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Jordan Prince Hamza bin Hussein Resigns

Jordan’s Prince and former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein have announced that he is stepping down.

Prince Hamza said that his “personal beliefs or ideas are not compatible with the modern methods of our institutions”.

Prince Hamza is the fourth son of the late King Hussein of Jordan and the younger half-brother of the ruling King Abdullah.

He was placed under house arrest last year on charges of corruption, incompetence, and harassment against the country’s ruler. In March, Jordan reportedly published an apology signed by Hamza Hussein, in which he apologized to his half-brother and King Abdullah.

In a message posted on the social media platform Twitter on Sunday, Hamza said: “In view of what I have seen in recent years, I have come to the conclusion that my personal beliefs or ideas that my father gave me Given and what I have tried my best to do in my life, they are not in line with the ideas, modern methods, trends of our institutions.

Honestly before God and with the voice of my conscience, I think I should give up the prince’s address. I have had the honor of serving my beloved people and dear country for many years in my life.

“As long as I live, I will remain loyal to my beloved Jordan,” he added.

Who is Prince Hamza?

Prince Hamza is the eldest son of the late King Hussein of Jordan and is a graduate of his favorite Queen Noor, British Hero School, and Sandhurst Royal Military Academy. He also studied at Harvard University in the United States and has served in the Jordanian Armed Forces.

He was proclaimed Crown Prince of Jordan in 1999 and was one of Shah Hussein’s favorite sons, whom he often publicly described as “the cool of my eyes.”

However, at the time of Shah Hussain’s death, he was too young and inexperienced to become the king of the country. Instead, his half-brother, Abdullah, seized the throne, and Prince Hamza was deprived of the crown in 2004.

Abdullah’s move was seen as a blow to Queen Nour, who hoped to see her eldest son as King of Jordan.

In April 2021, Hamza released a video in which he claimed to be under house arrest because he criticized Jordanian leaders and accused them of corruption and incompetence. ۔

This came after several high-profile arrests that were said to be linked to an alleged coup plot. Hamza, however, denied any wrongdoing and said he was not part of any conspiracy.

The Jordanian military has denied any involvement in Hamza’s house, but said it had been ordered to refrain from engaging in any activity that could endanger Jordan’s “security and stability.”

Abdullah later said in a televised address that “the uprising has been rooted out” and that “Hamza has been placed in his custody along with his family in the palace.”

Two senior Jordanian royal court figures were later convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison for the alleged conspiracy, although both denied any involvement.

Prince Hamza has rarely been seen in public since the incident, but in March a royal court in Jordan allegedly released a letter written by Prince Hamza to his brother.

“Last year, our beloved Jordan faced difficult circumstances and a tragic chapter in its history,” it said.

“Over the past month, I have had the opportunity to honestly look inside myself and then I feel the need to ask you in the hope that we will turn the page on this chapter of our country’s and family’s history. can.’

He added, “Dear King, I have made a mistake and man is prone to error. Therefore, I take responsibility for the position I have taken and the crimes I have committed against your majesty and our beloved country over the years, and the issues that have led to the uprising.

“I ask forgiveness and mercy from you and know that you are always forgiving.”

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