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Drive Deeper Engagement in Your Webinars with these Tips

The benefits of hosting online events are understood by the entire world. Organizations from across the world are deciding to organize webinars as the best choice to maximize their reach. Quite evidently, the advantages of organizing webinars have only magnified with time as the world shifts toward the online event industry. Wondering how to organize a thriving webinar? Here we are to help you walk you through the best tips to make your online events super engrossing. 

Some basic things that you should follow in order to host a successful webinar event.

1) Plan every aspect of the webinar in advance.

2) Select a managed webinar service.

3) Make sure that the webinar sessions are not too long.

4) Choose expert speakers.

5) Provide breaks to ensure that the event experience is not too tedious for the attendees.

6) Make your webinar highly interactive.

7) Include networking features.

8) Provide users with frictionless navigation.

9) Include real-time interaction.

10) Collect feedback.

Best Ways to Ensure Engagement in Your Online Webinar Event

1) Set Up an Engaging Environment

Building an engaging virtual background for your webinar can play a significant function in retaining attendees’ engagement. A webinar event without a personalized online venue is nothing but a basic video or conference call. Thus, use the latest technology and create a personalized online venue that delivers a more in-depth attendee engagement. Also, try not to make a hasty conclusion while selecting a webinar platform. Also, ensure you are clear with your objectives so you can take a better and more well-thought decision.

2) Include Ice-Breaking Activities

The chance of interaction helps your event participants have an engaging experience during the event. But this can not be a possibility if your event attendees are not comfortable. Thus, start your webinar with interesting activities to help your event participants interact during the event seamlessly. While it can be noteworthy to enable interaction at the webinar, ensure it doesn’t eradicate more time from the event. These activities should consume a limited time so your event participants remember to concentrate on the main event theme.

3)Include Q&A Sessions

Including live real-time Q&A sessions will help you in engaging your event participants. This will also help them get an instant answer to doubts. Ask your webinar platform to facilitate features like real-time group chat and ask a question so the webinar becomes more engaging.

4) Include Two-Way Interaction

Promoting a two-way interaction feature can strengthen audience engagement during the online event. Different webinar services deliver attendees with the two-way connection functionality, allowing the participants to share the session screen with the presenters. It will also enable your event participants to have a valuable event experience.

5) Include Relevant Content

An informative webinar should incorporate content that delivers more valuable content for your attendees. Nonetheless, content also includes the event presentations & documents. Therefore, delivering pertinent content also implies putting up a personalized online event platform that provides direct details to the attendees. An excellent tip to further help you host an engaging webinar platform is that you should not provide content just because it is vital. It is significant to only provide the content that is necessary for your viewers.

6) Incorporate Gamification Features

Gamification is one of the most significant elements of virtual event technology. When it is about creating an engagement-driven webinar event for the attendees, you should never skip the gamification functionality. Make your webinar service provider include gamification features on the webinar venue. An excellent way to expand webinar engagement is that you can make each touchpoint have some designated points that your attendees earn as they interact with the functionality. You can also include a leaderboard functionality on the webinar platform. This activity will not only help your event participants feel encouraged to interact & but also feel engrossed throughout the event.

7) Include a Virtual Engagement Area

Enhance your webinar event with an interactive engagement zone that delivers attendees with a combination of numerous engaging functionalities. This engagement zone can positively be a distinct online environment in the online event venue where your event participants can spend time during the webinar session breaks. Here are some features to use in your specified engagement zone:

  • Fun & Exciting Games
  • Library of Multi-Format Content
  • Social Wall
  • Branded Booths
  • Photo Booths

8) Use the Tool of Live Polls

As known by all, seamless interactivity is one of the key aspects that can define engagement at your online event. And providing Live Polls functionality is one of the most profitable ways to foster attendee engagement at your webinar platform. Present a real-time live polling component that goes on throughout the webinar so your webinar audience or viewers don’t have a tedious event experience. Using this tool you can easily make your attendees feel engaged while not disturbing the event structure or flow.

9) Signature Wall

Replicating the on-site or physical seminar with a virtual version is the best way to create a life-like webinar experience at any webinar event. A signature wall functionality on the immersive webinar platform is one such component that you can replicate to a virtual version of the event. Ask your webinar platform service provider to help you with a virtual signature wall, enabling the audience to share notes & messages over a single wall.

10) Collect Feedback and Stay in Touch with the Attendees After the Webinar

Collecting feedback has become super easy as everything has now shifted to the digital world. An excellent webinar service provider will help you with multiple ways to accumulate feedback from your attendees. So, you can use these ways as yet another idea to promote engagement during your webinar. There are diverse methods you can collect feedback from the attendees, of which survey & feedback form are just two ways. 

The next substantial thing to do is to follow up with your webinar attendees after the event is over. For more interesting articles keep on reading beingkhas



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