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An Interesting Feat By The Brave Tarzan – Interesting Story

Manko’s Death

Tarzan was bathing in the middle of a forest pond. A few small animals were engaged in mischief around the pond but Manko was not visible in them.

He had been in the woods since morning to meet his uncle, the lame langur. Tarzan did not enjoy bathing without him. He thought Manco had taken a two-hour break and it was now noon.

If he hadn’t gotten into any trouble, it was possible that his uncles would have kept him with them for a day, but Tarzan knew that Manko would not be fond of strangers in the jungle.

And he will return before evening. Noise is raised from the left. !

Tarzan quickly looked over and was startled and Manko was running with all his might. And he was calling to Tarzan. All the animals in the pool were staring at him in amazement.

Tarzan was thinking that there must be something special. He came out of the pool. Manko ran to his feet and started panting badly.

Tarzan asked anxiously, picking him up. Oh, What happened Manko is everything okay?

Manko gasped. Yes Yes Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either.

Tarzan asked quickly. What was And now what?

The same thing you are asking for. Manko said controlling himself.

Tarzan explained his meaning. Oh, I’m asking why you were running …?

Manko asked in shock. So why to stop running …? If it’s a crime, I’ll go back and walk comfortably … ”

Children of fools I’m asking why I’m running …

This time Tarzan said in an angry tone, “Are you afraid of anything …?” Manko frowned. Scared

Sardar, why are you waving me in front of these animals? I am not so cowardly as to be afraid of anyone, so I am not afraid of my father till today. ”

You don’t care … Ganja Langur said mischievously, “Manko spoke in an angry tone. ۔

Chief … The bald langur made a face and said to Tarzan, “Explain this corpse, otherwise, I will pluck its tail and I will pluck your mustache and tie it to the elephant’s tail.”

My name is Manko too. Manko threatened in reply Manko … Tarzan said angrily, “Why are you wasting your time? Answer my question …”

Manko said innocently, “Sardar …” If I had anything, I would not bribe them.

Tarzan asked in shock: “What do you mean by these people …?”

Manko replied that he was the one who tried to catch me and I had to put my hand on my head and run away … The fox put his foot on Toka’s head and said.

Tarzan quickly asked,

Were they wild …? Manko didn’t tell … They were citizens instead of savages. They also had rifles.

Tarzan said in shock, “Oh … Good But why did they try to catch you?

Manko asked in shock, “I didn’t ask him this, so let’s run and ask …”

Tarzan thought for a moment and asked, “Do you know their whereabouts?”

Manko replied: – Sardar …

They have no place … Tarzan spoke angrily. Is there a place for foreigners too?

Manko said quickly: – I am too young, Sardar … The big one is the black lion … ”

Kalu Sher said in an angry tone: – Don’t try to hit me in the face … Manko laughed and said: – Who even faces a big potato like you.

Tarzan growled: “Manko, don’t make fun of Kalu, otherwise I will not be responsible.”

Manko jumped up and said: – Oh Sardar … One thing I forgot.

Tarzan stared at him and said: – What’s the matter …? Manko said: – I heard two things from him.

Tarzan was shocked, well … What were they saying …? Manko said that one of them had said that one bullet would be enough for Tarzan. Why is he listening carefully? The other one laughed and said, “Maybe there is a Tarzan spy.”

Tarzan hurriedly asked: – And they both … They must have been leaning on the shore. Manko said: – There was a big boat parked in their tent and in the water. They have reached here by boat.

“Tarzan muttered.” What’s their number …? Manko said there were only two men outside the tents. Maybe there was something inside the tents. I didn’t get a chance to peek inside.

Tarzan thought for a moment and asked: “Who is Madam …?” Manko replied, “My aunt.” Tarzan stared at him and said, “You are talking nonsense.”? Go and ask them yourself.

All the animals were quietly listening to him and thinking that maybe staying on the shore would prove to be their enemy.

Tarzan walked for a while, he was thinking about something, then he stopped and said … Manko, you go to the beach and watch these people and find out what their intentions are Madame and they are not dangerous for our wild animals.

Kalu Sher asked: – Sardar … what do you want to do? Manko quickly said, “Want to marry Madam?” Tarzan stared at him and then said to Kalu: – I don’t want to take any action against them without doing full research.

Manko said: “Sardar if you do not want to take a step, do not take it, but raise your hand. Those people seem dangerous to me, lest they kill you in ignorance and make us orphans.”

Tarzan smiled and said: “Don’t worry, no one can kill me if God wills. You do your job.”

Manko said: – Sardar … Send the white fox with me. Tarzan asked in astonishment: – Why …?

Manko smiled and said that she would dance in front of them and I would take their eyes off the tents.

White fox growls: – Stop the nonsense, evil Manko: – You dance yourself. Manko said: – Well, I’m going. No-one stopped me and immediately ran in the same direction.

Manko came out of the jungle. In the distance in front were four tents. Behind them was a big boat standing on the shore. In fact, it was a steamer. Coming up was probably the man in the tent whom Manko had seen some time ago outside the tent.

