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Facial Treatment of Skin Care

We should drink more juice. Any fruit should be licked and eaten in a day. The use of salad is also very beneficial for the skin. We should drink at least 12 glasses of water throughout the day. In summer we should take more care of the skin.

Most of the summer work in the kitchen causes skin damage, so to protect the skin, eat mostly cucumber and take a good cleanser twice a week and get a good facial treatment once a month.

If you want to get your facial treatment at home by going to a good paler according to your skin, then take it according to your skin from a good cosmetic store because most of the time we don’t even know what our skin is like.

If you have oily skin, dry skin, acne skin, sensitive skin then we have to take special care of these things. Get it.

10 Best Whitening Facial and Price

  1. Janssen Cosmetics
    Whitening facial kit
    17000 PKR
  2. Beauty Charms
    24kg gold whitening and shining facial kit
    5000 PKR
  3. Derma Sharing Fruity Facial Kit
    2200 PKR
  4. Ponds Facial
    1500 PKR
  5. Derma Cos Facial
    Only 3200
  6. Skinvita Whitening Facial
    1500 PKR
  7. Golden Pearl Whitening Facial
    600 PKR
  8. Garnier Facial
    500 PKR
  9. Derma Clear Whitening Facial
    3700 PKR
  10. Dr. Derma Whitening Facial.
    2200 PKR

These are the best facials that are used in every paler that you can do very easily. The results of all these facials are very good.

They make facial skin soft, smooth and shiny. With all these facials you get 6 or 7 products that include these.

  1. Scrub
  2. Skin Toner
  3. Skin Polish
  4. Maks
  5. Whitening Cream
  6. Serum
  7. Whitening bleach
  8. Cleanser

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

For this, do cleansing twice a month and do any good facial once according to your skin. If you can’t do a facial at home by yourself.

So all these facial cringers are very good and you can use them very easily. Wash your face well then take a little cringer and massage your face with very soft hands.

When it is dry, wet your hands with a little water, massage well for at least 15 minutes and then wash your face, then let your face dry, then apply the mask on your face. or will be glowing.

Some of The Best Sheet Masks and Their Price

  1. Kojic gold.
    6%vol 24kg gold
    Price 1050 PKR
  2. Dr.derma clear sheet mask.
    Price 600 PKR
  3. Keune
    Price 650 PKR
  4. Herbal Due Skin Polish With Sheet Mask
    Price 650 PKR
  5. Golden Pearl Skin Polish White Sheet Mask
    Price 225 PKR
  6. Rivj Aloe Vera Sheet Mask
    Price 450 PKR
  7. Dr. Rashel 24kg Gold Sheet Mask
    Price 450 PKR
  8. Ponds Sheet Milky Mask
    Price 300 PKR

All these masks are very good and their result is very amazing. Is.

Another advantage of the sheet mask is that applying this mask makes the skin tight. Therefore, we must do cleansing and facial treatment at least twice a month.

It is not necessary that we do facial treatment only if we have to go to a program. Remember that if you ever do facial treatment or any treatment on the face, then at least two days before, you will get better results.

If you have to go in the evening and you do a facial in the morning then you do not get any good results but there is redness on the face which gradually disappears because with the facial treatment our skin becomes very baby skin soft and smooth.

Skin Polish

Skin polish is also a part of facials. Skin polish is mostly applied to people whose skin gets very bad. Skin polish has a quick effect.

Skin polish should not be used by girls of 19, 20 years. They should only do facial or cleansing only once a month. Skin polish is very useful for women of 30 years.

According to experts, skin polish cleans the dirt hidden in the skin and makes the skin shiny. Be sure to consult a good beautician before getting the skin polished.

5 Bast Whitening Skin Polish and Price

  1. Kojic Gold
    24kg Gold Skin Polish
    Price 1050 PKR
  2. DR Derma Developer
    Skin polish
    Price 600 PKR
  3. Keune Cream Bleach With Skin Polish
    Price 650 PKR
  4. Herbal Dew Skin Polish.
    Price 650 PKR
  5. Golden Pearl Skin Polish
    Price 250 PKR
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