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Camping in Coorg perfect weekend destination


Coorg is one of the most famous hill stations in the south and is located on the western edge of the Western Ghats. It has earned itself the title of “Adventure Capital of Karnataka” or “the Switzerland of India” or “Scotland of India” , because of the views and the beauty it offers. This area is renowned for its impeccably well-maintained rich coffee estates ,breathtaking views of the hilltop and adventure sports that draw visitors from all over the world.

In addition to being scenic charms ,the towns of Coorg situated among majestic hills, have a comfortable way of life that will feel like time has slowed down. The varied topography of mountains, coffee plantations, thick forests and rivers makes camping in Coorg an unforgettable experience.

Best Time For Camping In Coorg

Since Coorg is a hill station, the average temperature throughout the year is about 20-30 degrees. Whenever you want, you can visit this place. 

The winter season, which runs from October to February, the temperature is 20 degrees. You’ll enjoy camping as the place is more welcoming this time. Apart from the seasons, you can walk, trek and do other adventure activities here. So, the best time to go is between February and October.

However, the call is upon you to do it in summer or winter, but not in the monsoon times.

Best Spots For Camping In Coorg

Relaxing in the lap of nature you can visit the trails of nature and trace the scenic views, this is what Coorg camping is all about. You’re going to enjoy the birds while chirping and the sun that reveals its vibrancy. But, the thing is that, there are no best spots for camping in Coorg because every spot you visit in Coorg is great for you to camp. However, here are some spots which you must consider for camping.


In Madikeri, you get to enjoy camping with a one-night stay under the stars and have a gastronomic experience. Boat travel, jeep safari and walking along the banks of a river, this is not all that one of the most lovely camping spots in Coorg offers you. Madikeri leaves no stone unturned surrounded by marvels of mother nature to help you get revamped and rejuvenated.


If you love to do activities such as cycling, trekking, and other fun stuff, you will enjoy camping in Kushalnagar. This place is situated 34 km from the city and  is best visited by like-minded groups of travelers.

Wild Monsoon Adventure Series

There is an adventure series in the monsoon that is aimed at camping by the explorers. It’s a perfect way to have an exciting escape experience. You can do sports such as rafting and hiking in the rainforest. You should take the local Coorg wine and enjoy the monsoon rains along with it.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Wouldn’t it be nice to remain near the Dubare Elephant Camp, which is close to the wildlife of Coorg? Riverside trekking, outdoor games, basketball, bonfire and indoor games are what you get to do here.

What else?

With Coorg adventure camping, you can experience the true bliss of nature as it offers a lot of adventures and great sporting activities. Some of the interesting things you can are listed below :

  • You can go hiking amidst the lush greenery and rough terrains of Coorg.
  • You can walk along the vast stretches of bushy lands and give yourself a thrilling dare.
  • The most challenging adventure is climbing up the rocky cliffs of Coorg .The popular sites for rock climbing are:  Honnamana Kere, Gavi Betta and Mori Betta.
  • Coorg is a paradise for Kayaking and Canoeing. So, grab the paddles and set out in a Kayak or a Canoe and explore the scenic beauty of the city.
  • If you are looking forward to indulging in an adrenaline-pumping water sport in Coorg then river rafting is one among a must do things. You can raft amidst the roaring currents of chilly waters and get the best out of it.

Coorg is such an enticing place to escape just to unwind and relax for a weekend trip. And if you are here for a weekend, you can take a ton back with you. Camping in Coorg leaves many memories in your mind that it might be a mistake not to carry a camera.



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