The man on the steamer had his face in the opposite direction to the tents, so he couldn’t see Manko. Manko had the best opportunity to peek into the tents. He walked carefully and reached the tents.

A human voice was rising from a tent. Manko approached the tent and peeked inside through a hole.

There were four people sitting on a rug inside the tent, besides a young and beautiful girl. The four men were moving in front of the girl.

One man was saying to the boy, “But why are you giving so much importance to Tarzan? How can he compete with eight men alone?”

The girl said in a hoarse voice, “Robert, you don’t know anything about Tarzan, that’s why you are saying this. Tarzan, you are heavy on twenty such people too, so we have to take thoughtful steps. The whole thing has to be done in utmost secrecy.”

The bald man on the right said, “Okay, madam, we won’t let Tarzan be warned.”

Madame Kahoo Wilson. A few days ago when David and I were standing outside, we saw a monkey. The monkey was listening intently to our conversation. I was afraid he might be a spy for Tarzan. I could have fired it, but Wilson refused to let it go, saying that Tarzan would come out after hearing the explosion.

You did well not to fire. Madame, we smiled and said otherwise Tarzan would have been alert. The case of the spy remained. It is possible that he was a monkey spy. I heard from a man who was touring this forest that Chehita Manko is very naughty. He may even be a spy, but we don’t know which of the hundreds of monkeys in this forest is a monkey or a spy until we see him with Tarzan.

The fourth man said you are right madam we have to be careful but now what is the program madam said thinking program name now we have to reach the hills on the other side without going through the forest and we have to do this in daylight so that Let’s not get lost along the way.

A man asked Madame to get ready Madame, Manko was listening to her carefully. Madame ordered him yes, but David you go outside and see that there is no danger.

On hearing Madame’s words, Manko was terrified that he would be seen. He stepped back and hurried towards the other tent. It was a great place to hide.

He went in and hid behind wooden planks. He was sitting in such a way that he could see the door by himself but no one who came in could see him. A few moments later he saw a white man named David who Had removed the veil and peeked inside.

Then he went back. Manko breathed a sigh of relief and came out from behind the bar and reached the wall of the tent on the left. On the other side of this wall was the tent in which Madame was sitting.

Manko wanted to know why they were there and why they wanted to go to the hills. It was possible that listening to further conversation would open the knot, so he tried to hear the other side’s voice. A few moments later, Manko called a man named David. Listen, Madam. Everything is fine outside.

Madame’s voice was heard: – Did you peek in the tents or not?

David said: Yes, I have done a good review.

Well, now listen. You pick up all four things and take them to the mountains. Call a man from the steamer.

Madame was saying let the tents stay here because they will stay in a cave there. The voice of a man named Wilson was heard. Very good Madame, we have already started delivering goods there. You can rest.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that Felt

He wanted to inform Tarzan of his intentions. Running on the sand did not make his footsteps. ۔

They were standing outside the four white tents looking at him and a man ran towards him and threw a dagger at him. And the dagger floated near him and went into a bush.

Frightened, Manko saw the dagger stuck in the bush, then looked at the dagger thrower, raised his face to it, and turned and entered the forest.

Tarzan was sure that they would not try to enter the forest and even if they did, it would be their stupidity.

He ran from you to Tarzan’s hut. He was sure that Tarzan would come back from the pond and be waiting for him. When he reached the hut, Tarzan was really waiting for him, but he was not alone. Seeing him, he asked, “Tell me, what happened?”

Manko said in astonishment: – Shall I tell you, sir, should I tell a joke or a story, Tarzan laughed and said don’t talk nonsense Manko, I was asking what happened to the work for which I sent you.

He sat down and said: – This work has become a thing of the past.

Manko jokingly asked, “Am I bound now to speak openly?” The lion laughed helplessly and Manko began to tell them about the conversation on the beach.

Madame looked at David with angry eyes and spoke in an angry tone, you used to say that there is no monkey, etc. then where did that servant drip from.

David said in a frightened tone, “God forbid, I even searched the three tents.”

Madame spoke to Wilson: “Wilson, tell me in detail, Wilson.”

I tried to fire but David stopped me and drew his dagger and threw it at me, but the monkey was so lucky that he turned around and saved himself and entered the forest.

Madame asked David if it was the same monkey that had come first. David said, “Yes!” I’m sure it was, Madame looked at Wilson with confirmation eyes and Wilson nodded.

Robert said: – Madam! He must be a spy and he probably understands human things.

Madame took a deep breath and said what happened now is asleep but be careful next time and if that monkey is seen again then don’t let it go back alive at any cost.

Robert said: “We’ll shoot him. Maybe you can catch him alive. It’s much better. Madam. Now you go. I’m going on a steamer.”

Then he turned and walked towards the steamer standing on the shore. The man standing on the steamer got ready to see Madam coming toward him. She reached a square space on the roof of the steamer, which had stairs to go down. She went down the stairs to a spacious cabin. The cabin was empty.

However, all the necessities of life were there. She took out a bottle and a glass of wine from a box and sat on the sofa lying on the left side and started drinking.

