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Are Different Volumes of E-juices Right for Your Brand?

If you make e-juice, it’s important to make your own brand. You might have the best flavors, but if you don’t have a strong brand behind them, people won’t buy them. E-liquid brands have choices for how they design their logo and the bottle. They can choose the color of the bottles and what is on a label. The volumes are of different levels and that makes it more compelling to buy a certain product.

Standard e-juice bottles come in 10, 20, and 30ml sizes. Some people like the 100ml or 120ml size. They want to buy one bottle because they don’t want to buy more than one. The customer feel to have small and in vaping the 1ml cartridge packaging is best to carry along. They want enough juice to last a long time. The downside to a big bottle of water is that you cannot carry it with you easily. If you are going on a plane, then the big bottle of water will not be able to fit in your hands. You might want to think about this before switching bottles. As the volume decreases it make the room for choice increase. Instead of picking from a list of 10, you can pick from a list of 100s.

 1. What is the best volume for your e-juice?

The volume of the bottle depends upon the usage of individual and it makes their choice how much juice they are willing to have. The best volume also depends upon the cartridge package of how much it needs and what to make of it. It could be that a smaller volume is better for you, or a bigger one. If you don’t vape often, then you might not need a big bottle of e-juice with you. It won’t last as long and it will be difficult to carry with you. If you are going on a plane, then the big bottle of water will not fit in your hands. You might want to think about this before switching bottles.

If one uses the starter kit that has a pre-filled cartridge, then it will last for several days. This means that he does not need to refill his e-liquids every day or more than once per day. If you’re vaping internet liquor, you need to refill it every day. This is because if you buy a large bottle of liquor but only use it once, then it will be a waste of money. People who vape might want to try new flavors and they might like different levels of nicotine in each flavor.

2. Do you need a 60ml or 120ml e-juice for maximum sales?

It is seen that higher the volume higher the price and higher the sales. If you are vaping liquor, then 60ml of e-liquids will go a long way and they can last for several days. Try to choose flavors that you like. Some people like grape juice, while others might prefer apple. Avoid mixing different flavors in your juice because sometimes they don’t taste very good and it might make the drink taste like plain water instead of something more yummy.

There is no definite answer to what is the best-selling e-liquid. It depends on what people like and their preferences with flavors. For example, if you buy liqueur that contains peach flavor then there are many people who will like it, but if you buy mix of apple and orange flavours, not many people will want it.

3. Are smaller bottles of e-liquid better for promoting your brand?

The smaller the e-liquid the better for promotional and smaller usage of the product. You can give out a small, 10 ml bottle of e-liquid to people who visit your vape shop or trade show booth. This is a good way to show people your different flavors. If they try them, then they might be more likely to buy the same flavor again.

Offering sampler packs is a good way to let customers try out different flavors of something before they buy a full bottle. It can also be a way to introduce them to new flavors that they might not have tried before. Sampler packs are usually a set of five or six different flavors, so customers can mix and match until they find one they like best.

4. Getting more consumers to buy the larger size of e-juices

The consumer can be shown the benefits of the larger size which will make it more desirable to them. The larger sizes are usually better because they have more liquid. Some e-juices come in a 30ml or 60ml bottle. If someone knows that the bigger size will save them money or that they won’t run out of juice, then they will probably buy it.

5. Deciding on new flavors to add to inventory

When deciding on new flavors to add to your inventory, it’s important to think about what people might want. Ask your customers what they would like, or look online for popular flavors. You could also try testing out some flavors before adding them to your inventory. The addition also needs the liking of the customer service team, as they are the ones who will be dealing with any queries or complaints about them.

6. Convincing more consumers to buy smaller size of e-juices

The new cartridges and making of smaller items call for the smaller size. It is believed that the smaller cartridge will sell more than larger one for they are portable and fits anywhere, whereas the larger sizes may not offer such convenience and can be bulky to carry around.

Electronic cigarettes give you a choice of many different flavors. You can choose from traditional tobacco and menthol flavors as they come in nice custom kraft packaging, as well as unique flavors like cola or pomegranate. You can also change the nicotine strength to make it easier for you to stop smoking altogether.


The new trends call for new actions and these packages help in giving the best of the e-cigarettes. The new e-cigarette buy online is not so hard as it sounds to be and can help you in taking active steps toward a healthy life.



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