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Ask your doubts about he Ideal Socks For Every Type Of Shoe

One of the questions that concern men the most, when they are getting ready for an event Shoes, is knowing which model is suitable for each type of shoe. Whether it’s for a gala ball, a country wedding, or just a company barbecue, this choice can be difficult, after all, no one likes to look bad.

With that in mind, in this post, you’ll see eight types of socks, with a brief explanation of each, and help you choose your ideal pair of socks. are you interested? Then go along!


Let’s start with one of the most controversial types of shoes. Constructed like a leather shoe and molded like a shoe, the sneaker was created to combine the traditionalism of the former with the comfort of the latter.

If on the one hand, many men like this option, on the other hand, some think that it is a difficult piece that does not fulfill any of the roles that come with it. The key to this shoe is exactly how to wear it and what to pair it with. One of these combinations is particularly relevant.

The choice of socks here is neither too formal nor too informal. Choose cotton socks in the same color as the shoes or trousers/boot suits. Thus, the formal aspect remains, and the informal aspect is left only to the shoes. If you choose shorts, never wear long socks as part of an outfit.


The monk is easily identified on the shelf by its leather strap that covers the step and is finished with a metal buckle. There are also double monk straps, a variation with two leather straps held together by buckles.

It works very well in compositions where the dress is more serious, and social, and looks great with tailoring.

The ideal stocking for this type of shoe is long, shin-length, and slightly thinner than traditional cotton shoes. They are usually made of silk or microfiber. As for the color, follow the same tone as the pants, to elongate the silhouette and not confuse the look if they show through.


This type of shoe comes from what is popular in the man’s wardrobe: the moccasin. In this variation, the sole of the shoe has studs – making it perfect for drivers – hence the name “driver”.

The wedges give the car pedals the grip they need, and the moccasin style provides the comfort required for a few hours of driving.

With these features, the sock here should be classic cotton. It should follow neutral colors that match the color of the shoes. Regarding its size, it is interesting that this is the style of the shoe, so as not to show. There are also men who choose not to wear socks with this shoe style.


Derby is a variation of Oxford and is also known as Bulcher. To distinguish one from the other, just pay attention to the two tabs that are sewn to the instep, above the leather toe.

It comes across as a more casual option for Oxford – which we’ll discuss in one of the following topics – but unlike the latter, it goes well with both casual and social productions.

Here the sock follows the same pattern as the shoes. If it’s a more formal outfit, invest in lightweight microfiber socks that match the color of the paint, along with matching pieces.

If the production is casual, socks in a neutral color or matching shorts look great.

There is also the option of long socks, colored and printed. Save them for that modern-day wedding and the dress is not so formal, but kind of retro, you know? They are fun and will be successful!


Did you know that separate comfortable Masculino, without laces, reminds us a bit of a moccasin? This is a loafer. This type of shoe is characterized by a leather band with a lozenge above the instep.

Like the derby, the loafer is casual and goes well with some social productions, but nothing fancy.

For this type of shoe, the stocking should follow Derby rules. However, since it is very similar to a moccasin, some men choose a shoe-style sock for a more casual production.


With the handmade shape, the moccasin is very easily recognizable: all you have to do is trace the top seam, across the chest of the shoe, coming from one side, past the beak, and out the other.

They usually have thin soles and are made of velvety fabrics, such as suede.

The tip to stock up on in this case is the sneaker style, which is made of cotton and is in a neutral color. The production trick with moccasins is to not let the stocking show through, giving the whole look a touch of taste. Some men also choose not to wear socks with their moccasins.


This type of shoe was invented in Great Britain – before Ireland was asked to secede – and was a favorite of King Edward VII (1841-1910). It was the first shoe with laces and got its name because it was often worn by Oxford University students.

Oxford is a shoe that is often worn on formal occasions. Associated with the tailoring, comfortable only leaving on its similar shoes, derby.


Usually made of leather – velvet or not – and heavily textured, boots are perfect for a more rustic look. Men’s shoes usually go just above the ankle, giving a firmer step.

Here the socks are made of thick cotton and can go up to the ankles. Since the structure of the boot can damage this area. As for the color, it can be any color, since they are covered with shoes. However, depending on the content of the boot. It is good to use dark socks, so as not to get stains on them.




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