A few minutes later, she got up and approached the wireless set on a table to the left. There were loud noises, including the noise of the sea waves. Madame pressed another button, and the sound of the toons suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a human voice.

The sound emitted from the wireless set Hello. Hello I’m speaking chief

Madam greeted me politely and said: – Sir, I am talking about Rozi and she was calling because we have reached here safely.

The chief’s voice came from the wireless. I am happy to know your well-being. Has there been any success or not?

Madame Rose said: – Chief. We have just reached the shores near the Tarzan forest. Now my companions are on foot carrying goods to these mountains. I stopped to inform you.

The Chief Minister emphasized: – OK, when you succeed, then report to me if you need any kind of help, then report immediately, but never report failure, but commit suicide in case of failure.

Madame Rose smiled and said: – Don’t worry sir! I will let you know the success soon.

The chief asked, “And yes, avoiding Tarzan didn’t make it any better.”

Madam said it has not happened at the moment, maybe she is unaware of our arrival. We are working in secret.

I do not deny your abilities and that is why I have given you this dangerous campaign.

Madam Rozi smiled and said I am grateful to you but you did not tell me how to deliver the goods to you in case of success.

The chief asked, “Whichever method is best for this purpose, you will be told. Anything else?”

Madame said no sir! Now I would like permission: – “Goodbye” The Chief’s voice came out of the wireless, and Rosie, after turning off the wireless button, removed the canopy from her ears and placed it near the wireless, then she got up and went to the top of the steamer. Walked toward the stairs for

After listening to Tarzan Manko, he wondered what he should do. The people were his enemies, but at the moment he had done nothing to prove his enmity. Why did he want to go to the hills?

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

He said to Manko, “Come with me. I want to meet the whites.”

Manko asked Sardar! Do I have to come

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Looks like BT ain’t for me either.

Kalu Sher said, “Yes, Sardar, I also walk.” Manko smiled and said, “Instead of walking, you run, Kalu Sher, roar. Manko, don’t make fun of me, otherwise, you will not be killed one day.”

Tarzan smiled and said, “Kalu, there is no need for you there. If need be, Manko will come to call you. Let’s go, Manko.”

Manko walked with Tarzan and found a white fox on the way. He asked where the chiefs were going.

Manko made a face and said, “Your aunt is dead. We are going to bury her shroud. Unfortunately, you also do not understand that when the chief is going for some important work, his way should not be stopped or called.”

The fox was ashamed of his mistake and said, “Brother Manko, forgive me. I forgot.” Tarzan smiled and walked away.

The fox made a face and went to the left. Manko ran and reached Tarzan again. He came out of the forest and reached the shore. As they approached, they stared at Tarzan in amazement. They were shocked to see Manko. Who are you guys and what are you doing here, friends?

Tarzan asked softly. One of them said we are tourists. We have come for sightseeing. Manko knew his name. Tarzan asked. I heard that you want to take action against me. Wilson said maybe you. This monkey has misled us. We have no enmity with you.

Tarzan spoke angrily but what was your enmity from within that you tried to kill him, David growled and said, have you come to fight Tarzan? Go away we don’t want to argue with you

Tarzan: Stop talking nonsense: I will call my lady and talk to her. They stared at Manko in amazement. Will tell Tarzan about the moment Madame came by steamer.

What’s the matter, Tarzan? Why are you angry with my men? Tarzan said he smiled and said what’s the matter Tarzan said he attacked my friend Manko.

Did Madame say: Well I don’t know, is this monkey your friend? Well, whoever attacked this poor man, I will punish him severely. Tell me who attacked you.

Manko was surprised at her demeanor but didn’t say anything and pointed at David. Madame came to David red with rage. The receipt slapped on David’s face. David slapped his head instead of saying. Madame spoke again.

Let’s apologize to Tarzan or I’ll kill you. David said softly without raising his head. Forgive me, Tarzan.

Madame turned and said to Tarzan, “Tarzan, don’t worry, you will not dare to do this again. Let me take you on my steamer. We will sit there and talk.”

Tarzan couldn’t refuse. She seemed to be a good girl. She said to Manko, “If you need to go, I’ll call you.”

Manko said to Tarzan, “Sir, tell him that my going there will cost him dearly.” After saying that, Manko walked back. Tarzan looked at the steamer and wondered if he should go. He said, “Come on, Tarzan, why are you ashamed? We will be alone there. No need to worry.”

Tarzan walked silently with her. She got on the steamer and walked towards Madame Stairs. She took Tarzan and entered the lower cabin of the steamer.

It was her first chance to come to such a place. Madame motioned for her to sit on a sofa. Tarzan sat down and she went to a closet. She had two glasses. She came to Tarzan and grabbed one glass.

Madame said Tarzan drink it

This is the best syrup. Then I will tell you about myself. Tarzan smiled and put the glass of syrup in his mouth. But failed.

Madam smiled and came out of the basement. The person upstairs looked at her and Madam said: I have made Tarzan unconscious. You have to take care of her.

