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A Sneak Peek of Candolim Beach Water Sports

Candolim beach is a great place to go to if we are looking for water sports. You can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing and many more.

The beach has green trees covered in vines and clean white sand that leads down to the water. The shoreline is quite shallow which means the waves are gentle rather than big and intimidating. Some of the beaches are very much inspired by Kish Beach Island in Iran. Kiss Beach must be on your bucket list for the next Iran Tours.

It’s an amazing experience walking around the beach while indulging in the sights, sounds, and smells of the restaurant vendors. They walk up and down the shoreline selling their food items.

There are also plenty of activities that I can do here such as fishing or even trying mer luck at catching some crabs with a net! In fact, water sports activities are a big part of the Candolim beach experience even when it isn’t peak season.

How to go to Candolim beach

The Candolim beach is located in Bardez Taluka, North Goa. The beaches are popular for water sports such as surfing and water scootering. The beach is more popular among the people from Rajneesh Ashram in Pune. Candolim-Calangute road is always busy with a no. of shops and restaurants for the tourists visiting the Candolim beach.

It offers some of the best surfing in India, where one can enjoy multiple breaks during a single session. The beach has clean and clear waters, with waves ranging from small to very large.

Things to do on Candolim beach

Water sports – The Candolim beach offers all kinds of fun and water activities. you should also try out the jet-skiing, banana rides, wind-surfing, water-skiing, bump rides, and other fantastic water rides. Apart from these water sports, you can also try a ride on a kayak or a catamaran. Or if you’re looking for a water activity that is a little more adventurous, you can try a ride on a jet ski. Be aware, that dolphins and crocodiles can also be spotted. Also, make sure you don’t get carried away with the water games and forget your life jacket!

  1. Scuba Diving – The most adventurous and daring sport to do here is diving, which is much popular in Candolim .you’ll get to go underwater and explore the beautiful marine life in the Arabian Sea which includes sharks, squids, sea turtles, and barracuda.
  2. Speed Boat ride – Well, you can try speed boat rides on Candolim beach. During your speed boat ride, you’ll be seated in a fast motorboat and zoom across the Arabian Sea at a high speed. You’ll get a thrilling ride on the speed boat and also get a beautiful view of the sea! You can enjoy a speed boat ride on Candolim beach when you visit between November and March.
  3. Parasailing – If you’re looking for a calm and relaxing water activity to enjoy at Candolim beach, parasailing is the best option. In this water activity, you’ll be seated in a parachute-like fabric that’s attached to a boat. The fabric will be pulled up by a rope that’s attached to the boat. You’ll get a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea from the fabric. You can also enjoy a calm ride in the fabric. You can enjoy parasailing on Candolim beach between December and March.
  4. Banana Boat Ride – If so, you can try banana boat riding in Candolim beach. In this water activity, you’ll be seated in a boat that’s shaped like a banana. You’ll get a thrilling ride on the banana boat in the Arabian Sea and splash water at other water sports activities. You can enjoy banana boat rides on Candolim beach when you visit between October and March.
  5. Sunburn Festival – One popular electronic dance festival held on Candolim beach is the Sunburn Festival. Tourists come here and enjoy shopping, music, food, and lots of fun and excitement.
    you start with snorkeling, an amazing activity that allows me to see the underwater world in its natural beauty. I don’t want to miss out on jet skiing, parasailing, waterskiing, and banana boat rides either!
    A leisurely boat ride and some time spent snorkeling are favorite activities for many visitors. There are numerous boat operators available to provide transport for tourists.

An evening boat tour is a particular favorite among visitors to Candolim, as this provides views of the sunset over the bay and back across the town.
For those who enjoy more physical activity, windsurfing is a popular choice.
Try mer hand at paddling out with a kayak or catamaran, or maybe enjoy some fun on the water with paddle boarding.
Fishing tours run daily and provide both live bait and fishing gear for all levels of abilities. This is perfect for those who want to catch their dinner later on in their stay.

How much it will cost to be there

The ultimate adventure will cost me around $180- $250 depending on what company I choose to take mer ride with. There are many companies that offer parasails so make sure that I go through the prices of different companies before deciding on one!

Candolim beach is the second most visited beach in Goa and the favorite of many tourists.
Candolim Beach is a popular tourist destination in Goa, India. It is located in the north of Panjim and is the second most visited beach in Goa. Candolim Beach can be reached by traveling through NH17. Candolim Beach offers water sports like banana boat rides, parasailing, speedboat rides, etc., which are for a fee.

If you’re visiting the beach during the scuba diving season, you can go scuba diving at Candolim beach. You can also try speed boat rides, parasailing, and banana boat rides during your trip.



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