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How to Choose the Good Electronic Lab Notebook for Data Secure

The ELN you decide to use should be as secure as it meets your specific needs. There is no shortage of electronic lab notebook software, but no two options are the same in terms of data security that they can guarantee. Anything less simply means compromising your data, resulting in indirect damage.

How can a company that offers laboratory notebook software seal its products? Well, the good news is that most lab notebook software is naturally more secure than its traditional paper counterparts. Incomplete

But, of course, there are only options that shine better in this basic element. Below, we’ve shared some tips you should keep in mind to make sure you choose those who prioritize data security.

What Are the Security Measures that Can be Applied in an ELN?

To help you make that decision, you don’t need to look beyond the layers of security that companies use on electronic lab networks. An ELN should be able to apply security layers after extracting, archiving, and storing the files that users create over time.

What are these protective layers? More or less, they are directly affected by the following factors.


The hosting server used by ELN can already determine a lot of overall data security. For one thing, Microsoft Azure’s cloud servers are known for their tight security. It uses hundreds of data centers. Each has multi-layered protections that help reduce any unauthorized access.

The platform is also known to facilitate its users to control their security. It is also known for its superb intelligence network that can reduce and deter cyber attacks before they even carry them out.

Cloud storage is the gold standard when it comes to its scalability and the number of automatic backups it contains. Cloud-based ELN eliminates data hassle and redundancy alike. It is difficult to reap such benefits without considering the obvious ups and downs of obsolete alternatives such as premium data storage.


Data encryption serves as another reliable way to ensure that any type of file is naturally protected from external attacks and intrusions. For example, some platforms use AES 256-bit encryption to keep their data communication security top-notch. AES-256 is especially appreciated for its relative immunity to brute force attacks.

Any ELN service provider that adheres to strong encryption standards should therefore be one of your top choices. It is better if they can provide certification for their data centers in this regard.


Whether it’s double or triple backup, when it comes to storing your data, expect full support from ELN providers. There is also the issue of data backup frequency. It is better to do this daily, with additional every month – thus, the term double backup.

Of course, other companies take this step by copying files and transferring them to different locations in different data centers. Another form of backup method is done more locally. For example, users will be able to export their data locally. First, it will be converted to a common format such as .pdf so that it can be read without the use of electronic lab notebook software.

Beware of ELN companies that charge you for locking or backing up your data. You don’t just have to pay extra to export or back up your data. Worse still, some services lock your data using a Paywall. Avoid them like a plague!

Two-Factor Authentication

There is no shortage of electronic lab notebooks that rely on two-factor authentication. This type of authentication has been found to prevent hacking attempts through the extra layers of login security they can provide.

This can lengthen the login time a bit as you will often be asked to enter a code to prove your identity. However, many ELN users have reported that they feel more secure with this additional security measure.

Limiting User Access

Laboratories are compared to medium-sized firms that have to handle a large number of employees. This requires controlling the privacy settings for each experiment or study so that you can select the relevant members who will have exclusive access to it.

The same goes for the ability to view or give access to specific users. Any ELN that gives you the freedom to do either of these receives a ready checkmark.

Security Certifications

Although not a precautionary measure in itself, these certifications prove that the ELN supplier has met industry standards. This is especially true if they are provided by reputable organizations such as OWASP / SANS25.

These are the foundations that are known around the world for their tireless efforts to enhance software security. It is safe to say that companies that have the seal of approval are safe options if data protection is one of your top priorities.


Most companies & corporations that provide ELN solutions do not take data security lightly. They can’t walk on the field for long otherwise. While this should give you some leeway in the first place, it does not hurt to take extra precautions to identify safety precautions.

Given the long-standing issue of security in the digital realm, it is almost always wise to partner with companies that are well aware of the constant threat of these threats.


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