Now the prisoner will stay here. Close the door of the basement, but keep delivering food to him regularly. You use holes to keep the food inside. If you open the basement door before my return, I will punish you severely.

The man said, “Don’t worry, Madame Tarzan’s father will not be able to get out of here now. Madame was very happy about her success. She got off the steamer and reached the tents with her seven companions.”

They were sitting outside the tents waiting for him. They were wondering why Madame was coming alone and where Tyson left. Unconsciously imprisoned on a steamer.

They were astonished at Madame’s cunning, but no one spoke. After an hour’s journey, they reached the mountainous region.

The forest was almost two furlongs away from there. Madame is walking ahead of them.

Madame ordered that now spread out and find a suitable cave for accommodation. The seven of them walked around. Madame sat on a chair and started thinking. About four minutes later, Wilson and Robert returned.

Robert said to Madame, “Madame, I have found a good cave. It is very spacious and clean. Well, Madame.”

Then he got up immediately and walked to one side. After a while, he found a small but clean cave. After selecting the cave, he took out a small radio from his clothes pocket which was actually a trailblazer.

He pressed a button of Tralensmeader and began to speak,

Hello Robert, Madame,

Robert’s voice came out of the trance. I’m talking to Robert.

Madame ordered me to bring my essentials here. I have found a cave. Then Madame told me the location of her cave and closed the trawl.

When Manko reached Tarzan’s hut, he saw Kalu Sher sitting there. Kalu Sher was shocked to see Manko alone. Where is Manko Sardar? Kalu asked in astonishment. He left with Sardarni and he sent me here. Manko said with a cold breath.

Kalu spoke quickly to the lion: – What do you mean! I didn’t understand who Sardarni was. When Manko told her the whole story, Kalu Sher started looking worried.

A few moments later, he said to Manko: “Sardar, while leaving here, he had also instructed you that you would secretly monitor it.”

Manko argued. But now Sardar has become his friend. Kalu Sher said in a worried tone. I am smelling danger Manko.

Manko said carelessly: “If you sniff, keep sniffing. What effect will it have on my health?”

But think for yourself: – Kalu Sardar himself had ordered me to go back.

Kalu Sher didn’t say anything. He was still worried. Then, even after one hour, Tarzan was not there. Manko also started looking worried.

Manko got up and said, “I’m going to Kalu. I’m in danger.”

They did not kill Sardar

Kalu Sher asked in shock: – How did this idea come to you? Manko said: I will come and tell you again.

Kalu Sher said, “You go, if you need me, give me a voice. Manko came out of the hut and started running towards the shore. But the guard did not pay attention to him.

Manko went to the tents and listened, but there was complete silence. Then he went to the four tents in turn and emptied them. Walked towards

The man on the steamer turned his face to the left while Manko was moving to the right, so the guard was not aware of his arrival and Manko easily reached the steamer.

Then he made a long jump and landed on the deck of the steamer where he had fallen. There were piles of ropes so the fall did not make a sound.

For a few moments, Manko lay there, then he got up and began to search the steamer in the guise of various things, but there was no one there except the guard. Manko was worried about where Tarzan was Gone to or somewhere else? He stared at the white man standing on the deck, only a few feet away, and Manko hiding behind a drum.

He heard squeaking noises and saw the white woman pulling something out of his pocket.

Hello, liver How is Tarzan?

The man said, “Okay, madam, she hasn’t regained consciousness yet.”

The sound came from the device. Take care. If you come out of the basement alive, I will shoot you.

Don’t worry, Madam, even my father can’t get out of the basement with me. I locked the basement door from the outside.

Madame’s voice came but still be careful, silence fell, Manko saw Jagger putting the device back in his pocket.

All he knew was that Tarzan was trapped unconscious in a steamer’s basement. He came out of his ambush and began searching for the basement. The wind and the stairs began to descend, but he was disappointed to see that the door at the end of the stairs was closed.

Apparently, there was no way to open the door. Manko grabbed his hand and shook it back and forth, but there was not even a wrinkle in the door. Was sitting bent at a distance of

Below his face was a round hole in the deck of the deck, the lid of which was lying nearby. Manko began to watch his action carefully. After a few moments, his liver straightened up.

A few moments later, Manko saw him descending and walking on the cool sand of the beach. Now it was time for him to move forward and get closer to the hole. Surprising as well as sad, Tarzan lay unconscious in a decorated room.

Manko stepped back and closed the hole behind the cover of a drum. He was wondering what he should do. How to free Tarzan. How to open

The door could not be opened without a human being, nor were the stairs so wide that a mighty beast would break through the door with its pieces.

But before that, it was necessary to report the capture of Kalu Sher Kotarzan. He looked towards the shore. A few minutes after he started running, he told the black lion in the forest to tell the lion about Tarzan’s capture and he got angry with the whites.

Manko said, “No, Kalu, first we must release the chief. I will go back to his ship. You will come here in the dark after a while and hide behind the tents. I will do something like this.” That Jagger will be forced to open the basement door and we will free the chiefs.

