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How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding?

We understand that even the idea of leaving your pet at home while you and your partner tying the knot may break your heart slightly. You love your pet and you are celebrating the biggest day of your life. All the couples with pets dream of having their pet, donning a delightful miniature formal outfit, and accompanying them up the aisle as they are part of the family, after all! But it’s not easy and isn’t always practical. If you go for venues such as farmhouses in Chhatarpur then it may be easy for you but for a hotel property or indoor venue you can’t do it. There can be many challenges to including them so couples are often forced to find a creative to include them in their day. If you are getting ready at your residence, then you can get some pictures clicked with your beloved furball without much fuss.

To help you with your pet-related wedding dilemmas, here is a list of options to have your fluffy sidekick attend your wedding…

Have them attend your wedding

Now, before you get too much excited… just make this decision wisely! Your pet attending your wedding is dependent on several variables, including the location of your wedding venues, the wedding venue and, of course, on your pet! The easiest pets to manage at social gatherings are dogs whereas cats are a bit chaotic. So think twice before making a decision.

Hire a pet sitter to bring your pet to the wedding for a brief period

If you can find a good pet sitter then this is a great option for couples who just can’t imagine their big day without their little furball by their side! Firstly, you need to check that your pet is allowed at your venue. Going for a pet-friendly venue should be your priority and hiring a pet sitter who can look after your pet at all times and get them to take part in the day and appear in a few photos without giving you a logistical headache should be the best choice!

Mention them in the Ceremony

One of the best and the easiest ways to honour your beloved pet is to mention them in your ceremony. Even at Indian weddings, you can steal a few minutes to talk about them or you can dedicate a special animal-themed poem to them to talk about your pet.

Place their cardboard cut out

Yes, we know, it may look crazy but nothing can be weird when you have unconditional love for your pet. You can have a life-size cut out of your pet made for the occasion! The best thing about this option is that your pet will be able to appear in your wedding portraits (sort of!).

Include them in your wedding stationery and pre-wedding shoot

There are multiple ways to have your pet star in your wedding by featuring them in stationery. If you are planning a pre-wedding shoot then you can have them on your Save the Dates too. You can even hire an illustrator to incorporate their fuzzy faces into your invitations as well. Another cute way to add them is by printing an illustration on menus, signage or even napkins.

Add their pictures to your Mehendi décor 

Though you can’t go crazy with the wedding décor you can experiment with your Mehendi décor as much as you can. The simplest way of incorporating photos of your pet into your day is by having a cute display telling your story so far, or in free-standing frames dotted around your Mehendi venue. If you’re having a shoot, you could bring your pet along and use those images.

Have a signature cocktail by their name on the menu

You can create a signature drink in your pet’s honour to serve up during your cocktail hour. For instance, if you have a kitty you can create a drink named “Miss Kitty” for their sip of the day. You can even recreate a portrait of their cat on the drink menu to make it look all the cuter.

Add pet inspired swizzle sticks

You can even embellish the signature drink by adding a pet-inspired swizzle stick. Some couples gave a nod to their pup with adorable drink stirrers that looked just like them which not only looked cute but honoured their pet too.

Cat or Dog Themed Wedding Welcome Sign

You can even have a welcome sign with your pets on it. It is one of the most unique and memorable ways in which pets can be included in a wedding by being on a sign at the entryway of the ceremony. The sign may read ‘welcome to our parent’s wedding’ and had a beautiful watercolour picture of the couple’s dogs or cats on it. Trust us, it was one of those simple wedding touches that added so much personality and was very meaningful to you as a couple.

We hope this helps!




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