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Bottle Ka Jinn Very Interesting Story

Salahuddin, a poor and orphaned boy, lived in Bab al-Jabal, a village in the ancient city of Babel in Iraq.

Her parents had died in infancy, she had no close relatives, she was raised by the villagers, she had no place to live, she could sleep where she could find a place, and she could find food. He would eat and give thanks to Allah Almighty.

At the far end of the village there was a big oven, with the oven there was also a big hut. She would sit down and the big B would give her something to eat.

As time went on, Salahuddin was now fifteen years old. One day, he was sitting next to Big B. He also said big.

So by releasing it to me, whatever is found to be dry and dry, both of them will eat it together, anyway, better than one.

Salahuddin had only one friend in the village. Khalil Ibrahim’s friendship was perfect. Khalil Ibrahim’s father had passed away. One sister, Laila, lived with Aquarius.

Their condition was not very good but it was going on anyway. The two friends were well aware of each other’s condition.

It was getting late at that time. She had closed the oven and was sitting on the bed in her hut. Salahuddin was sitting on the platform of the oven thinking something.

Big B’s voice was heard: Son Salahuddin is thirsty, drink some water. Salahuddin got up and walked towards the pitcher, the pitcher was empty, there was no water, he picked up the bucket and went to fetch water from the well.

When he reached the well, he turned the wheel and put the bucket into the well, and when the bucket was full, he took it out. The bucket was full of water, but there was a glass bottle in the bottom of the bucket.

Salahuddin looked at the bottle in amazement. He turned the water into a bucket, and when he picked up the bottle, the mouth of the bottle was closed and a ring was visible in the transparent glass bottle.

Pouring water into the jug, he watered Big B, when he finished, he picked up the bottle and broke the bottle which was sitting on the oven platform, and took out the ring.

The ring was very beautiful. Salahuddin thought that he would sell this ring and arrange for food and drink first. Thinking this, he started cleaning the ring from the bottom of his shirt.

He was just rubbing and cleaning the ring when suddenly a very strong wind started blowing around him, strong gusts of wind were moving around him in the form of a circle,

He panicked and looked around in amazement, perhaps a whirlwind. Suddenly a gust of wind blew in front of him like a whirlwind.

Then this gust took the form of a terrible monster. Salahuddin was left unconscious. He was terrified.

Reaching a height of about 20 feet from the ground, she addressed the terrified and terrifying figure Salahuddin, with both her long and wide arms tied around her chest.

My master’s slave is present to the order. I am the jinn of this ring. Whoever has this ring, I am his slave. There was a strange thunder in his voice.

Salahuddin jumped up and stood up. For a long time, no sound came out of his throat. Before that he was the lamp of Allah and whose stories he had been listening to since childhood.

But someday a story would become such a reality that he knew it today, it means that this is the jinn with the lamp of Allah, he looked at the jinn with frightened eyes who bowed his head and stood with his hands tied.

He asked in fear: “Are you really the jinn of the lamp of Allah?”
Jin said with great love: “No, I am the Jinn of the ring.”
He said: “Brother, can you bring me some food?”

Jinn said: “Order my master to prepare the food in front of you. Jinn disappeared saying that Salahuddin’s eyes were blinking when he saw the tablecloth on the oven platform.”

There was a lot of food to choose from, except for the yolks, palao, matanjin, chicken qorma, shermal, and royal pieces, and all these foods were decorated in very good and precious dishes.

Salahuddin was looking at the table with his eyes closed. Is this all true or am I dreaming?

The delicious taste of the royal piece told him that this is not a dream but a reality Was,

He asked Salahuddin, “What is all this? Where did this food come from?” Mom, don’t ask anything, just eat quietly. Salahuddin sat at the table and extended his hand to eat.

Big B was sitting in amazement, sometimes looking at the food, sometimes looking at Salahuddin. Salahuddin gestured to eat and Big B shook his head and started eating.

When he had finished eating, he sent Big B to the hut and started looking at the ring himself. After Big B left, he rubbed the ring, and immediately Jin appeared.

“What’s the matter, my lord?”
“Brother, tell me one thing, will you always be my slave?”
“Sir, I have been in prison for a long time. Now I want freedom. Tell me your three great desires. I will fulfill them. Then you will set me free.”

Even after independence, if you ever have a difficult time, I will attend. ”

“No, brother, I do not want to keep you as a slave. I tell you my three wishes. Fulfill this. I will set you free.”
“Okay sir, tell me your three wishes”

“Brother, my first wish is to have a beautiful mosque in the empty field in front of which there is a madrasa and anchorage, where there is never a shortage of food.”

“My second wish is to have a luxurious mansion instead of this hut, in which there is a train of servants and wealth.”

“My third wish is to make me a big businessman, whose business is spread far and wide and I will never lose business.”

“Jin said all three of your wishes would come true, and then he disappeared.”
When Salahuddin woke up the next day, the hut was gone.

He was lying on a comfortable bed in nice clothes. Servants were walking around the house. Big B was also in nice clothes.

When Salahuddin came out of the mansion, there was a beautiful mosque, madrassa, and anchorage in front of him, next to which was a large building with a plaque on the door. ”

“Kashanah Trader Salahuddin”

Salahuddin told Badi B to go to Khalil Ibrahim’s house and ask for Laila Kokab’s way for him. Badi B left immediately and Salahuddin’s name was already ringing.

People were looking at Masjid Haveli etc. in amazement. Big B heard about the relationship with Khalil Ibrahim’s mother and she was happy. So Salahuddin and Laila Kokab got married. They were happy and everyone started living happily.


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