Mango’s suggestion was liked by Kalu Sher. It was getting late. Manko walked back to the shore towards him. Could not see

And Manko jumped on the left side and reached the steamer. And he got up and went away

Manko thought this was the chance. He came out from behind the pile of ropes and picked up the rifle and threw it in the water.

Jigger reached the spot, bent down and peeked into the water, then turned around, lost his rifle, and danced in confusion on his face. Manko thought he should be scared now. Do things that resemble the roar of a lion

And those who heard that a lion was about to attack their prey, Manko’s trick proved to be effective and Jagger ran towards the basement looking around in a frightened manner.

About fifteen minutes after Kalu Sher Manko’s departure, he got up and walked slowly towards the shore.

The one who was looking around then heard the roar of Manko. He was surprised when he reached the tents. Manko had seen the man on the steamer running to the right and then disappearing. He must have run away in fear of Manko.

Kalu the lion smiled and sat under the cover of the tent and waited for Manko’s call. A few minutes later he saw Manko getting off the steamer and coming toward him. He looked very happy. Free Tarzan.

Kalu asked in astonishment but how! Have you opened the door

Manko did not speak but found out how to open it.

Frightened by my voice, he ran to the basement and I followed him. He pressed a button on the left side of the door and the door opened. He went in and closed the door from inside. Come with me. I will open the door by pressing the button.

You idiot, Kalu Sher, made a face and said, “How can I get on the steamer? Come on, I’ll stand down.” Manko laughed and said, “Come on. He will not be able to harm us.

Manko and Kalu walked toward the lion steamer. Kalu stopped at the bottom and Manko climbed on the steamer. He peeked through the first hole in the basement. Tarzan was still unconscious while Jagger was asleep. had lived.

I am telling the truth. Madam, some unknown creature picked up my rifle and threw it in the sea and then wanted to attack me. I ran and went down to the basement. Her voice was like that of a lion.

Madame’s voice came out of this device. The idiots got frightened by a lioness. You go out and see what’s going on. There is a revolver in my drawer.

Jagger got up and said, “How foolish I am, madam, to be so frightened by a lioness!”

Wherever the door was, Manko quickly closed the hole and reached a dark place. He was sure that Jagger would not be able to see the black lion because he was standing just below the steamer and it was darker because of the shadow of the steamer below.

Jagger came out of the basement and looking around, took a cautious step and stood by the iron stairs. Manko also came out of his ambush and started descending the basement stairs.

Manko reached the basement and leaned on Tarzan. Tarzan was alive but unconscious. Manko picked up a bottle of syrup lying on a table and spilled it on Tarzan’s face. He also poured some syrup into Tarzan’s mouth. He sat up with his eyes closed.

Tarzan asked in shock, “Oh, Manko, I have told you.” He smiled and said, “You have come back from heaven, sir.”

Tarzan looked around and then he remembered drinking Madame’s syrup after which he had become oblivious. He jumped up and sat up. Tarzan was very angry at Madame’s cunning.

He asked Manko, “Manko, do you know where Madam is?”

Manko said: – No, sir! But I’ll find out. Get ready to go.

Tarzan asked, “But how did you get here?” Manko recounted the whole incident.

“Now you don’t have to be afraid of his revolver, I’ll arrange it,” Tarzan said.

Manko smiled and said, “Let’s make arrangements here first.” Tarzan was shocked and asked what kind of arrangements.

Manko blinked and said, “Madame has made fun of you and imprisoned you after making you unconscious. You should break into this room now so that these things will not be of any use to her.” He considered and said that Manko did not harm us with these things, I will take revenge from Madam.

Manko Meghalaya but I will go to avenge the murderous attack on myself “Sardar” –

And he picked up an empty bottle of sherbet and put it on the wireless set on the table next to the wall. The wireless broke.

Manko leaped behind him and reached the top of the two steps. Jagger was looking towards the shore. Revolver lur was still in his hand. Tarzan stepped forward and reached near him.

Jigger turned and saw Tarzan. He was terrified and wanted to fire his revolver. Tarzan’s fist fell on his cock and he fell down. He did not move again. He was unconscious.

Manko hurriedly picked up his fallen revolver and then got off the steamer with Tarzan where Kalu Sher was waiting for him.

Tarzan smiled. Kalu did a great deed today. I will never forget his kindness.

Kalu Sher laughed and said Sardar! You are embarrassing me and I will drown in shame.

Manko replied, “I am not proud, but you are very proud.”

And Kalu Sher got angry with Manko. Stop the nonsense. Manko, I remain silent because of the chief. One day I will receive such a slap that you will be crippled for life.

Manko said in an angry tone, “Look, Sardar, he is threatening you in your presence. Understand him, otherwise.”

Kalu Sher asked, otherwise what will you do to me?

He didn’t say I would leave the forest and go to Mars.

Manko said and Tarzan laughed helplessly then said in a soft tone you don’t need to go to Mars dear Manko I will explain to Kalu by the way Kalu is not bad at heart if he wanted he would have killed you by now tell me now I want to find Madame or I can go myself.

Manko said, “Sardar, you have been unconscious for so long. You need rest. I will find this cunning woman myself. She must have gone to the hills with her companions. Tarzan smiled and walked towards the forest with them.”

