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Drawing ideas to stimulate their creative spirit

Drawing ideas to stimulate their creative spirit. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas, about what to draw or paint. While watching this page of the empty screen or sketchbook, you may not be able to visualize what to create. Painting and drawing ideas are everywhere. To stimulate this spirit of creativity, I struggle with a list of fresh ideas to fill this empty paper or canvas.


This list is especially useful for daily painters and people with artist block. You do not have to try everything, but scan in the list and exercises, and find ideas that you can connect personally. Please note our previous messages to get more inspiration to stimulate your creative spirit.


People drawing and painting

Paint in a mirror in different poses and with different facial expressions. Sketch people on the beach, working, and parking. Paint a young mother holding her baby and an old couple walking along a stretch. There are all sorts of life situations where people are associated with people who can inspire works of art. Just look around and in your neighborhood.


Try to get a template for you and select the poses or bring them to choose their own. If you have more than one model, do them together or paste them into color in separate modeling sessions.


Paint animals and draw

Pets and animals near you are good ideas for drawings and paintings. Paint your dog, your cat, your redfish, a hamster, etc. Also, consider the wildlife in which you live. Specific wildlife like whales, deer, wolves, snakes, giraffes, etc. Say something about where you live. Insects like dragonflies, butterflies, spinning, etc. 


Also, make lovely paintings when smeared on a big canvas. Try to draw life with these sketches and make several preparatory sketches for paintings.


Sketch and paint from plants

There can be unique plants and botany to paint according to your place of residence. Draw trees, small plants, blossoms, grassy areas, etc. look around. Nature has a lot to offer artists.


Draw and paint houses and buildings

Houses, skyscrapers, cabins, tree houses and inspired many artists. Paint your own home or ask your neighbors if you can paint them. The scenes of old houses, factories, and cabins are popular with many people. This may be like an idea that is also used, but the own unique spin on it by drawing it in your style.


Images that come to mind when reading

By reading the wildflower fantasy. Pictures in your head and try to paint them. Use photos or reference models if you need them. Consider even several paintings based on a specific book.


In the dictionary, select a random word

Choose through the pages in the dictionary, close your eyes and point to a random word. Which mental pictures come to this special word? Depending on the word, draw several different pictures. If the word instructs a feeling, try to create an abstract design.

Objects around the house

There can be many things around your home that can make great pictures. Join the side of the different items together for still life, such as a vase, a book, and an apple can make a unique scene with meaning.


Abstract ideas

The great thing about abstract painting is that it is not always based on recognizable things. Color, shape, composition, and support can be the topics. It allows all kinds of experiments as we approach an empty canvas. You can work to fill the canvas as soon as possible or plan your composition. Abstract art is open to every technique. The possibilities are unlimited!



Doodle in your sketchbook or instantly on your canvas. The doodles are representations of what we want to draw and paint. Get ideas from your doodles or create a color-based entirely on the doodle.


Use reference photos

Create a collection of your photographs for inspiration or browse Internet Reference photos. Make sure you can use it before creating, or you can learn legal questions. Also, consider combining elements of multiple photos.


Paint or draw memory

Think of things, places, and experiences in your past and try to create pictures of them. The memories of early childhood make great works of art and often have a backstory you can explain to others. If necessary, use a photographic reference, but try how you remember.


Access with connected eyes or closed eyes

eyes drawing

This can be a great way to give up the entire result control. It can be surprising what an artist can offer without looking at what you do. As a result, the artist’s idea can be better visualized and expressed without providing things of visual elements such as composition. After removing your headband, you can work on more drawings and even create a color based on it.


Painting and drawing, of course, art groups, and excursions

Consider taking art lessons to stimulate your creative spirit. Painting in a studio environment and researching to work with colleagues help artists learn unique prospects to look at things. You can continue to paint excursions or participate in painting with groups of artists.


Sketch of the gesture like heating

Making some gesture sketches to warm up for the painting, can help to get tired of creation. Sketch yourself in a mirror or with the help of a friend. Temper for quick gesture sketches on a large sketch pad of 2 minutes each. This will allow you to relax with painting and clarify your mind for creativity.

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