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Employee Engagement Calendar Ideas For 2022

What does it mean to be a fully engaged employee? Employees that are emotionally attached to your company are hard-working and go above and beyond the call of duty.

Employees that are engaged are more productive and inventive. They are less likely to quit their positions. In fact, research shows that the turnover rate of dissatisfied employees is 12 times greater than that of highly engaged employees for a year. Employees that are engaged benefit your company. So, that is why we are here discussing employee engagement calendar ideas. This engagement calendar for employees helps you to engage your employees in a better manner. So that they can make good relationships with their coworkers and enjoy the office environment. So, let’s start learning some employee engagement calendar ideas.

Here are 12 Month Employee Engagement Calendar Ideas For 2022 to Engage Your Team

Employee Engagement Calendar for employees is a 12-month calendar. Improve employee engagement by learning new staff activities and ideas.

Cheerful January

New starts, affirmations, self-validation, and mindfulness are all celebrated in January. There are different festivals and occasions in January. You can organize a Lohri party celebration, Republic Day celebration, Makar Sankranti Celebration, etc. Besides this, on normal days, when you think of a meeting. You can organize a mimicry show before the meeting. It will boost up the mood of employees and they will engage and be more focused in meetings.

Healthy February

February is National Fitness Month, so make the most of it. Examine your team members’ new year’s resolutions and encourage them to work on them. You can organize a virtual cooking competition. Make sure that only healthy food will be baked. It will keep the employee’s body and brain healthy and active. Create a daily plan for employees to do workouts and yoga daily. It is also the month of the Chinese Lunar New Year. So, you can also organize a virtual engagement. 

Miraculous March

Celebrate the arrival of spring with International Women’s Day events and Holi celebrations. Yes! You can organize a virtual women’s day party for your female employees. Celebrate and appreciate the accomplishments of women at your workplace. This is also a month in which a big festival Holi will come. So, you can also plan an event for a virtual Holi celebration. There are a lot of ideas to celebrate virtual Holi. You can use them to engage your employees.

Creative April

In the month of April, let your team’s imagination run wild. You can plan DIY Mobile photography workshops, DIY Chinese Calligraphy workshops, etc. You can also organize a virtual health day that focuses on yoga classes, healthy food, etc. 

Musical May

In the month of May, listen to jazz, classical music, and Bollywood funk. Celebrate International Labour Day by throwing a celebration for your coworkers. It is the best way to engage your employees. You can organize virtual beach parties, talk shows, mimicry shows, and other fantastic games to enjoy this may. 

June’s Adventures

In the month of June, take a step back and assist your staff to grow from the inside. Provide your employees with online yoga classes and mental health sessions. You can also organize parties as well for the rejuvenation of your employees. 

Happy July

Summer is here, so make sure your team’s energy and spirits remain strong. Organize some exciting and enjoyable activities for your employees. That will refresh their minds. For example, you can play funtakshari before the meeting, virtual Eid celebration, etc.

Fantastic August

The second half of the year is here. The weather has begun to improve. Autumn is approaching fast. So, you can organize a virtual reward and recognition event for employees. It is a very important event. Rewarding and recognizing employees’ accomplishments are necessary. It motivates them to do more hard work. You can also celebrate virtual Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, etc.

Save The Earth September

September is the month of gold. The leaves have fallen from the trees, and the winter season is approaching. It is definitely the perfect month to start teaching your staff about sustainable living and how their actions may help save the planet. Moreover, you can virtually celebrate World Tourism Day, Ganesh Chaturthi by playing exciting games.

Interesting October

In the month of October, engage in a festive adventure and let your team members enjoy themselves. Organize a reunion party for your employees. Moreover, various festivals are coming up this month. Such as Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali, etc. You can virtually celebrate these festivals by playing exciting online employee engagement activities and games.

Memorable November

With Nostalgic November, bring back memories from your youth and the year that is drawing to a close. Celebrate children’s day virtually with your coworkers. Plan a DJ party night. Moreover, you can also organize virtual thanksgiving events for your employees.

Dancing December

As we reach the end of the year. Make this month or year more beautiful and enjoyable by creating more amazing memories with your colleagues and coworkers. Celebrate Christmas Party and New Year Party with your employees and say goodbye to the existing year and say hello to the upcoming year.


We have discussed the employee engagement calendar ideas for 2022. Customize your employee engagement calendar according to the choice and interests of your employees.



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