Madame Rozi spent the night in the cave. In the morning when she woke up and came to the cave of her companions, they too had woken up and breakfast was being prepared. He said, “Let me start my work now. Let me know a little bit about Tarzan.”

Her companions went out carrying various tools. Madam took a small transmitter out of her pocket and started talking fast by pressing her button.

Hello Jagger, I’m talking madam.

Jagger’s voice came from the transmitter. Good morning. Madam was about to contact you.

Madame smiled and asked. Snow Tarzan regained consciousness. Jagger’s voice came. Madame Tarzan had escaped that night and Madame jumped up.

What are you talking nonsense, Jagger? I am right in my speech. Madam Jagger’s voice contained fear. Madam beard, but poor! Why didn’t you inform me last night?

Jagger said, “Madame if I had come to my senses, I would have informed you. I came to my senses a few minutes ago. Then Jagger told the whole story. Tarzan had attacked me from behind. Gives

At last, I said, I want to shoot you, donkey.

Jagger’s trembling voice came. Forgive me, Madam. It wasn’t my fault.

Madame spoke in an angry tone. I will understand this Manko’s child very well. Once the hand came, Jagger said yes, Madam, one more thing, and while Tarzan was fleeing, the wireless set was also destroyed. Madame, did you shout?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either.

Madame spoke in a worried tone. She became very angry. How can I talk to the boss now?

Jagger didn’t say anything. After thinking for a while, Madame said, “Wait for me. Now if Manko or Tarzan come near the steamer, shoot them.”

But Madam, my revolver has also disappeared during my unhappiness. Maybe it is with Tarzan. Madam said, “No problem.”

And she turned off the transmitter and came out of the cave. At that moment a man came running towards her.

Madame Madame! We have discovered a diamond ear. He happily reported. Madame smiled at him but immediately spoke seriously.

Well, start extracting diamonds from this ear. Tarzan has escaped from the steamer. I am just leaving. During my absence, if Tarzan or his monkey comes here, to arrest him, he should not go back alive. I also order my comrades. Deliver it and the man bowed his head and returned to where he had come from.

Kalu said that Tarzan was sitting in the hut with Manko and Kalu was consulting them. Manko says that they have gone to the hills. We should go there and kill them, Sardar.

No black! First of all, it is important to know what they are doing here and what they have planned after my escape.

“We must not forget that they, too, are God’s creatures and human beings and that it is in no way appropriate to kill a human being without a cause,” Tarzan said.

Manko got up and said, “Okay, Sardar, I’m leaving.”

Tarzan asked in shock, “Where are you going?”

“I’ll be back soon enough to find you in the hills,” said Manko.

Manko said, “Sardar, I am not afraid of danger.” Tarzan said, “Will you go now or will you keep talking?

And he came out of the hut running inside the forest. He came out of the forest. From there the mountainous area was only two furlongs. He walked towards the hills. ۔

Soon he saw them. Madame’s white companions were standing near one of the ears. Was

The man told his companions that diamonds are very real and very valuable. Robert said that if Madame had not been in a hurry, she would have shown them too.

David said, “Wilson, you stay here. The rest of the people will enter the mine, but first, the strips should be brought here so that the diamonds can be put in them.”

Robert said I and Wilson go and fetch them. They both walked to one side.

After about half a furlong’s walk, Wilson and Robert entered a wide-open cave and hid behind a rock in front of the Manco Cave.

After a few moments, they both came out carrying a piece of wood and walked toward the diamond mine. Manko decided to explore the cave instead of pursuing it. He was stopping there. Exists or not.

When Wilson and Robert walked away, Manco stepped out of the cliff and walked towards the cave. Which means that there was no one in the cave. Then Manko entered the cave without beating. There was really no one in the cave. Packets were also included.

Manko thought why not worship the stomach and harm the whites. He went ahead and picked up two boxes of biscuits besides a double loaf of bread and sat on the floor and started eating double loaves and biscuits with pleasure when his stomach was full.

So he picked up the rest of the boxes and took out the biscuits from them and began to break them and throw them here and there so that they would not be able to eat the whites. The footsteps rose, maybe someone was coming in.

Panicked, he threw an empty box of biscuits to one side and looked around to hide, but the cave walls were spot on and there was no hole or crevice where he could enter and hide. He hid behind and looked at the entrance of the cave through a crack.

Moments later, Wilson and Robert entered the cave. They may have come to pick up more bandages, but they were shocked to see the inside. Keep looking

Robert Bola Wilson. what do you think? What kind of mischief can this be?

“I think it’s the work of a monkey,” Wilson said.

Robert said, “Maybe he broke the biscuit and ran away. I think he’s hiding somewhere. He’s probably behind the bar.” Wilson pulled a revolver from his pocket and said, “Let’s see.

