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QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Download, Installation and New Features

For a small and medium-scale business owner, it is essential to use appropriate accounting software. QuickBooks offers a range of products that fits the needs of different kinds of businesses. Cloud and Desktop QuickBooks products come in a range of plans that allow users to carry out their bookkeeping with ease. Many people consider QuickBooks Desktop 2021 download. The product brings enhanced functionalities so you can get paid faster and focus on growing your business. In this article, we’ll help you understand QB Desktop 2021 in more detail by going over its major features. You will also find out the process of downloading this superb accounting software.

What is included in QuickBooks Desktop 2021?

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 is full-fledged accounting software that you can work on from your PC. It offers three chief pricing plans. The first one is the QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, the second is QuickBooks Enterprise, and the third one is QuickBooks Premier Plus.

With the Desktop Pro plan, you can install the software on a single system. It also offers various functionalities to the user. The Premier Plus version gives some more features, such as industry-specific reporting and forecasting. If you are a large-scale business, QuickBooks Enterprise is the most suitable version for you. It can easily fit up to 40 users.

Features Offered in QuickBooks Desktop 2021

When you perform QuickBooks Desktop 2021 download, you benefit from its robust features. Here’s everything that the software offers.

  • Automated statements – Schedule statements by using payment reminders. Through it, your customers can know about the invoices whose payment is pending.
  • Custom payment receipts – You can make personalized templates for invoices, estimates, and sales receipts. You can include any information that you like and change up their look.
  • Management of receipts – It’s a brand-new feature in QuickBooks Desktop 2021, which streamlines the process of entering expense receipts. Through their mobile app or computer, users can upload expense receipts to the software.
  • Give restricted access to users – QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0 allows you to leverage its data level permissions feature. You can limit access for your users and roles you’ve made. Admin can also make users enrolls with access permissions for vendors and customers at the record level.
  • Better bank feeds – QuickBooks Desktop 2021 provides advanced online banking. You can easily check your transactions and see if they match the current ones in your account. You can also add new ones with ease.
  • Form customer groups – You can also create customer groups and know about those people who belong to a specific location or fall into a certain category. After that, you can make automated statements, configure payment reminders, and mailing lists for them.

How to Do QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Download?

You can easily download the tool to your system. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully.

  • To download the product, just go over to this link.
  • Choose the product and version you require. In this case, it is QuickBooks Desktop Pro.
  • In the second dropdown, choose the year. For instance, Pro 2021.
  • Now, hit the ‘Search’ button.
  • Your chosen product will show up. Hit the ‘Download’ button.
  • Once downloaded, you can install QuickBooks Desktop Pro. The steps remain the same for every QuickBooks Desktop version.
  • If the installation does not begin automatically, choose the installer file from your desktop.
  • Choose ‘Next’ on the Install Wizard dialog box.
  • In the window of License Agreement, tap ‘Select & Continue.’
  • Input the license number and product number of your QB version.
  • If you are unsure of this information, tap the ‘ link below it.
  • You’ll come to a page where you can input your business email or phone number.
  • After doing that, tap ‘Find license and product number.’
  • Now you can return to the previous screen and input the license and product number.
  • After that, choose ‘Next.’
  • The next step is to select the installation type. You can choose from the Express installation or Custom and Network options.
  • Choose the Express option to install QuickBooks on a standalone machine.
  • But if you want to install the product on a server, choose Custom and Network Options.
  • When you have chosen the kind of installation you want, tap ‘Next.’
  • If you have a version of QB already on your system, you will see a screen to change or upgrade the version. QuickBooks will start installing on your computer automatically. In the window of Intuit QuickBooks Desktop installer, tap ‘Install.’
  • After the installation completes, tap Open QuickBooks.’
  • If you are configuring this software for the first time on your system, you’ll be asked to reboot your computer to end the installation.
  • To use QuickBooks seamlessly without any glitches, tap the ‘Begin activation’ button.
  • After the activation completes, you are all set. Now you can start using the accounting software and leverage its features.

How QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Is Different From QuickBooks Desktop 2020

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 is way different from the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 version. It is mainly because of the presence of various new features in the software. Here is a list of features that QB Desktop 2021 offers which are not present in Desktop 2020.

  • Automatic statements
  • Customer groups
  • Custom payment receipts

By using the advanced features, you can get paid quickly without manually setting up statements, categorize and record several transactions simultaneously and check to add or match your transactions. You can also send automated statements and notifications of payments to a category of your customers.

Availability of QuickBooks Desktop Products through Subscription

Now that you have understood this product in greater detail, you should also be aware of a change in its availability. From 2022 onwards, Intuit will be offering all QuickBooks Desktop products on a subscription-only basis. So, you cannot get them through a single-time payment like before. In fact, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise was changed to a subscription product as recently as 2020.

Subscription implies a monthly or yearly payment for using the accounting software. If you don’t make the payment at any specific point, you won’t be able to access your product and your accounting data.

As of now, there are just a few one-time purchases of QuickBooks Premier 2021. It means paying a single fee to purchase the program. You can download the product on your PC and gain access to it permanently. You will get updates from time to time without any additional fee.

Why Upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2021?

If you are thinking about whether or not you should upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2021, you must first consider the version your company is using currently. For instance, those using QuickBooks 2018 or a version earlier than that will find that software support has expired.

It means you cannot get access to any technical support and security updates. So, it’s a wise decision to upgrade to QuickBooks 2021 and leverage its improved functionalities. Although you will find the pricing of QuickBooks 2021 more than the prior version, it will be worth it because of the enhanced features it brings.

Final Thoughts

Intuit keeps making changes to QuickBooks Desktop in order to make it better for users. When you carry out QuickBooks Desktop 2021 download, you will be able to benefit from enhancements to bank feeds, well-assigned receipt entries, receipt personalization, and automated statements. Use the instructions in this article to download and install the software. Consult professional QuickBooks technical support services if you are doubtful about a specific aspect.

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