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Oscars: Will Smith Eventually Won The Best Actor Award But More Memorable Was His Slap

While the Oscars ceremony, considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the film world, was memorable for its colorful programs and awards, the echo of the slap of the famous actor Will Smith was the most astonishing.

Actor Will Smith slapped famous comedian Chris Rock on stage when Chris made a joke about his wife Jedda Panket Smith.

“Jeddah, we can’t wait for GI Gene 2,” said Chris Rock, referring to Panket Smith’s shaved head.

Smith then walked onto the stage and was seen slapping Rock as he returned to his seat, shouting, “My wife’s name is …” Don’t take it out of your mouth. ‘

But since then, the hashtags ‘Oscar’ and ‘Academy Awards’ along with ‘Will Smith’ and ‘Jida’ have started trending on social media.

However, Smith later apologized in a speech when he received the Best Actor award with full eyes.

“I want to apologize to the academy,” Smith said after winning the first Oscar of his career for playing the father of tennis legend Venus and Serena Williams in the film King Richard. I want to apologize to all my fellow nominees. ”

“Art is a mirror of life. I’m like a crazy father, as Richard Williams said. But in love (sometimes) you are forced to act crazy. ‘

It should be noted that Jedda Panket Smith has previously talked about her condition of hair loss, alopecia.

Shortly after the incident, Chris Rock appeared shocked and told the audience, “This is the biggest night in the history of television.”

He then presented the Best Documentary Award because he was on stage to present the award.

His joke was based on the 1997 film ‘GI Jane’, in which actress Demi Moore played the lead role and his hair was shaved.

Shock Behind The Stage

Analysis by Oscar Entertainment Reporter Steven McIntosh

Here at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, there has been a surprising reaction from journalists to Smith’s treatment of rock.

Behind the scenes, reporters were traditionally attending a press conference, where the winners came to answer questions after their award-winning speeches.

But suddenly our attention was drawn to the screens on our heads and it became clear that something serious had happened at the ceremony.

At first, it seemed like a joke or some kind of setup. Smith was even seen laughing when Rock offered his line about Smith’s wife, in which he spoke of his resemblance to Jade’s GI gene. Jeddah looked angry, but at the time it was thought to be part of a pre-arranged routine.

The suspicions arose when Smith got up from his seat and went on stage to slap Rock. Of course, these two are experienced film and television actors, and they know how to slap a liar on stage. But then everyone started thinking, it wasn’t so fake.

By this time, Smith was back in his seat, shouting at Rock, “Don’t take my wife’s name out of your mouth.” Now it was clear that this was not a sketch. A professional like Smith knows better than dropping an F-bomb onstage during a TV broadcast.

Viewers watching the awards ceremony from home did not hear this because the broadcast network ABC had cut off the live feed so as not to offend the viewers at home.

Reaction to Social Media

There have been strong reactions on social media. Sean Garrett, who describes himself as an aestheticist, wrote: And that too when the whole room is full of his companions. You don’t know how it would have affected them.

Author Saeed Jones has presented a collage in which the reactions of many famous people can be seen. “We’ve all seen what happened between Will, Chris, and Jeddah,” he wrote.

Actress and activist Sofia Bush wrote: Violence is not okay. Beating can never be the answer. This is the second time that Chris has joked about Jeddah at the Oscars, and today he fell ill. It is wrong to make fun of someone’s illness. It is cruel to do so on purpose. Both need to breathe in the open air.

Writer Matt Blasay wrote: “I need to see the moment when Will Smith was laughing at this joke, but when he saw Jedda that she was upset, he felt he had to do something.”

“It took Will Smith three decades to win the Oscar (he was awarded the Best Actor award for his role as King Richard),” wrote user Allen. Chris Rock slapped on the related ‘bald joke’.

Talk About Alopecia Areata

Panket Smith first talked about her hair loss struggle in an episode of her Facebook chat show Red Table Talk in 2018.

“I have a problem with hair loss,” she said. And when I first found out, it was awful. ”

The ‘Girls Trip’ star said that after getting a ‘handful of hair’ in her hand during the shower, she suspected that she had alopecia.

‘Did I realize that God would make me bald?’ It was one of those moody times where he would break into endless soliloquy with himself.

She explained that since then she has cut her hair short and kept cutting it.

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