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Reasons Why You Need Pet Id Tags?

Consider the case in which you have lost your cat and there is no identification on it so that anyone who finds it can return it to you, and you have lost your loving friend for good. 

We offer a solution: use our premium custom engraved tags to tag your cat. Below are the seven reasons why you should consider giving an ID badge to your pet cat.

 Reasons To Need Pet Id Tags

  • Cats Get Lost All The Time.

The main reason for having a cat collar with Animal Id Microchip and contact information etched on it is that pets go missing all the time, and having contact information on it allows the finder to return the cat to its owner. 

According to a 2012 research report. In the UK, 15% of dog and cat owners have lost their pets. With a 93 percent likelihood of locating a lost dog and just a 75 percent chance of finding a lost cat. It claims that ID tags for cats are more crucial than ID tags for dogs. Since dogs are genetically constructed to find their way home by nature. However, cats are not, making it impossible for them to do so.

  • Contact Information Engraved On Tags Is The Easiest Way For Somebody To Contact You.

Engraving services with cat ID badges, which means you can tell us what you want engraving on your medal. When you place your purchase, we’ll print it exactly on your tags and deliver it to your home. The quickest and easiest way for someone to contact you is to use your contact information/address and name on your ID badge.

So, if your pet goes missing somewhere far away from home, the person who discovers it will contact you and return your pet to you. People usually have their pet’s name engraved on their badge, but we recommend having contact information written on it as well. 

We have highly experienced employees and a computerized machine that engraves your required text on ID tags with high precision and style, and you may choose from a variety of fonts and styles, wood types and colors, and even acrylic if desired. We offer everything you require.

  • Tagging Chips Are Difficult To Use And Aren’t Always Beneficial.

Currently, various tagging companies are tagging pets; however, the technology is outdated, and scanning and reading pet microchips requires a specific scanner. Finding lost dogs is a difficult and time-consuming process.

Even if today’s vet clinics utilize universal scanners that can scan all types of badges, some models and versions are still unable to be scanned, rendering them useless. So, what is the value of such tags that can serve their purpose? Our engraved ID tags are a more easy and attractive way to identify your cat.

Anyone who can read can immediately locate your cat or call you to inform you that he has discovered it. It’s a lot easier to use than expensive computer chips, and it also gives your cats a fashionable look.

  • Your cat might need a license tag

Most nations require licensing tags on pets as a legal necessity, therefore you can complement that tag with our custom engraved tags that will look lovely alongside the license tags. 

If you want to make a statement with your cat’s tags, use many tags with different information on them and mix and match different types of collars to find the perfect match.

  • A Solution For Noise Tags, The Engraved Tags

The noisy pet tags are usually a major source of irritation for pet owners. Another reason cat owners shun pet ID tags is that they create noise wherever the cat travels. However, our pet ID tags do not produce any noise, especially our wooden ones. Because we utilize a variety of woods for our pet tags, they don’t produce any noise.

They are recommended for those who are concerned about noise because they are light and small, yet they look lovely on your cat.

  • Give A Stylish Look To Your Tags

Pet cats are your friendly companions, therefore just as you take care of your appearance. You should do the same for them. 

We provide highly stylish pet ID tags that will go with any smart or simple cat collar. Choose a collar that you like, mix and match pet tags with it, and you’ll have the style you want.

  • Gift Your Loved Ones With A Customized Engraved Pet Id Tag.

As a show of love, you can give your loved ones our custom engraved ID tags for their dogs by ordering your own created ID tags. They’ll appreciate the gift if you pair it with a matching cat collar. Everyone loves pet gifts, so why not offer a set of these gorgeous 

ID badges to your loved ones this Christmas so they can dress up their kitties and keep them from being lost.

  • Don’t Forget Safety.

Don’t forget about your cats’ safety while tagging your pet with unique ID tags. A collar that is too tight can smother your cat. While tags that are too loose can slide off the collar. Losing tags are particularly dangerous. Because if they reach their mouth, they will attempt to chew or swallow the tag, causing health problems. As a result, constantly adjust the collar so that it is neither too loose nor too tight.

Check your cat’s ID tags on a frequent basis because if your cat is very active, the tag may fade with time. Check your cat’s ID tags on a regular basis and replace them when they become illegible. 


Pet IDs are the most effective way to prevent your pet from becoming lost. As anyone who finds your cat will contact the provided phone number. And you will be reunited with your pet. 

There are many different types of pet ID tags on the market. But none can compare to custom-designed and engraved pet ID tags. Since our specialized teams engrave these tags with unique laser machines, giving them a perfect finish and exquisite appearance. 



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