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Choose LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency Format

1. Sponsored Content

The first format I tell you about is sponsored content.
What is LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency sponsored content and where does it appear? These are posts already published on your page that you can sponsor and that appear in the users’ Newsfeed.

A sponsored post can feature text, an image (or video), and a link to the website. To make you understand: if you advertised on Facebook it is nothing more than a controversial ” promo post ” and therefore it works the same way. As you can see from the image above, next to a post you have published you will find the “sponsor” button.
On Facebook it is controversial because it is often used without knowledge of the facts and a real strategy but, on LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency, it is absolutely the advertising format from which I recommend you start.
Sponsored content, in fact, is great for taking the first steps and getting to know the advertising side of LinkedIn.

Strengths of Sponsored Content on LinkedIn

Surely the strengths of this format are given by the fact that it is easy to optimize and has an excellent quality-price ratio :

You focus on the content and promote it with a single click.
It’s perfect for figuring out which content is most successful with your audience.
If it works on Facebook it might work here too (or maybe not! But you can try it for little money).
But remember: before being a good ad, your post must be great content! In fact, it is always a good idea to start with a solid editorial plan and adapt it to the specificities of the various media.

3 tips to optimize your editorial plan on LinkedIn
Analyze industry news, don’t just share it. Offer your audience your point of view and your interpretation.
Share useful and relevant information, remember that you are on a job platform, and always quote your source.
Reuse: from a single content you can get more posts (try looking, for example, the method of Mafe De Baggies to get 625 launches from 5 main topics ), trying to often vary the type of content (videos, images, graphics, infographics ).

2. Direct Sponsored Content

Direct Sponsored Content is ads that appear in users’ news feeds and are shown only to the campaign’s target audience. So, unlike the sponsored content in the previous paragraph, they don’t appear on your LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency profile.

The characteristics of direct sponsored content
Location: newsfeed.
The recommended size for “ Single Image ” is 1200 × 627 px.
The recommended dimensions for the Carousel are, on the other hand, 1080 × 1080 px.
Quantity of text: respect the safe zone of 150 characters to avoid truncation: write the most relevant things here, in a meaningful sentence. After these 150 characters, you can continue typing, for a total of up to 600 characters.
Attention: 80% of this format is viewed on a mobile phone, take this into account when packaging it, because it must be easy to read, especially on a small screen.

3. Text ads on LinkedIn

Text ads, as we will see, have very interesting features, and can give you a lot of satisfaction at a low cost. Of course, if you know how to use them the right way.

The characteristics of text ads
The strengths of text ads
There are two main advantages of this type of advertisement:

It is the cheapest!
Get lots of impressions (i.e. views of your ad) at a low cost.
The characteristics of text ads
Positioning: in the right column or the top banner of many pages when accessed from a computer
The recommended image size for text ads is 50x50px.
The title space is up to 25 characters.
You have 75 characters for the description.

4. LinkedIn dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are personalized ads that, as the name suggests, change dynamically.
They are personalized and dynamic in the sense that they contain data from the LinkedIn profile of the person viewing the ad: photo, name, profession, and more.

4.1. Follower announcement
With this type of ad, the goal is to gain more followers for your Page. It also increases your influence when users see and interact with the organic content you share.

4.2. Spotlight ad
This format drives traffic to your website or, even better, a specially prepared landing page. The ad presents your product, your service, event, newsletter, or whatever you want to promote with a clear call to action (CTA ).

Positioning: right column.
User profile picture: dynamic (but it is optional, you can also decide not to insert it).
Company Image: It will use the logo by default, but you can also upload a custom one.
Title: 50 characters.
Description: 70 characters.
CTA: customizable, maximum 18 characters.
ATTENTION: you can ONLY see it from the desktop.

4.3. Content ad
It is normally used for job advertisements. Like other dynamic formats, it allows you to personalize your ads; in particular, this format identifies profiles relevant to your search, encouraging them to apply for open positions in your company. Then you can use it to promote qualifying job opportunities and to increase traffic to actively open positions. There are several variations of this format, you can see some examples on the LinkedIn help.

5. Message format announcements

With this format, you can direct messages to your potential customers to trigger immediate action.
On LinkedIn, more than 1 in 2 customers opens an advertisement received via message! A very high average, compared to other social networks.

It is a format that is worth testing because it has many advantages:

You pay per shipment.
You can write to the same user “only” every 45 days, so not too much to risk bothering him often. Treasure that one message by taking care of the content.
The sender is a personal profile (choose within your company which is the right profile for this type of message).
To the user, it looks like a personal invitation.
For these strengths to be effective, you must care very well in text. You are sending an announcement that simulates a message, then a conversation: introduce yourself and go to the point briefly but with courtesy, inviting your recipient to perform the action you want them to perform (consult the open positions, stay updated with your news, etc.). Set the messages well to be personalized with the recipient’s name (you can also add surname, job title, etc.).

6. The Linkedin Lead Gen Form

I kept the sweet tooth at the end: dessert on LinkedIn’s advertising formats menu, basically.
The LinkedIn Lead Gen Form can be linked to almost any ad format and is a wonderful format: it is a form to collect contacts directly on LinkedIn!

Convert directly while staying on the platform, without hitting your site or a mailer, for example.
User data is already pre-filled, which means little effort and therefore more chances of success.
You can add open-ended questions so that you can also collect specific data you need.
It can be integrated with Zapier or other tools to collect and process the data you have collected.
As Enrico Marchetto says “The advertising formats (ratio of the image, choice of combo copy + visual video or image as thumbnail, slideshow or video) are as important as the content of the ad”.
It is important to choose by creating harmony between the marketing message, context, and recipient.

My advice is always to learn with Enrico Marchetto the way to think from a strategic Advertising perspective, and then come to me to apply it also on LinkedIn. In my course on how to make the most of LinkedIn advertising, I will introduce you in more detail to all the formats and how to create your first campaign step by step, how to optimize and read data, and much more.



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