

Zelensky recently said he would like to meet with Vladimir Putin because, according to him, “I believe that without this meeting, it is impossible to know what he can do to stop the war.”

However, according to the BBC’s main correspondent for international affairs, Liz Dossett, Turkish and Israeli officials seeking mediation between the two countries have stated that there is currently no possibility of a bilateral meeting between Zelensky and Putin.

Surrender Proposal Rejected

Ukraine has rejected a proposal by Russia to provide safe passage for civilians in exchange for surrendering in the coastal city of Mariupol.

Russia has laid siege to the Ukrainian coastal city of Mariupol, where supplies and medicine are no longer available. If this were the case then millions of people would be trapped in this city.

Russia had suggested that if Ukrainian troops dropped their weapons, civilians would be allowed to leave the city. But Ukraine turned down the offer, saying it would not give up its key coastal city.

The city is currently under siege, with an estimated 300,000 people said to be trapped in the city as the war drained supplies and prevented aid from reaching the city. Has gone

Russia has been bombing the city for weeks, with no electricity or running water.

Russia submitted its proposal on Sunday, urging Ukraine to accept the terms by Monday evening.

Under the plan, Russian troops were to provide a safe passage for civilians, and initially, Ukrainian soldiers and foreign fighters were told to lay down their arms and leave the city.

Two hours after the offer, Russian troops said they would clear the streets of the city of all kinds of explosives and allow all humanitarian aid and medicine to enter the city.

However, Ukraine has reportedly ruled out the option of surrendering.

A Russian general has acknowledged that the city is on the verge of collapse.

Russia Bombing Causes Gas Leak: Ukraine Blames

Ukrainian officials say a Russian shell hit a chemical plant near the Ukrainian city of Soomi, triggering an ammonia gas leak. Earlier, people were told to stay confined to their homes, but later officials said the leak had been contained.

According to local officials, the tank containing 50 tons of toxic gases was destroyed in the attack, which released ammonia gas.

Ammonia is widely used in composting.

Will Israel Mediate Now?

According to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Israel has offered to play a mediating role. According to him, Israel could be the place for possible talks in the future. In a video message to his people on Sunday, the Ukrainian president said his Israeli prime minister was looking for a way to hold talks.

“We appreciate the efforts that have been made to make the negotiations possible in Jerusalem,” he said in a statement. According to him, if possible, this place is very suitable for finding a way to peace.

Earlier, the Ukrainian president made a video address to the Israeli parliament, in which he called for military assistance from Israel, especially for a missile defense system.

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