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Hosson and Savage Man Story

Once upon a time, a merchant was preparing to travel a long distance. A red rose will bring me.

Hosson replied that the merchant had set out on a journey. On the way, he was surrounded by a storm and he forgot the way. At last, he reached a palace which was completely unknown. Its door was open.

The merchant stepped inside and asked if there was anyone inside. But he did not get an answer. There were just horrible gusts of wind that shook the heart. The merchant was surprised to see a table full of accessories. He was very hungry.

Therefore, without thinking, he fell to his knees after eating. After eating, he started wanting to sleep. He saw the bed through the half-open door. He went and fell asleep on it. The pair he was wearing appeared.

After a hearty breakfast, he went out in search of his horse. Then he remembered the promise he had made to his daughter Hosson. He picked a rose from there. Appeared

I did not treat you well, and you are stealing my roses in return. The merchant clung to his footsteps and begged for mercy for himself. ۔

If your daughter Hosson came here and stayed with me, the savage man said to Nakhon, the merchant returned home from the journey with a sad heart. He told his daughter Hosson the whole story of this palace and savage man. Don’t worry, I’ll go with this savage man.

I am sure he will not harm me. His father did not agree with that but Hosson persuaded him. So that the viewer will be impressed when he sees it.

Saying goodbye to her father, she left the house. When she reached this strange neighborhood, she found a savage man waiting for her. Hosson did not have the courage to look at her.

And now she was also remembering her kind, but a compassionate father. Slowly the days passed and Hosson was watching her change her feelings for this savage man. Was the owner.

When they both went for a walk in the palace garden, the animals would be happy to see him. Savage man would give them something to eat and talk to them in a kind tone. He fell in love with her.

He would say to himself that now he will offer marriage to Hosson? But why would she care about me? I am an ugly savage man. One day she gave Hassan a mirror as a gift and said look at it, it will show you what you want to see.

When Hosson looked in the mirror, he saw his father lying in bed with a fever. I will go to him now. Her father recovered from the care.

And he recovered and now both father and daughter began to live happily together. Then one day the idea of ​​this savage man awoke in Husson’s mind. He took out the same mirror and looked in it. He immediately got out his horse and set off for the palace.

O, savage man! I did not know that I fell in love with you. It was said that at that moment a flash of light flashed and this savage ugly man took the form of a beautiful prince. He told Hosson that black magic had been cast on him and The trick was that if someone loved her and expressed it, the magic would end. Soon they got married and spent the rest of their days laughing and rejoicing.

Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed is graduated from the NED faculty of Software Engineering Karachi. This website is owned and operated by Hamza Ahmed


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