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All the Cleaning Supplies You Will Need as a New Homeowner

Properly cleaning a new house makes it habitable by dealing with existing dust and mites. The dust and mites are allergens and can cause infections to members of your household. It would be best to have various cleaning equipment and supplies to achieve proper house cleaning results. Going for wholesale cleaning supplies can save you money when finding the must-have equipment.

All the Cleaning Supplies You Will Need as a New Homeowner

The right cleaning supplies help you achieve a sparkling clean home while saving you time and money. Below is a complete list of the cleaning supplies you will need in your new house.


Towels are popular when cleaning the home since they have a gentle texture and absorb excess water. The gentle texture means towels do not leave streaks or cracks on your surfaces and hands.

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You should use towels to wipe down kitchen countertops, cabinet surfaces, or tables and stools. They help remove the dirt, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean. You can also use the towels to dry your hands after washing them. Have a specific towel for all these uses to maintain hygiene around the house.


Rags often serve the same purpose as a hand-duster; you can use them to wipe spills on your floors. They can be made from an absorbent material, making the wiping function easier. Place the rags in kitchens, right close to the sink or other areas you can expect water or fluid spills. You can also get decorative rags if you wish to have them within view for easy access.

Mops and Mop Pads

Moping your floor helps you do away with dust and dirt for a clean home. As a new homeowner, you will need a mop and several mop pads to clean your house.

Mops often come alongside their custom buckets to squeeze the mop head and wring it when cleaning. Finding the perfect mop size will help clean liquid spills and prevent your tiles from staining. Purchasing the mop pads wholesale will save you money since they serve you for many years.


Most people use towels and mitts interchangeably, but each serves different purposes in cleaning. Washing mitts are typically made of microfiber, so you can use them to clean shiny surfaces without leaving streaks. Mitts are equipped with liners to absorb all dirty or rinsing water for the ultimate clean. A stand-out feature of mittens is the pouch-like opening where you fit your hand when using it.


You will likely splash water or chemicals during cleaning, but you should not let the dirty water onto your clothes. Aprons prevent contact between your clothes and dirty water when washing, preventing stubborn stains. Aprons are made of different materials, often ones that do not allow water penetration. You can also use the aprons to dry your hands in case of emergency needs when cleaning.


Your hands need protection during intense cleaning exercises, so you need gloves in your home. Reusable gloves protect your hands from harsh chemicals and dirt or germs. Gloves can help you maintain soft hands and keep your hands infection-free.

Disinfectant and All-purpose Cleaners

A common reason people clean homes are to keep them germ-free and tidy, so they need disinfectants. Disinfectants are useful when cleaning kitchen, bathroom, and toilet surfaces since they are susceptible to germs.

Also, having an all-purpose cleaning agent caters to all your washing needs. All-purpose cleaners can work well in tidying all home areas for a perfect clean.


Surfaces like kitchen and bathroom sinks or tiles often accumulate visible dirt and scum that should be eliminated. A brush helps you scour the surface to remove tough stains that linger in the home. Have a set of brushes to help you reach difficult parts of the house when washing for the ultimate clean.

Brooms and Dustpan

Dust is a common problem in most homes, so regular cleaning with a broom can help you keep it clean. You should get a broom and a dustpan to get rid of dirt and other particles effectively. Brooms and dustpans with handles make cleaning easy since you don’t have to bend over.

Squeegee and Sponge

You will have to wash your windows to prevent them from looking dull. A sponge and squeegee are one of the best ways to clean window surfaces effectively.

Sponges absorb soapy water, making application easier on window surfaces. When rinsing out, you have to use a squeegee to ensure no water is left on the window surface. Completely drying glass doors, windows or mirrors prevents smudges, allowing the window to look clear.

Find the Best Wholesale Cleaning Supplies

Living in a clean home boosts comfort, allowing you peace of mind when hosting guests. The above list involves must-have cleaning items that make cleaning work easier and more effective. Buying washing items can be quite costly, so you should get wholesale cleaning supplies to save money. Get your cleaning supplies from a reputable dealer to enjoy the best quality options.



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