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10 Coolest Branded Merchandise Ideas For 2022

Many firms are still unknown and unrecognized months after crafting the right business branded name, training employees, and launching a website. It’s a scenario you certainly don’t want to be in. As a result, when developing your marketing plan, you must consider how to successfully communicate your brand’s message to your target demographic.

Of course, since there is no one-size-fits-all solution in marketing, you’ll have to test a variety of strategies. Branded items are likely to be one of the marketing strategies you employ. You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking more information about branded promotional products and merchandising ideas.

What are branded products? 

Would you believe it if someone told you that you could persuade people to promote your company while paying for it with their own money? You should, because it is technically possible. How would you go about getting someone to do it? Branded stuff is the answer.

Company branded merchandise is any item that has the name or emblem of a company imprinted on it. They’re also known as promotional goods, and they’re frequently provided at events like conventions. It’s a wonderful tool for developing brand identification and can help a company swiftly raise brand awareness.

The good news is that making custom logo merchandise has never been easier, thanks to the growing number of firms offering print-on-demand services, such as Pixels.

Top 10 Coolest & Most popular branded merchandise

While the outbreak of COVID-19 has halted many of the events and exhibitions we had planned for this year, your customers, clients, and coworkers would still appreciate a piece of high-quality branded products.

Look around you and you’ll see that many of the individuals you meet outside your house, on the street, and on the train is wearing or using branded products. Furthermore, 81% of them keep the products for more than a year. Promotional products, without a doubt, may help you spread your brand over the globe.

If you’re looking to incorporate branded items into your overall marketing strategy but aren’t sure where to begin, consider the following promotional product ideas. This list of 10 cool branded merchandise ideas for 2022 will provide you with plenty of inspiration to ensure you leave a positive and lasting impression, whether you’re looking to create an onboarding pack for remote new starters or treat your virtual event attendees to all the goodies they’d expect at a physical location.

  • Branded wireless earbuds

Today, earbuds were the must-have branded retail item, and they’re still trendy. Users will take these handy products with them wherever they go, so you’ll gain some extra brand visibility as well.

  • Molded power banks

Power banks are one of those items that we keep telling ourselves we need but never do. These unique molded power banks are so popular — they’re attractive. As a bonus, the novelty factor qualifies them as Instagram-worthy, so you’ll likely receive a few social mentions.

  • Branded Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers, like plastic power banks, are a coveted item that many of us have yet to get. As a result, they’re ideal for onboarding and giveaway packages. We recommend having your company logo imprinted on them. Because the majority of users will use them when traveling or on a trip with friends, you’ll get a nice small bump in brand exposure and positive word-of-mouth from the recipient.

  • Branded snacks

Snacks are something we all enjoy in common. This is why branded treats, such as the chocolates shown above, are usually a hit! If sweets aren’t your style, there are lots of other scrumptious options to impress your audience with – popcorn and cookies are two of our clients’ favorites.

  • Branded thermal bottles

A branded thermal bottle is always a safe bet. They’re appealing and practical, and recipients take them with them everywhere they go. You not only make a good impression on the person who receives the bottle, but you also get brand exposure while they’re on the go.

  • Branded tote bags

Branded tote bags, like thermal bottles, strike a compromise between utility and portability. Recipients will appreciate you gifting them with a nice bag to use for daily shopping and commuting, and you can thank them for increasing brand awareness by having them carry your logo while doing so!

  • Branded recycled stationery

In general, branded stationery is highly welcomed. Isn’t it true that we can never have enough pens and notebooks? Recycled stationery has the extra virtue of remarkability, which makes it a good conversation starter. For example, a pen made from recycled corn is shown above – quite cool! Other unusual stationery goods, such as notebooks made from recycled apple cores and lanyards created from recycled paper, are available.

  • Branded plant pots

These branded plant pots would welcome additions to newly established home offices, as many of us now work from home. We can’t confirm it, but we’re guessing these get some Zoom screen time as well – which will make you a popular subject during virtual meetings!

  • Branded hoodies

This is a tried-and-true piece of branded products. When the temperature drops, everyone enjoys a high-quality hoodie to wrap up in. Like tote bags and thermo bottles, recipients are likely to take a well-branded sweatshirt with them wherever they go, giving you plenty of brand visibility!

  • Lunchbox 

Promotional lunch boxes are ideal for reminding your clients or others you meet at special events about your company every time they eat. You can present a branded lunch box to your clients as a gift, hand them out at events, or sell them in your store or online, just like the other brand products discussed so far.


Brand items have numerous advantages for a company. That is why you must consider it as an extension of your company. It should reflect both the personality of your brand and the nature of your product or service. Of course, provide practical promotional items––those that your clients would like.




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