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Construction Project Security With Mobile Surveillance

It’s nice to know that the construction area or any other property is secured even when you’re away from home. The proper security system for mobile surveillance is vital and has many advantages.

It’s a different setup from the traditional security systems of ago. However, you could be amazed by the features and options that are readily available.

There’s a quick procedure involved when choosing a security guard company for a mobile surveillance system.

This guide will show exactly how this mobile monitoring procedure is carried out for a construction site security, from the beginning to the secure conclusion. Your home can be monitored and secured against vandalism and theft within days.

Below are some steps to secure your home.

1. Contact Video Surveillance Representative

You’ve selected the mobile security option. The representative will ask you some questions regarding your home.

This will help our experts to be better able to comprehend (and make plans in advance) how to tackle the specific actions you want to prevent:

  • Theft
  • Trespassing
  • Vandalism
  • Accidents
  • Violence
  • Traffic between customers and employees
  • Other

Your demands aid our security team in determining the most effective layout for the video of your property to ensure there aren’t any problems with the security system they installed for you.

2. Installing The Surveillance System

Our technicians arrive on-site to set up the system, which includes the latest CCTV cameras equipped with high-definition images.

We have the tools to meet the requirements of the property, such as the need to hook to a generator or electricity source to supply power to the system. The amount of units required for each property is determined by the size and type of the location.

  • Cameras
  • Power cables
  • Strobe lights
  • Mic/loudspeaker
  • Computer/system router

Each part is intended to encompass the entirety of the property and offer additional capabilities, like communicating with the property via the loudspeaker and using various lighting strategies to alert employees of any intruders.

3. Coordinate With Surveillance Team

Most commercial-grade burglaries and vandalism-related attacks happen during the period between p.m. between 6 pm and the time of 6 am. Through mobile monitoring, you will access highly trained police officers who constantly monitor your property to ensure it’s safe.

Local authorities are notified immediately when an incident occurs and supplied with all the information needed to access your property and comprehend the situation quickly.

Consequences When A Site Is Targeted

A mobile security team that can monitor your property’s live feed at all hours of the day means that there’s always an organized procedure for responding and how local authorities are informed. This can include:

1. Knowing The Signs

Many properties employ workers during normal working hours. They will then remain vacant throughout the night or day.

Our security surveillance team is aware of the number of employees at your premises at any given moment and will monitor the activity following the schedule. We’ll watch the cameras from every angle to ensure your property remains safe.

2. Alerting Intruders

The reality is that burglars are skilled, and those looking to gain access to a home can find a way regardless of whether security or surveillance measures are implemented. If one is found or a different incident happens:

  • Our team will utilize flashing lights to alert employees to look for safety.
  • An announcement will be made through the microphone warning that police are on the scene.
  • Certain incidents might not involve people, but more interruptions, such as explosions or fires. A real-time alert will inform authorities that they have been called.

These notices are issued for two main reasons: to avoid further theft or damage and protect anyone from injury.

3. Alerting Local Authorities

The authorities at the local level will be immediately notified and response times can vary based on where the property is situated and the nature of the disturbance.

City residents will be notified when police departments receive the first dispatched phone call.

People living in counties will be notified by a county office.

The fire department in the area will also be called out if there is evidence of fire or smoke.

Our team is ex-military and law enforcement. We know which emergency responders are required in any incident and will ensure that the appropriate authorities arrive at the scene. We’ll also provide details of the person who entered or the incident that occurred.

4. Alerting You

After all the notifications above have been received, our team will get in touch with you as the site owner to inform you of the issue. We know that there could be missing or damaged items.

You must immediately report the damage. It is best to keep all the necessary parties at the same location, such as the owners, responders, and security guard company.

We will dial the emergency contact number in your file and give you the details of the incident and who has been sent to the premises.

5. Maintaining Security

The mobile team of our surveillance will keep an eye on the property -including the entire perimeter in the event of an incident until police are on the scene.

We can also store surveillance footage for up to four weeks in case you require reviewing any activity on the property.

Mobile Surveillance Process

Protecting your equipment, property, and employees’ security should be a top priority for any site administrator or owner of a business.

A high-quality surveillance system for your property depends on an efficient mobile system and a team of security experts who are vigilant and aware of any signs of intrusion.



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