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Bow Down to The Big Talk Stories for Kids

The golden fish realized the danger when the hunter nodded in the back. She was terrified. The predatory fish dived in a terrible way.  The golden fish tormented her daughter and went down into a thin crack of the sea rock. She was a child. The hunting fish went ahead on its own, but after beating it, the sixth golden fish was safe.
The sea was full of thousands of species of fish, but the number of goldfish was low because they were the prey of carnivorous fish. Hunting fish restlessly rock
Was circling in front. He tried to enter the crack several times but the crack was too thin and too big. The golden fish was terrified. She had seen her companions many times being bitten by these horrible fish and at that moment the same scene was unfolding before her eyes.
Why do predatory fish eat only fish like themselves? What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ” Thousands of your flowers, plants, grass, black, anything can fill your stomach. After all, we also eat the right thing. And these things are bad. Full of nutrition And also some delicious flowers,

The plants are so succulent and many of them are too sweet to eat. We are so small, our stomachs are so small. So often the stomach is full but not full. These predatory fish are so big. And their bellies are big. This is more than these blessings of Allah Almighty. Can be more enjoyable Then don’t know why fishes like you are enemies of your own sisters and daughters! ”Golden was thinking backward. There were tears in his eyes from the emotional helplessness.
How long will you be drunk? ”The voice of a hunting fish came from outside. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. If not today, then tomorrow. ”The golden fish trembled with fear but spoke boldly:
No hunting! Fear Allah. It is not good to oppress the weak. Remember, today you will oppress the weak, you will also be the target of the oppression of the powerful by trusting yourself
Yes. Yes “Yes,” said the hunter, laughing arrogantly. . So do you think there is anyone more powerful than us? ۔ Yes That he laughed B. Golden! listen. There is no one more powerful than us in this area. We are the rulers here and the rest are our subjects. and U!

Beautiful and delicious fish like you are born to be our food. Just get out now. I’m starving. ”
If you are hungry, what is the use of salt in this sea? Eat juicy flowers Enjoy the crispy grass. Fill your stomach with sweet moss. After all, we eat too. ”
In response to the golden fish, the previous hunter laughed out loud, then made a bad face and said: Honha flowers, grass, and moss. Are they also in food? Yes !. You can eat these things because you do not have the power to hunt. But we! ……… Meghas blowing food is against our dignity. And where is the taste in your tender flesh and warmblood? Just don’t get wet ….. quickly. Come out
And before the golden fish could say anything, a bubble burst out. Sharks make many frightening noises. – Hey
! What madness is this? This is the whole area. What an opportunity for sharks to be thrown here. Wait a minute! ”
Not a day! ”Someone answered in a voice. Bb. Many sharks have invaded the area. They are very powerful and dangerous …………. They have killed many of our comrades. We can’t compete with them.

Dear John, run away too
Runa will be killed; I am not as cowardly and timid as you people. ‘
At that moment there was a great noise outside. There was turbulence in the water and at the same time, the call of the predatory fish was heard: “O! How dare you come here?
A thunderous voice came from outside your area. Just listen … this padi is talking. This is his area. How dare we come here ……………. …………………….. Ba … went along and the laughter rose ………….
Hey hey hey stay away Wow …. look …. don’t come near me you heard the frightened sound of a predatory fish. After hiding in the water for a while, a page came up and silence fell. The golden fish was trembling with fear. After a while, a deep sonata filled the golden fish. It must have been food for sharks. The golden fish squirmed and closed its eyes. The hunter’s great voice was echoing in his ears: So do you think there is anyone in this sea more powerful than us?


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