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Let’s Learn Some Superstitions For Better Wedding Preparation

You dated a Filipina and now want to marry him. If you meet his parents, you will know what they Wedding think of you. Although the idea of ​​marriage is good, it would be better if you know what Philippine weddings mean. Their gestures and hospitality are not hidden from anyone. Knowing their beliefs and rituals will also help you avoid any embarrassment. Superstitions are the result of this. The natives still follow marriage superstitions even if they are beyond logic. He says that the influence of colonialism can be seen in the Filipino belief system and culture.

So, if you decide to get married after dating a Christian Filipina for a while, you should first learn what to do or avoid on your wedding day. Start your preparation. Here are some pointers.

There Will Be Couples Meeting Each Other Hours Before The Wedding!

Some foreign traditions also believe in it. There is a belief that seeing each other before the start of the festivities can be unlucky. The future of the couple may be affected. For modern couples, these things don’t matter. However, marrying a Filipino is like marrying into a family. When you respect these little things, you respect your girl’s parents. By doing this you can get more of their blessings. So, it can be a bonus.

The Bride Or Groom Leaves The Engagement Ring During The Ceremony!

When this happens, people assume two things – 1) a loved one in the family will die, or 2) the marriage will not last long. That is why it is very important to be careful and handle the ring carefully. You don’t want anyone to be upset over this minor mistake. Then, there is also a thing about the size of the ring. A wedding ring represents a couple’s relationship. If the ring comes loose, people will doubt the longevity of the marriage. However, a narrow band indicates difficulties. Filipinos consider it a sign of bad luck for the family.

Throwing Rice At The Newly Married Couple!

In many places, people use flowers and confetti. But Filipino natives use rice. They throw these grains on the couple for their good luck and prosperity.

Scene Of The Rain On The Wedding Day!

Everyone wants the weather to be pleasant on their special day. And rain is the last thing anyone would want during a wedding as their celebrations can be affected. However, it is a sign of good luck in the Philippines – a happy marriage.

There are many such beliefs. You don’t have to believe these superstitions. However, you can respect their views on all of these things. After all, they are your family. They feel this way because they want you to have a successful and fulfilling married life. When you take care of the smallest details beyond your personality, you win everyone’s love. The entire clan will be proud to have you as part of their family. So, if you are serious about turning your relationship into marriage, learn about your girl’s wedding rituals. Your knowledge can enchant everyone. Make sure you don’t let people notice your efforts.

Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed is graduated from the NED faculty of Software Engineering Karachi. This website is owned and operated by Hamza Ahmed


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