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Is it necessary to match a certain number of guns during Kundli Matching?

Kundli Matching Is an old ritual that dates back thousands of years. Despite the shift in culture and the emergence of new ideas like Sustainable weddings or Destination weddings, Indians (thanks to our elders’ tendency to use emotional blackmail) have kept their traditional Kundli Milan ritual in place.

In the hundreds of ceremonies that add glamour to Indian wedding ceremonies, Kundli matching is one of them. Kundli Milan can be described as the very first step that couples must follow before they decide how to proceed in the process of arranging a marriage. This rule is especially applicable to weddings that are planned which account for a huge percentage of marriages in India. Once the wedding ceremony Kundli is completed and both the groom and bride are matched with each other, the magic lies present in the wedding badhaiyan and it is the start of one of the most gorgeous and exciting times of one’s life.

But, what if the Kundlis of two individuals don’t meet? Well, there is a whole plot to itthat we are going to unravel in this blog. We will begin with:

What Is Kundali Milan?

Kundali Milan or Kundli Matching is a method of ensuring that the couple, who will be sharing vows to marry in the near future are compatible with one and are compatible with each another. This compatibility can be determined by comparing the positions of planets ( Navgrahas) at the time of marriage of the groom and bride as well as the place which planets are in the present and the place they will be in the near future. Similar to how the positions of planets affect the personality of an individual.

The positions of the planets could be either likely or unprobable. If, for instance, you choose to match the Kundli Of two, and you find out that Rahu is positioned negatively (Rahu Mahadasha) in the one’s Rashi the date isn’t the ideal for a couple to be married. Similar to that in the same way, the Kundli match process can aid in determining if the person who is getting married can be identified as Mangalik as well. If one is, it assists in identifying the ways that the Managalik for one person can affect the other.

In essence, the word marriage is a way to connect two individuals. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that the two bodies complement one another to create harmony and happiness between them, and Kundli Milan’s name and DOB may assist.

What Happens in Kundli Matching?

In simple terms in the context of Kundli matching the horoscopes of the to-be bride and groom are aligned. The whole process that is Kundli Milan in Astrology is known as Ashta Koota Milan. It is an astrological system that erupts with results as we examine the positions that the sun and planets are in, particularly the position of the Moonin the chart of the bride with that of the groom as we mentioned that it is at the time of their birth, as well as the place where the Moon is at the moment and where it should be in the near future.

How many Guns must be matched in Kundli for marriage?

In the phrase Ashta Koota Milan Ashtastands as eight, while Koota refers to eight categories, known as Kootas as well as Koot. In Ashta Koota, 36 points are taken into consideration in the two Horoscopes. Of the 36 points that are considered, at least 18 points must align to go on with an astrology-approved wedding. The 36 factors are split into groups.

The most successful match is evident when there are 36 of 36 Guns (Chattis Gun) matches. But, even if there are 33 and more Gunas that match the same, it’s an ideal match.

A marriage with the 25-30 Gunas matches is thought to be good which can lead to an enjoyable union. However, anything that falls between 18-24 is thought to be an average game and the couple must be more determined to get the alliance to work. If the score falls below 18, the couple could be faced with more challenges; however, they will be able to work together in their own lives.

8 Categories Or Kootas

There are eight categories in the Ashta Koota Milan system. Each category has a certain amount of points. Together, these points add up to 36 points. Below are the different categories of horoscope match-ups for marriages. Here you can also check your daily or weekly free Horoscope and can analyze the planet’s position and other important things during analysis.

1. Varna

From the latter Vedic period, the people are classified according to the Varna system. The Varna system has four jatis: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. According to Vedic Astrology, for a perfect match, the groom’s jati should be more than the girl’s.

2. Vashya

The Vashya signifies the strength or dominance of Vedic Astrology. Vahsya categorizes a person into five categories namely Human Wild Animals, Small animals, Waterborne animals, and insects. The score of compatibility here is two if both the bride and groom are from one Vashya. Zero if they are from the opposite. 1/2 point for the man and water animals and one for the remainder.

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3. Tara

Tara is the name of the compatibility between birth stars. There are 27 stars that are born. The wedding stars are compared to those of the groom, and the resultant number is then divided by nine. Similar to this, the final result is calculated by the groom. If the rest of the boy’s and girls’ scores are identical, then the level of compatibility will be three. If there are no reminders, compatibility is zero, and 1.5 in the event that one is unusual.

4. Yoni

Yoni stands for sexual compatibility. It includes 14 types. The 14 types are Elephant, Horse, Sheep Snake, and Dog. Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Tiger, Hare/Deer Monkey, Lion, Mongoose. If the boy and girl are part of the same animal category and score the same, then it is four. If they are two different animals that are friendly the score is three points. If they are animals that are hostile, zero. Two points are awarded for neutral animals while one point is for hostile animals.



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