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5 Benefits Of Using Images In Marketing

In today’s digitalized society, no business can thrive without digital marketing. However, marketing is more than just metrics and numbers. It’s a strategy to convey feelings that resonate with your audience. And at the heart of good marketing is visuals. After all, there is no more powerful way to convey feelings and emotions than using the right visuals.

Additionally, marketing and visuals go way back. Throughout history, people have used images to convey stories, spread propaganda, or sell products. After all, pictures say more than words. The subtle emotions conveyed through images make the communication of abstract and complex ideas much easier. Not to mention, images, especially when used correctly, can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

With the rise of social media, the visual aspect of marketing is even more important. Today, we’ll share five benefits of marketing using strong visuals for business. If you’re interested in learning more, keep scrolling.

They Leave a Lasting Impression

As simple as it sounds, humans have an innate fascination with the visual. The human brain is designed to process information visually. 90% of all information in our brain is visual. After all, eyesight takes up 50% of our brain’s processing resources.

Additionally, content containing graphics consistently receives more clicks when searching through numerous results. A study revealed that content with high-quality images gets 94% more clicks/views than content without images. When your online content doesn’t include images, it’s more likely to be overlooked. Given all of this, it’s easy to see why visual elements leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Plus, adding visuals to your marketing has never been easier. You can easily find the perfect image for your marketing using licensed stock images or create a custom one that fits your marketing strategy down to the last detail. Not to mention, cell phone cameras are no less than professional cameras these days. With filters and simple photo editing apps, you can easily create a great photo that will attract your audience. So, what’s stopping you from using images in your marketing strategy?

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Humans are not the only receptive to visual stimuli; We are also naturally visual content interpreters. Incredibly, humans can grasp the essence of a visual element in a fraction of a second—much faster than the time it takes to decipher the meaning behind a block of text.

Our eyes are naturally so adept at visually processing information that we often prefer concepts over boring blocks of text. So when promoting your business online, it’s important to include images that give readers a better understanding of your business offerings and help them resonate with your brand.

Additionally, search engines place great value on images and prefer content with eye-catching visuals. Being selective about the images you use in marketing pays off because people are more likely to form an impression of your product based on the nuances of the attached image. A good image can cover the sub-content but not vice versa.

Pictures Can Evoke Emotions

A powerful image can evoke emotions within your audience by stimulating their emotions. The feelings evoked by visually stimulating material are more immediate and intense than reading descriptive text. And strong emotions lead to a strong connection with the material that evoked those feelings.

When choosing images for your marketing, instead of “pretty” images, look for images that evoke emotion that capture the essence of what you’re trying to convey. While a stunning backdrop can pique one’s interest, adding a caring family can make it all the more appealing. Furthermore, your audience will not respond positively to an image that does not belong on your website. No matter how well it represents the message you’re trying to convey, if it doesn’t fit with the rest of your brand image, it won’t get the results you want. you expect

When combined with your online content, striking visuals that capture universal human experiences like love, connection, and freedom can help your audience feel a deeper connection with your brand.

Images Are Attention Magnets

If you’ve noticed, all the popular social platforms, from Pinterest to Instagram, revolve around visuals. Ever wonder why? The answer is simple; Humans love visuals. Just like the inherent love for all things beautiful, humans also love a good visual treat.

Finding the type of visual content that works best for your brand will allow you to reach, connect and resonate with a better portion of your target demographic. More than two-thirds of people learn best visually, so you can effectively appeal to the largest audience with the right images.

Additionally, the eye-catching aspect of visual elements also creates a lasting impression, making your brand more memorable to your audience. Your audience will be able to associate the content you post online with your brand identity because of the eye-catching nature of the images you use.

They Bring Skyrocketing Engagement

As already discussed, images capture our attention, evoke strong emotions and leave a lasting impression. But they also lead to more engagement on your social channels. Savvy marketers already know that images increase click-through rates because there is a direct correlation between the number of shares and the presence of images in a marketing strategy. A study shows that online content supplemented with eye-catching visuals is 40 percent more shareable than content without visual elements.

We see the world around us through our vision. It also plays an important role in decision-making as our visual surroundings influence our decisions about our next actions. Also, the visual cortex is where decision-making takes place. As soon as online users see your content, they are already planning their next move, whether to like, comment, share or subscribe to your content.

The Bottom Line

Images can speak to us on a deeper level than words, helping us understand hidden meanings. Like food advertisements, visuals play an important role in setting audience expectations. Visuals also help tell a story, as illustrated in a picture book. Visuals in any form instantly capture the attention of any audience.

If you go back to the beginning of the Internet, you’ll see that text dominates the visuals. However, over time businesses discovered that visual content produced better results. Additionally, descriptions for even the most basic infographics can easily reach two thousand words, but a textual explanation won’t make it any more interesting. In essence, images in marketing can do everything text can do, but better.

Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed is graduated from the NED faculty of Software Engineering Karachi. This website is owned and operated by Hamza Ahmed


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