Robert said to Wilson and Manco started sweating. You see, I live here on the brink of death. Deprived of

Robert stood on the edge of the cave as Wilson’s revolver pulled towards the straps. Manco thought to himself that he would not be able to escape today. ۔

Manco didn’t resist. Wilson put the revolver in his pocket and grabbed it by the neck and pulled it out from behind the bandages. Pull the rope

Robert stepped forward, pulled a nylon rope from the luggage, and, at Wilson’s signal, began to tie Manko’s hands and feet. After tying Manko, Manko was thrown to the floor.

Robert stared at Manko and said, Manko! After all, you are trapped. Manko didn’t say anything. He was thinking about how to get out of their captivity. I think we should go back.

Wilson said David must be waiting. Robert said, “Arrange it.”

He put Manko in an empty belt and let him cover it from above. Then they both picked up one empty belt and went out of the cave.

Tarzan was waiting for Manko. Manko had been gone for hours and he had not returned yet. Tarzan was wondering if he was in any danger. Tarzan picked up the spear and came out of the hut. His direction was towards where Kalu’s voice came from.

He was wondering why Kalu called him and why he didn’t come himself. After walking a few steps, he came out from under the cover of a herd and came to the front in amazement. Tarzan was smiling as he looked at her. The cunning girl dared to come to his forest after deceiving him.

Madame said to Tarzan, “Tarzan, your animals are preventing me from coming to you.” Tarzan stared at her and said, “Why did you want to come to me? ۔

Madame laughed and said you misunderstood Tarzan you were my guest and I never cheated the guests I fainted. I had to leave for an important job. I was told by an employee to take care of you and not let you go out till my return. That was all.

Tarzan was a simple man. Once again he believed Madame’s words and said that maybe you are right.

Madame said, “I have come to talk to you, Tarzan. I need your help, Tarzan.”

At Tarzan’s signal, the black lion and the other beasts wandered about, and with Madame Tarzan in the hut, they both sat down on the dry grass. Have gone

Madame wondered how Tarzan came to know about this. However, the answer had to be given to her. Available.

Tarzan said in astonishment, “Well, I thought you guys must have come for some important work. Yes, you cooperate with us and allow us to get the medicine out of the ears.” It is not my property to give permission.

However, I must say that if any harm is done to the animals of my forest, then I will punish you all.

Tarzan added: “I don’t want to try to extract diamonds just to get medicine from the diamond mines. I don’t want the wealth of my region to be used by the western world.” We will take care of this too. We wish that our work would not be hindered by you, otherwise, my colleagues are very angry so that they do not quarrel.

Tarzan laughed and said that if such a time came when I would deal with them. Madam suddenly asked where is your friend Manko was. Tarzan is not visible. I said yes, I am hungry.

Tarzan got up and left the hut. After he left, Madame looked around and then took a box out of his pocket. It was actually a bomb. Given

When Tarzan returned a few minutes later, he was carrying fruit in a basket. He placed the fruit in front of Madame and sat down by himself. There were only five minutes left in the panic bombing.

Tarzan looked at him carefully and said Oh! what happened?

Madam said nothing. I am late. They must be waiting for me. Now I am leaving.

And she got up and went out. A minute after her departure, Tarzan also came out. She called out to the bald langur and walked some distance from the hut. Hearing her voice, the bald langur came immediately.

The bald langur asked, “What’s the matter, sir? The white girl has just left here. Follow her and see where she goes.” He was so far away that there was a terrible explosion behind him. The peace of the forest was disturbed. Hearing the explosion, Tarzan jumped up. All the animals became restless and started running here and there.

Kalu asked, “Sardar, what was the explosion like?” Tarzan asked anxiously.

Sardar Chief! Your hut is destroyed or it is burning badly. Tarzan got upset about this report and ran away. He reached near his hut with Kalu. ۔

Kalu Sher asked, “I’m sorry, Sardar, but how did Tarzan say that? I wonder myself, madam, that I went out as soon as I left, otherwise I might have been killed in this explosion. It must have been an explosion of some flammable substance.”

Kalu Sher pointed out the possibility that Sardar said that it is not possible for Manko to pick up such an indigenous thing from whites and forget it?

Tarzan said in an angry tone, “Maybe it will be known when Manko comes. It is getting dark. She has not come back yet. I don’t know what to do.” But Madame herself came here. You let her go back without taking revenge on her?

Tarzan said, “I can see his hand in this explosion too. Maybe …” In any case, the real thing will be known when Manko arrives.

Tarzan then summoned the forest elephants and ordered them to put out the fire immediately so that the whole forest would not be engulfed in flames.

Ganja Langur kept following Madam. Soon Madam came out of the forest. She turned towards the hills which were two furlongs away. Ganja Langur became cautious. He paused and then he let out a loud whistle. A few moments later the white man approached her from one side and greeted her.

Ganja Langur was watching them from behind a rock. She talked to these men for a while. Then Ganja Langur followed her. They all followed her. Or go back and report to Tarzan. At that moment, he heard Manko’s screams from inside and jumped.

Oh, Manko is inside, but what is his business here? He thought in his heart that he must be in trouble. He should walk and warn Tarzan.

When Madame entered the cave with her two companions, Manko was watching them through a hole in the belt. Stumbling to the side, Manko screamed in pain.

