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Mysterious Old Man Interesting Story

Just dropped me off at Fatehgarh stop and proceeded. I looked around for a ride, but in the distance, I did not see any tango, etc. Darkness had spread. He was wearing torn old fair clothes. His beard and hair were growing wildly. There was a strange horrible gleam in his eyes.

The old man approached and asked: “Why Mian! Got a ride?
He replied: “No, it looks like everyone is gone.
He asked: “Are you going to Fatehgarh?”
He asked in surprise: “How did you know I had to go to Fatehgarh?”
When I was silent, he said: “Let’s go on foot. What is the use of standing here? Saying this, he started walking towards the road leading to Fatehgarh.

I followed him and as I was walking I thought that I did not see this old man on the bus, then where did it come from.

It was a dark night, a deserted road, and a mysterious old companion. My heart was pounding. The giant trees looked like ghosts to me.

Suddenly the old man asked: “Aren’t you scared?” “No, I’m not scared at all,” I said boldly, hiding my inner fear.

The old man nodded and said: “A strange thing happened here the day before yesterday.” A traveler was passing by when in the dark of night a goat started following in the footsteps of a kid. The passenger picked up the kid in his arms. As soon as he saw the baby goat grow taller, his footsteps started touching the ground.

The traveler shook the beast with his arms and ran away screaming. The old man laughed out loud saying this. I looked at him in shock, but only two eyes were shining in the darkness. He thought that I should run away from here. There was a sound of horse hooves coming from behind, then a song was heard near us.

The old man asked Chavan: “Why brother! Will you go to Fatehgarh?”
The coachman said: “Yeah, I’m just going, I don’t live.”
“Come sit down,” said the old man to me, and he sat down in the front seat with Chuan.

Tanga started walking. I got some encouragement because of Tanga. I fell asleep due to the cool breeze. Then my eyes opened with old laughter.

My eyes saw a strange scene. The horse that was pulling Pakistan Gai was missing and Chuan Tanga was pulling its place. The old man was laughing like crazy. Due to the uneven road, Tanga started eating badly.

Suddenly Tanga’s wheel fell into a ditch and Tanga overturned Were.

Suddenly I saw the door of my uncle’s house. I slammed the door with both hands and then as soon as the door was opened I hurried inside.

It was later found out that no coachman lived in the area.


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