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How is My Assignment Help the best alternative to My Perfect Words

If you are seeking some academic help and are not sure which one to pick. Read the complete reviews to find out the best academic writing website to solve all your academic issues. So, What Makes My assignment help Better Than Most Academic Writing Websites?

In this technically advanced world, the competition and the pressure in the academic world are very high. Especially in this post-pandemic era, this academic stress is at its peak. So are the solutions and ways to tackle this pressure. There is an ample amount of help available in the digital sphere, and the most popular one is the academic writing services.

It is tough to pick the right one and filter out the unworthy ones all by yourself, as there are thousands of these websites, and each website has thousands of reviews. But, of course, you cannot read and analyse all these reviews without wasting a lot of time. Hence, to save you the pain, this article has brought you a comparative study between two similar and equivalent service-providing websites – My assignment help reviews and Myperfectwords reviews.

This comparison report is the cumulative analysis of all the reviews of these two websites available online based on the following parameters-

Numerical Testimonial

To a large part, numbers assist us in determining the reliability of any company. For example, in the instance of, the numbers back up the claim of being the best in the market. It has completed around 2 million orders involving over 5,000 professionals. Approximately 40 thousand previous users have provided testimonials, giving the website a 4.9 out of 5 ratings.

On the contrary, there is significantly less numerical data available in the case of On most open sites, the ratings vary from 3 to 3.5 out of 5. They have around 250 academic experts and about 2 thousand orders delivered to date, which is pretty standard if compared to that of

Financial Proof

Any reputable and high-quality service provider will maintain charges low enough for students to afford them. Many previous users of have confirmed that the prices of this website are the lowest. The prior users were pretty satisfied with the charges and said they had received value-for-money services.

However, several reviewers said that’s costs are too excessive to use their services. Some allege that countless hidden fees raise the upfront outlay to a significant amount when the final payment is made. Some even claimed they were charged extra for reworks.

Customer Service Experience

All good assignment assistance websites feature a well-functioning customer support department. is true by offering its users one of the most incredible customer care options available. Customer support representatives are always accessible to answer your questions. Even academic writing professionals are also open round the clock to address your queries.

However, the user’s experience with’s customer support is less than ideal. According to the critics, the chatbots are extremely slow and respond quite late. The entire procedure is prolonged, and they have yet to respond in many cases. Because of the poor customer service, several previous customers have not received their refunds and have suffered other losses.

Dependability of any organization

To a huge part, numbers help us in deciding the dependability of any organization. For instance, in the occurrence of, the numbers back up the case of being the most incredible on the lookout. It has finished around 2 million orders including more than six thousand experts. Around fifty five thousand and fifty one thousand past clients have given tributes, giving the site a ninty nine out of hundred appraisals.
Running against the norm, there is essentially less mathematical information accessible on account of On most open destinations, the evaluations differ from three to four out of five. They have around two hundred fifty five scholarly specialists and around twenty one thousand orders conveyed to date, which is standard whenever contrasted with that of

All the points claim that is the best choice if you are seeking any assignment writing help. So now that your hunt is done enjoy the taste of the best.

Author Bio: Ricky hardy is a review analyst at He has done his PhD in Education from Sydney, Australia. He is also a part-time academic writer and provides specialised assignment help to students.

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