You were the one who broke our wireless set. Manko didn’t speak quickly. No, I didn’t. Tarzan broke it. Madame Monkey’s tongue understood something. By the time he reached his sentence, the forest dwellers would be shedding tears in search of him.

Manko Gharaya, you are lying, bitch Tarzan can’t even die. This is your misunderstanding. Manko, I have come to meet your chief. It exploded exactly five minutes after leaving.

And I heard the explosion. Tarzan was not in the hut at that time. He must not have survived. On hearing this, Manko was convinced that Tarzan was not alive. He started crying helplessly. What will you do about your death?

Mango said angrily, “Shut up, bitch. If you want to kill me, shoot me now.” He said, “No, Manko, I will not shoot you. I will slaughter you.”

Wilson and Robert will slaughter you with daggers so that I can watch the spectacle of your tormented corpse.

Maybe you still can’t believe it. To convince you, this evening you will be shown the evidence. Manko, who had come out of the cave with Robert, began to think of Tarzan.

Madame had announced Tarzan’s death and was about to give proof of it in the evening. It was getting late in the evening. Manko waited. Kar turned on the light in the cave and then began to arrange the cooking. After drinking the water, Madam said to her companions.

Now Manko should finish the story.

David said yes madam! Lest at any time he should be able to escape and bring upon us the beasts of the forest; they are the most dangerous apes.

Well, the rest of the people watch out and David and Wilson kill Manco together. I’m going to my cave.

David asked, “Didn’t you see Manco’s death, madam?”

I am very tired and will rest now Madam where is it possible to be a little cautious at night The beasts of the forest know that I have killed Tarzan and they will attack us in the dark of night to take revenge In that case let me know immediately.

At that moment, Jagger entered the cave and they started looking at him in shock. Madam asked you, George! How are you? Madame, I have come to know with great difficulty that Tarzan’s beasts have destroyed the steamer, especially by hitting the elephants and rhinos and making holes in the bottom of the steamer and now the steamer is sinking.

Madame shouted, “Is Tarzan alive?”

Jagger said! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Madame Tarzan ain’t for me either. He’s just coming here to tell you.

David pulled Manco out of his belt and threw him on the floor. He then told Wilson to take out two daggers and slaughter him.

On the report of the bald langur that Manko was screaming in this cave in the hills, Tarzan took immediate action. It was understood that the whites had caught Manko. There, at Tarzan’s command, elephants and rhinos struck and destroyed the steamer, and the steamer slowly sank into the water, then turned back and headed for the hills with ten or twelve lions.

Reaching the hills, he ordered the beasts to hide in various rocks, and at the signal of a bald langur holding a torch in one hand and a spear in the other, he started walking towards the cave where Manko was imprisoned.

When he reached the entrance of the cave, he became mad with rage because inside Manko was lying on the floor and holding two sharp white sharp daggers in his white hands, he was leaning on Manko. Surely they were going to kill Manko. As if they had severed Manko’s neck from his body, he suddenly roared.

Wait a minute! I have come. “Both of them became white and straightened up. At that very moment, Madam, who was hiding under a nearby rock, came out and approached Tarzan. She drew her revolver on Tarzan.

Tarzan looked at her with bloodshot eyes and said cunning woman! Your men have killed Manko, I will not leave them alive.

Madam Gharai, stop talking nonsense. Wildman Manko is still alive and he will be torn to pieces in front of you. Will

Then Madame called out to her companions and the six men who were hiding there reached there. Madame ordered them to arrest Tarzan and take him inside. They were holding pistols in their hands. Tarzan immediately made a distinctive sound out of his mouth and gave a loud jerk to free his arms. The next moment he moved his hands, feet, and head. The wind blew Madame and they both fell to the ground.

The whites didn’t even get a chance to draw their revolvers and the beasts snatched them. Madame’s revolver was lost somewhere in the dark. She ran to the left to save her life. But Madame disappeared after a few steps.

Tarzan paused and then began to look for him. He started to pass in front of a small cave. Madame came out and attacked him. He had a heavy stone in his hand. He was killed, but Tarzan was lucky to hear that.

In the middle of the night, the stone fell from his shoulder and woke up on the other side and he jumped and grabbed Madam. “Now tell me, you cunning snake! Get ready

With that, Tarzan broke her neck with a jerk and she fell to the ground like a dead lizard. She was dead. Tarzan spat on her body and walked back. He entered the cave and Manko was still lying on the floor. Tarzan examined him. He was unconscious. There was water in the cave. Tarzan threw water on Manko’s mouth. He was surprised to see Tarzan alive.

He asked Sardar! Are we both in heaven?

Tarzan smiled and said no Manko! You are alive and so am I.

Manko nodded but Madame used to say that he had killed you with a bomb?

Tarzan said yes she thought she had arranged for my death but I survived to tell me how did you get stuck here?

In response, Manko told his story. At last, Sardar said, “When the two whites were ready to kill me, I fainted with fear. Tarzan smiled and took his hand and came out. A few moments later, Manko And the fellow were going back to the forest with the beasts.

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