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Russia is Ready to Sell Everything it Wants to India, Including Oil and Weapons

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Russia is ready to sell to India everything it wants to buy, including oil and weapons, amid intense pressure from the United States and European countries.

He said the two countries were already paying in their respective national currencies instead of dollars and euros, so despite the restrictions, there should be no difficulty in transacting.

Sergei Lavrov has arrived in Delhi after a two-day visit to China. He told a news conference that India was a close friend of Russia and that Russia appreciated India’s “neutral” stance on Ukraine. “No pressure will affect our relationship,” he said.

When asked if Russia would supply petrol, gas, and S-400 missiles to India, he replied, “Russia will supply India with whatever it wants to buy.”

According to reports, the Russian Foreign Minister in his talks with Indian Foreign Minister SJ Shankar has offered to supply oil and gas at cheaper rates.

The two leaders also discussed the method of payment for purchases. SJ-Shankar also spoke to the Russian leader about the equipment and supplies of the S-400 missile system.

SJ Shankar Said That This Meeting Was Doing Place in a Very Difficult International Situation

The Russian foreign minister’s remarks come at a time when US Deputy National Security Adviser Dilip Singh had warned India shortly before his arrival in Delhi to refrain from doing business with Russia.

The United States does not want India to increase its imports of oil, gas, and all other items that have been banned from Russia. Countries that try to avoid sanctions against Russia will have to face the consequences.

He was speaking after news broke that India was about to sign an agreement with Russia to buy oil and gas at cheaper rates. He added that no one should be under the illusion that Russia would be a junior partner in Sino-Russian relations.

“The stronger China is than Russia in the current crisis, the more detrimental it will be to India,” he said. Russia will become to its defense if it attacks. ”

His statement has provoked strong reactions in Indian diplomatic circles. Syed Akbaruddin, India’s former ambassador to the United Nations, said in a tweet that “the language used by the US adviser is not diplomatic but threatening.”

“American and European officials have crossed the line with their provocative statements,” said Daulat Singh, a foreign affairs analyst.

Ukraine’s War Has Opened Up New Ties in The Region

US National Security Adviser Dilip Singh is considered the architect of sanctions against Russia. The US President came to Delhi as Biden’s adviser to prevent India from any kind of bargaining with Russia.

He came to India to ally himself with the US in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. India has so far taken a neutral stance in the UN vote on all US and European resolutions against Russia.

India is under intense pressure from the US and European countries to take a stand against Russia in the Ukraine crisis. Recently, Germany’s national security advisers came to Delhi for the same purpose.

Participating in a dialogue with British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Indian Foreign Minister SJ Shankar had said, “After the rise in oil and gas prices, India will naturally find another market where it can buy cheap oil.”

India Buys Most of its Oil Needs from the Middle East

Could findĀ India buys most of its oil and imports it from the Middle East. It buys only 1% of its oil from Russia. We buy about 8% of our oil from the United States, more than 15% from European countries.

After three months, when it is analyzed who bought how much oil from Russia, India will definitely not be in the top ten.

After a bloody clash with China on the border in Ladakh in June 2020, India gradually turned towards the United States. It joined the Quad alliance with the United States, Japan, and Australia.

He was hoping that the US would take a tougher stance against China in India’s border dispute. But gradually this illusion of India began to break. Over the past year and a half, Russia has on several occasions helped India reduce tensions with China. Russia is making it a reliable and permanent ally.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the idea has taken root in India that in case of any confrontation, India will have to defend itself and no one will come to its aid.

India knows that if European countries continue to buy 15% of their oil needs from Russia and sanctions do not affect them, then India also has the right to buy oil and weapons from Russia. The position that India has taken has created a complex situation for the United States.

Despite direct warnings from the US, India does not appear to be moving away from its position.

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